Do you need a little boost to tackle some cleaning projects in your home? I’ve teamed up with Keri Snyder for a  Mini Cleaning Challenge! Get your home ready for the holiday season with these easy and manageable home cleaning projects! Join us and complete the 14 day mini fall cleaning checklist! If you are looking for a room-by-room Home Cleaning Challenge you will want to take a look at the Spring Cleaning Guide


Getting Ready for the Holidays

October is just about here which we all know means the holidays are coming!  I think we can agree this has been the slowest and the fastest year at the same time, but I am happy to welcome the holiday season. The next few months of the year always fly by! Every year I try to get more organized before the holidays so I can really enjoy the season!

This year, Keri and I decided to organize a 14 Day Mini Cleaning Challenge! Everyone loved our September Mini Declutter Challenge, so we have decided to organize a new mini challenge each month. The Challenge themes will vary and will cover tops including organization, family and holiday fun!

Stay tuned for our November Challenge that will help you get prepared for the holidaysIn the meantime, be sure read this post on How to Get Ready for the Holiday Season!

14 Day Fall Cleaning Checklist

Typically when you think of a cleaning challenge, you think about a Spring Cleaning Challenge! While spring is a great time to freshen up the house after a long winter, the fall is also a great time to get your house in good shape.

Fall Cleaning Checklist #challenge #easy #14days

Are you ready to get started on this two week home cleaning challenge?  We have selected cleaning activities that should take you less than 20 minutes. There are a few exceptions. However, we wanted to make this cleaning challenge realistic during this busy time of the year!

Fall Cleaning Checklist

DAY 1: Wipe Down Door Handles

Use disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant cleaner and rag and wipe down all of your door handles. Do not forgot about your outside doors too!

DAY 2: Dust Ceiling Fans

Today it is time to clean off your ceiling fans. Use a dust rag to clean all of your fans. If you have extra time, you can also dust off your light fixtures.

DAY 3: Clean Oven

Perhaps one of the more labor intensive tasks of this fall cleaning challenge. But so worth the work, especially before the holidays when your oven gets used a lot. Today, clean your oven and stovetop.

DAY 4: Wipe Down Kitchen Cabinets

Use a damp rag and some all purpose cleaning spray and wipe down all of your kitchen cabinets. If you have open space above your kitchen cabinets, take the time to dust these spots!

DAY 5: Vacuum Under Beds

When is the last time you looked under your beds?! Now is the time to vacuum under your beds (and bedroom furniture if you have time!).

DAY 6: Wash Bedding

Wash all of your bedding.  If your comforter or duvet requires dry cleaning, now is the time to take it for cleaning. You might want to swap out your bedding if you use different bedding for the seasons.

DAY 7: Replace Tooth Brushes

Here is a simple and easy task on the fall cleaning checklist! Take the time to evaluate your toothbrushes and replace if necessary.

DAY 8: Wash Shower Curtain and Liner

Remove your shower curtain and liner and machine wash. You may want to replace your shower curtain liner at this time. If you do not have shower curtains, you could wipe down your shower doors for this task!

DAY 9: Clean out Medicine Cabinet

You might have done this task in the declutter challenge, but if not, now is the time to clean out your medicine cabinet! Dispose of old or expired medicine and toiletries

DAY 10: Vacuum Under Couch Cushions

Clean up your couches! Remove all couch cushions and vacuum the couch. If time allows, move furniture so you can vacuum under the furniture.

DAY 11: Wash Area Rugs

Schedule a rug cleaning for your area rugs and carpets. Or rent a carpet cleaning machine and clean them yourself! Throw small area rugs in the washing machine (if care instructions indicate you can do so).

DAY 12: Clean Air Vents

Remove air vent covers and use a small vacuum attachment to get the dust out of the vents. Wipe down the air vent covers.

DAY 13: Sweep Porch and Outdoor Spaces

Take the time to clean off your front door area. Tidy up and sweep your front porch. If you have a patio or deck, you can also sweep that space as well.

DAY 14: Clean Car

The last day of this 14 Day Fall Challenge is focused on giving your car a little TLC. Either wash the car yourself or take it to a car wash. Do not forget to vacuum the inside of your car too!


How Do I Start the 14 Day Home Cleaning Challenge?

We are making this challenge so easy for you! Write down the 14 Day Home Cleaning Calendar and decide when you are going to get started! Follow me on Instagram from October 1st – October 14th to get motivation and tips on the Home Cleaning Challenge.


Remember, you can start this two week challenge at any time. You can take longer than two weeks if needed. However, you will want to finish this project before you start decorating for the holidays! 

If you would like to Clean Your Entire Home, you will want to start with the Spring Cleaning Guide available in The Shop!


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