Are you shopping for those hard to buy for teens? They might ask for money and gift cards but it is fun to surprise them with a few gits to open. Here are 15 Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens!

What to get teenagers for Christmas 2022

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What to get teenagers for Christmas?

Do you have teenagers on your holiday shopping list? It can be hard to come up with unique and fun presents for teens. But, even older kids like to have a few surprise presents to open on Christmas morning. We’ve rounded up some unique and cool Christmas gifts for teens!

Sure, your teenager might have some specific Christmas wish list items. But, it is also fun to surprise teenagers with some Christmas presents that are not on their lists! Here are some gift ideas for teenage boys and teenager girls!

Smart Phone Controlled Paper Airplane 

At some point in their childhoods, every teen has made a paper airplane. But, how cool would it be to control a paper airplane from your phone! This smart phone controlled paper airplane kit allows teens to control their own paper airplanes right from their phones.

The reviews are good on this set and it sounds easy to use! Amazon says “Grab a sheet of paper, fold it, and go! Instantly put yourself in the cockpit of an amazing smartphone controlled paper airplane that does high speed tricks. The bluetooth module, which includes autopilot control, connects to your phone so you can experience the sensation of flying countless paper, foam, and even Balsa Wood airplane models.”


Awkward Family Photo Game

This Awkward Family Photo game looks absolutely hilarious. Similar to Apples to Apples, you have match funny phrases with the picture. In this case, you are pairing funny phrases with awkward family photos.

What a fun game to play as a family! Perfect to play around the holidays and on family game nights!

DIY Cooking Kits

Do you have teens who like to cook? Or maybe you want to nudge them into the kitchen. These DIY cooking kits are a great way to get teenagers in the kitchen! There are so many cooking kits to choose from depending on what your teens like to eat!

This Root Beer making kit looks so fun! I ordered this kit for my son who absolutely loves Root Beer!

My daughter likes to try trendy foods so I will be getting her either this Boba Tea Kit or maybe this Mochi Ice Cream Kit. 

How cute is this Fortune Cookie Making Kit?!

These cooking kits are a fun way to get teens in the kitchen and to do something creative!

Carbonated Beverage Maker

Another cool gift for teens is their own sparkling water dispenser. This fizzy water machine is really great because it does not require a CO2 tank, which can be pricey!

There are five different levels of carbonation. You can add fresh fruit or flavored beverage drops to get the drink flavor you want! The carbonated drink maker is a great alternative for teens who like to drink  soda and sugary drinks!


Device Charging Hub

For the teen who has every tech device, a charging hub is a great way to corral everything!

There is a spot to charge a phone, Airpods Pro and watch. The phone is docked in way that it can still be viewed while charging. This is a win win gift for the family as everyone does not have to steal each other’s charging devices!

Personalized Socks

Teenagers love a good gag gift especially one that has their face or their pets face on it! These personalized face socks would be a funny surprise on Christmas morning! My daughter wants to order a pair of these socks for her younger brother.

Be sure to order these socks early as it does take a few weeks for the custom order. Just upload a picture of the image you want on the socks and this very unique gift idea will be sent to you!

Door Dash Gift Card

There is a definite theme when it comes to teenagers and that is FOOD! They are always talking about food and they are always hungry. Let them feed their hunger cravings with a Door Dash gift card.

It will be a fun treat for them to choose where to order food from and then have their meal delivered to them!

Cozy Weighted Blanket

Another things that teens love? They love to sleep! My teen got a weighted blanket for Christmas a few years ago and she still loves it. We have all tried out her weighted blanket and we love it too.

This weighted blanket is lined with sherpa fleece, so it is extra cozy!

Gentle Wake Up Alarm

Speaking of gifts for sleep, your teen might appreciate the Hatch Gentle Wake Alarm Clock. This is a great choice for an alarm clock because it has so many features.

You can use the wind down and wake up routines to help you fall asleep and get up in the morning. The Hatch Alarm Clock has a gentle light that gets brighter the closer it is time to wake up. Teens can create their own custom fall asleep routine and it provides a calming effect to help with better sleep! There is a paid subscription option that has different meditation and relaxing routines. But you can still get most features of the Hatch Alarm without the subscription.

Personalized Neon Sign

Teens love personalized gifts. These neon signs are the ultimate personalized gift! Either pick a cool word or your teen’s name for a customized neon light up sign.

The neon sign would be cool for a teen bedroom or game room!

3D Drawing Pen

This is the coolest gift idea that is almost too hard to believe it exists. For your creative teenager, the 3D Drawing Pen will be a super cool gift idea!

Teens can make their own 3 D creations with this pen and and the included plastic filament. The whole family would have fun with this unique gadget.

Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

For teens who love music, this Bluetooth Record Player is a cool gift idea! This record player is great compact size that can fit anywhere. Plus, it is a reasonably priced option.

Teens can play a record or music from their own phones with this Bluetooth Record Player. Teens will appreciate the vintage look of this record player.

Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Another cool gift idea for teens is an oversized bean bag chair! The ultimate movie watching or hanging out chair is the Cordaroy Bean Bag Chair.

We have three of these in our basement movie room and they are used every single day. The best part about these bean bags is that they open up into a comfortable mattress. These bean bags come in handy for sleepovers and everyone finds they very comfortable!

Coffee Table Book

Last but not least, another cool gift for teenagers is a coffee table book. If your teens like to travel or spend time outdoors, this book 1000 Hikes of a Lifetime is a good option. It has 5 star reviews and is sure to invoke a sense of adventure in anyone that reads it!

For teens on social media, they might be familiar with the Humans of New York account that interviews every day people in New York City. This Humans of New York hardcover book is really cool to read and it gives you a whole new perspective on different cultures and different circumstances in life.

Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens 2022

These are some unique and cool gift ideas for teenagers! What would your teen love from this gift list?

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      Thanks Holly. I was laughing just reading about the game.

  2. notinjersey on November 2, 2021 at 8:49 am

    Great ideas. My son could definitely use the charging hub! And we always like getting new games!

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