Wondering what to get your 11 year old tween boy for Christmas this year? Here are 15 of the Best Toys for 11 Year Old Boys! This Gift Guide has awesome toys for 11 year old boys that are fun and best of all are not video games! It is nice to gift these tween boys something that will get them off their screens and doing something creative and that will keep their interests.

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What are the top toys for 11 Year Old Boys in 2022?

Eleven year olds are really in an in between stage of childhood. While they are looking ahead to the teenage years and letting go of some of their younger interests, they are still holding on to what is left of childhood. So, when thinking about the best toys for 11 year old boys, you want to recognize that these kids still have some playing left to do in their childhood. While they are typically past imaginative play, 11 year old boys are still looking for fun toys that can hold their attention.

It is nice to have some toys for tween boys that they can do when they get together with their friends.

This list of toys for 11 year olds boys has gifts that are for indoor and outdoor use. So there is sure to be something on this gift list that your tween boy will love!


This Escape Room Board Game is sure to be a hit! If you have a game loving boy, this is a fun way to spark his creativity.

My family recently went to an escape room and my ten year old loved it! He immediately came home and set up an escape room in our own house.

So I ordered him this Escape Room game for kids that we can play at home.



Another way to spark creativity and brain power is with this Teach Tech Keypad Robot. This kit comes with over 175 parts and instructions to build a working robot.

Assembly may require diagonal cutters, Philips screwdriver, ruler, marking pen, and safety goggles which is a great way for big kids to feel independent! This Robot Toy is by the same company as Snap Circuit kits which are another awesome toy idea for 11 year olds! 

My now teen son got this kit a few years ago and he still has it displayed on a shelf. He had a lot of fun building the robot.


Boys are never too old for Lego sets. After all, Lego is made for ages 2-99! Pick a Lego Set that fits with your 11 year old’s interests. If your eleven year old is a Star Wars Fan, he might want the Mandalorian Lego Set .

This Star wars Leo set is sure to keep your tween boy busy for hours!


Another fun gift idea for 11 year olds that is sure to wow them is a personal Drone kit! This Drone set does not require a phone like many drone kits do.

Drones can be expensive but this set is well rated and at a great price point for a starter kit.


This Laser Tag set is made for some serious fun! It is nice to have some fun activities for when boys have their friends over that is not a video game. 

Be sure to send the kids outdoors for this highly engaging Laser Tag game!

6. Pop It Sensory Toys

Another gift 11 year old boys will love is Pop Its. These sensory toys have been around a while but they have really become popular this year. This toy is a good stocking stuffer idea.

There are a lot of different pop it themes to choose from!


We got our boys these glow basketballs last year and they were a hit!

It is fun to play basketball after dark with these light up balls.


For a fun and functional gift idea for a tween boy, check out these Scratch Off Posters. Your tween boy is sure to love a Scratch Off Movie Poster.

Or maybe, your 11 year old would like a scratch off travel poster to dream of all the places to go! There are some fun bonus features on this travel map including national parks and landmarks.

We have this poster and the kids love it!



Another fun toy for 11 year old boys is this Remote Control Car . This vehicle works both indoors and outdoors.

This light up remote control car has rechargeable batteries and is sure to bring hours of fun.



Do you have a budding entertainer that likes to perform for others? Maybe this Magic Penny Magnet Kit would be a fun toy for 11 year olds!

Kids can really wow their family with some penny magic! As a bonus, this activity helps with math and logic skills!


One toy that is sure to be a hit with your 11 year old is the Sphero Mini Activity kit. Tweens can program this little robot ball to work through obstacle courses.

While the kids will think this toy is a lot of fun, they will also be learning about coding and programming along the way! My son had a chance to use the Sphero in a summer camp and he has wanted one since!


This waterproof sports action camera is the perfect gift for an 11 year old boy!  While this camera is not exactly a toy, it is certainly a fun gadget that an 11 year old would love.

He can use this camera to capture all the fun outdoor moments and then create cool movies!

You can spend big bucks on these type of Action Cameras, but this version is highly rated and half the cost of their competitors!


We like to get a family game or two for each of the kids. Pindaloo is a fun game for kids of all ages. It teaches eye hand coordination while being a lot of fun.

This would be a fun game to play with friends and have some fun friendly competition.


It is nice to get 11 year olds gifts that they can use outdoors. As kids get older, it can be harder to get them outside for free play. So, a skateboard for your 11 year old could be the perfect gift idea!


There are so many different skate board options available and you can certainly find one that fits your 11 year old’s personality!


Has your eleven year old advanced from the original Rubix Cube? Take his puzzle skills to the next level with a more advanced Rubix Cube.


The fun thing about this Rubik’s cube set is that you can compete with other users through an app. Kids can track their scores and see how they improve over time.


I included a mini fridge in my teen girl gift guide, but I think one of these would be fun for boys too! Tween boys can keep a few snacks in their room in this mini refrigerator. Or even keep one of these fridges in the game or media room!

These small size fridges hold up to six pop cans.


Last year, all of my kids got the color changing LED light strips. Unfortunately, the set I bought my sons stopped working after a few months. Then, when I removed the LED strips from their walls, the paint peeled off. But my boys loved having the color changing lights in their room.



So, found these color changing puck lights and we put them near their beds. They absolutely love these lights! You can use the remote control to turn them off and on and to change colors. Each of my boys has their own set so they can control their own lights. They give off a great amount of light for bedtime reading.


The last gift idea for 11 year old boys is this award winning fidget box. The box transforms into over 70 different shapes and designs. Both of my sons have this fidget box. You can actually combine two boxes for extra challenges.

This toy is something a little bit different if your tween boy has already mastered the Rubix Cube! There is even an app you can download for extra challenges and ideas.


Best Toys for 11 Year Old Boys

The holidays are just around the corner, so now is the time to start planning.

Hopefully one of these toys for 11 year old boys is the perfect gift for your tween! What would your tween like for his next birthday or Christmas?


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