Are you gearing up for some holiday baking? It is the most wonderful time of year to whip up homemade cookies, pies, chocolates and more! Get the scoop on the best Christmas baking essentials. Plus, you can download the printable holiday baking supplies checklist to make sure you have everything you need in your kitchen!



Christmas Baking Essentials Supply List #printable #christmascookies #christmasbaking

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Yesterday, my youngest son came with me to the store and he was so excited to see all of the holiday decor, food and gifts. We really zoned in on all of the Christmas baking supplies. It sure is fun to look over all of the cookie cutters, sprinkles, gingerbread kits and more!

After carefully looking everything over, he was most interested in the Gingerbread Cookie Cutters and cookie mix. Since, I am not one to turn down a baking opportunity, I was happy to oblige in his early Christmas baking request.

We grabbed the Gingerbread Cookie Cutters, some Christmas sprinkles and a Gingerbread cookie mix.

Since this was really a pre-run at our usual Christmas baking session, I let my son do most of the mixing and cookie cutting on his own.

While the cookies did not turn out perfectly, they were certainly good enough to eat. One thing that I started thinking about while baking these gingerbread cookies, is all the supplies I was going to need to make Christmas cookies this year. It is good to have all of your holiday baking supplies on hand for when the Christmas baking urge strikes! There are a few Holiday Baking Essentials that really will help things run a lot smoother and more fun!


Christmas Baking Essentials

So, let’s get to some ready for some Holiday Baking! What supplies do you need for Christmas baking?


Every baker needs a good set of baking sheets. A good batch of cookies is partly dependent on the quality of the cookies sheets that are used. So, it is not a good idea to skimp on a decent set of cookie sheets.

This set of 3 cookie sheets is well rated and budget friendly.If you do not have a decent set of cookie sheets, now is the time to stock up on several of them. Be sure to get 3-4 cookie sheets so that you can work on several batches of cookies at a time!


Nothing is worse than baking a batch of cookies and then not being able to get them off of the baking sheet. We have had many mishaps over the years with ruined batches of cookies. Several year ago, at the recommendation of a friend, I started to use Parchment Paper on top of the baking sheets for making cookies. This was a game changer and I never had an issue with cookies sticking to the pan again.

However, from time to time I had run out of parchment paper. A roll goes quick when you do a lot of baking. So, last year, I got these silicone baking sheets to use instead of parchment paper. I love that they are reusable, so you do not need to worry about running out.

These Silicone Mats we have are great too because it gives you guidance on how big to make the cookies and how far to space each cookie out. I can not recommend using these Silicone Mats for all of your baking needs! We even use these mats for things because cookies including french fries.


One of the best items I put on our wedding registry over 15 years ago was the Kitchen Aid Hand Stand Mixer. While it is not an inexpensive kitchen appliance, it is truly an essential if you do a lot of baking.

We used to store our Kitchen Aid out of site.This year, I finally decided to leave it out on the kitchen counter and I use it several times a week.

Christmas Baking Essentials #checklist #christmascookies #holidaybaking

Holiday Cookie Advent Cookbook

There are certainly mixer options available, so you can find one that is in your price point. A mixer is definitely one of the top Christmas baking essentials!


One Christmas baking essential that can not be forgotten is a set of silicone spatulas. Have you ever tried to scrape the dough from a bowl with a regular spoon? It just does not work as well as using a spatula!

These festive Christmas spatulas are great for baking.

You could even gift one or two to a friend along with a box of your homemade Christmas treats!


One of our favorite Christmas cookies to make is traditional cut out sugar cookies. The kids love to cut out the different Christmas shapes and then decorate (and eat) their own creations.

This large set of Christmas cookie cutters is nice because they are easy to grip and use (for little hands).

Be sure to get Christmas sprinkles too!



Several years ago, my mom get us a set of kids and adult Christmas aprons. Now that the kids are getting older, we will need to find new matching Christmas aprons.

This set of Christmas aprons would be very festive!


If you bake a lot of muffins or cupcakes at the holidays, be sure to get festive Christmas muffin tin liners.

I try to get seasonal muffin liners and use them for our weekly batches of muffins. It is a fun way to spice up your usual muffin or cupcake recipe with a cute twist! This 500 piece muffin liner set would certainly be enough for the holidays!


After a full day of baking, it is nice to share all the treats with your friends and neighbors. Be sure to stock up on Christmas to-go containers before you start baking.

Then, you are able to box up your holiday treats right away and start to gift them!



When you are doing a lot of Christmas baking, you need a good set of mixing bowls. It is good to have bowls in various sizes. If you are doing a lot of baking with kids, it might be good to opt for a plastic or melamine set. 

Another good feature to consider with mixing bowls is one is easy to pour from (especially when mixing ingredients from two different bowls together). This festive 3 piece holiday bowl set is adorable!


If there is one of the top Christmas baking essentials to buy today, it is a set of small Ramekin bowls. We use this set of ramekins every single day. These are so good for holiday baking especially when you have little helpers.

You can put small amounts of ingredients in the ramekins and then let the kids help pour into bowls. These bowls are great for Christmas sprinkles and make it easy to decorate cookies. You can put smaller amounts of sugar cookie frosting in each of these ramekins.

These small ramekins are the most versatile thing we have in our kitchen and are a big must for holiday baking!


One fun Christmas baking supply you may or may not have is a set of Christmas candy molds. If you like to make chocolate treats at Christmas time, these holiday themed molds are so fun! We have a few sets of Snowflake molds and we have used them to make peppermint bark and chocolate candy.

Also, we have used one of the molds to make Bath Bombs! There are a ton of food and non food things you can make with these Christmas molds!


Does talking about holiday treats get you in the mood for Holiday baking? Now is the time to stock up on Holiday Baking Supplies so that you do not need to make last minute trips to the store during the busy season! What Christmas baking essentials are you on must have list?

Download the Holiday Baking Supply List and bring with you on your next shopping trip!

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    How fun is this post, Jaclyn!! I think I have everything on this list except a festive apron. Might have to go order one ASAP!

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    There’s nothing better than baking during the holidays! Love this list!

  3. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on November 18, 2020 at 11:17 am

    Yes! Love it all Jaclyn- even though I a not a big baker, I always think I am at the holidays 🙂

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    I can’t wait to start our holiday baking!

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