Do you have a kid who loves Roblox? I’ve rounded up the best Roblox Gifts for Kids! Your gamer will love these Roblox gift ideas for birthdays or the holidays. 

Best Roblox Gifts for Boys and Girls

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My eight year old has a birthday soon and I am already starting to think about gifts. He is at the point where he is starting to spend less time with toys and more time playing outside with friends or playing inside on video games. He is a huge Roblox fan right now. It seems to be a popular video game for kids of all ages. My middle school son also enjoying playing Roblox.

Truth be told, I do not know much about Roblox. But, my kids act like I know what they are talking about and they love to share all the details of the game!

I have a love hate relationship with video games. I do not mind the connection (with friends) and the problem solving challenges it can bring. But, I do not enjoy setting time limits and getting my kids off of their devices.

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I enjoy picking out personalized and fun birthday presents for my kids, I usually have to put my own preferences aside and find gifts I know they will love. So, as it is, I am looking for the best Roblox gifts for kids!

What to Buy a Kid Who Loves Roblox

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves Roblox, you are in luck! There are a lot of Roblox gifts available. These are the best gift ideas for Roblox fans!

Roblox Action Figures

My little loves getting collectibles and action figures of his favorite movies and games. These Roblox action figures are great for kids to be able to act out their favorite video game. These action figures can be taken apart and put back together in unique combinations. So kids can make up their own action figure.

Kids can also build scenes will these action figures and even make stop motion videos or movies.

This 6 pack Roblux Action Figures set also comes with a virtual code to unlock a special item in the actual Roblox video game.

Action Collector’s Tool Box

Kids can organize all of their action figures in this Roblox Collector’s Tool Box.  The toolbox comes with two action figures that can be mixed and matched.

This box holds up to 32 action figures! Enough room to build a collection of Roblox characters!

Roblox Sticker Book

We have had many sticker books over the years. The kids love to use them on car rides or when we are out to eat for dinner. This Roblox sticker book is a great Roblox gift idea under $15. The book comes with over 250 stickers and kids can mix and match stickers to build unique avatars in scenes from popular games on Roblox.

Roblux Book Series

When kids can not play Roblox (or you want them to have a little break), why not have them reading about Roblox! You can get the complete Roblox Diary of a Noob series . This book series is good for elementary school readers.

The action filled Roblox book series is set in the beloved world of Roblox. Kids will read about epic journeys through Roblox that includes a cast of characters trying to escape game centric scenarios! I know my third grader would love these Roblox books.

The Ultimate Roblox Handbook

Another Roblox book ideas is The Ultimate Roblox Handbook. My boys pour through these type of gaming handbooks. They take in all of the information they can get about their favorite games.

For the kid who wants to know everything and anything about Roblux, this Ultimate Roblox Handbook will be a hit!

Roblox Pullover Hoodie for Kids

Another gift idea for Roblox fans is a Roblox Pullover Hoodie. A Roblox sweatshirt for kids will keep kids warm and cozy.

There are over nine different colors to choose in the sweatshirt, so you can pick the color your Roblox fan will like most!


Eat, Sleep, Roblox, Repeat T-Shirt

For the Roblox fans who thinks about the game non-stop, she might like this Eat, Sleep, Roblox, Repeat t-shirt. There is sizing available from Toddler to Adult, so Roblox fans of all ages can enjoy!

There are several color options to choose from and you can even personalize the Roblox t-shirt! This Roblox t-shirt is another fun gift option!

Roblox Monopoly

My kids love the character themes on their favorite classic games. The Roblox Monopoly game is great for kids who love board games in addition to video games!

This Roblox themed Monopoly game has players collection games, development teams and game promotions instead of properties.

We have a Pokemon Monopoly that my boys love to play.

Roblox Nerf Blaster

If you are looking for a Roblux gift that keeps kids moving, get this Roblox Nerf Blaster. The blaster includes three mega size nerf darts and features a shark in that you move to release the dart.

The Roblox Nerf Blaster also includes an exclusive code that kids can use to redeem a virtual item on Roblox.

Micro Plush Roblox Characters

My eight year old would absolutely love these Roblox Micro Plush Characters! These cute and soft plushes will make great stocking stuffers! These mini packs are a surprise until you open them and see which character you get!

These Roblox Plush packs also include a code to redeem a virtual item in Roblox.

Custom Roblox Water Bottle

If you want a custom Roblox gift idea or a Roblox party favor, these personalized Roblox water bottles are perfect!

Kids love gifts that have their name on them, so these Roblox BPA free water bottles will be a hit! The perfect size water bottles to take to school for lunches and snack time!

Large Pack of Roblox Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? This is a large pack of Roblox stickers that you could divide up among kids or give as one set.

These Roblox stickers are fun to put on plain water bottles or lap top covers. This is another inexpensive Roblox gift idea.

Roblox Gamer Socks

Another fun inexpensive Roblox gift idea is a pair of these gamer socks! If your Roblox gamer loves a little bit of humor and also wants to have warm feet, grab him these Roblox gaming socks!

These Do Not Disturb, I’m Playing Roblox socks are a fun way to show how much you love Roblox!

Video Game Controller Pop Its

This Roblox gift idea is not actually Roblox themed but it is certainly for the gamer! These Pop-It toys are so popular. This set of four Video Game Controller Pop-Its would make any gamer happy! Since the set comes with four pop-its, your child could give to a friend or pass out as party favors.

The Pop-It game is great for anxiety relief and a good fidget activity to help with concentration and stress.

Roblox Gift Card

Lastly, the ultimate Roblox gift idea is a Roblox Gift Card.  Roblox gift cards are available starting at ten dollars.

For a ten dollar gift card, the recipient will receive 2000 Robux which are good  towards items for in game purchases  and additional game perks.

Best Roblox Gifts

These are the top gift ideas for Roblox fans.

Roblox Gifts for the Holidays

Did you find a gift idea on this list for your Roblox fan?! There are a lot of fun Roblox gift ideas for kids! The hardest part is deciding on the best gift to give. Tell me, do your kids love to play Roblox?

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