Get on Track for Summer: May Challenge

May is here and we can finally see the “summer” light at the end of the “winter” tunnel. I think I can once and for all put away all of our WINTER GEAR (although this is the Midwest…so you never know). This past weekend, my husband and I were making plans for the summer. Our typical summer involves a healthy dose of indulging in good food and drinks (ice cream and margaritas please!) and spending money on fun activities. So this month, we have decided to step up our game on healthy eating and exercise and also to stick to a budget (so we can save for all of the fun plans this summer).  My husband and I love a good challenge…you may remember our Mile a Day Challenge last December. So, we are having a Get on Track for Summer May Challenge!

6 Healthy Goals to Start Before Summer

These goals aren’t earth shattering, but are meant to clean up some of our ways from the past few months. It always seems the year starts off on a healthy note and then by late winter, we have fallen off a bit.

10, 000 steps a day

Now that the weather is nice, I have no excuse to get outside and take walks! I’ll look for opportunities to park the car a little farther from the store entrance or to walk to my son’s baseball games when I can:)

I LOVE my Fitbit. I have this one and love swapping out my Fitbit bands for a little colorful motivation. It really keeps me on track! If I’m close to my 10, 000 steps and it’s the end of the day, it is not unusual for me to take an extra walk around the block. It really holds me accountable for staying active.

Drink 10 Glasses of Water

I am always feeling my best when I drink a lot of water! Most days I am constantly refilling my Yeti. However, there are days that I’m on the go and I don’t have enough water. So, I’m making this a priority. Usually I start with a cup of coffee in the morning, but I’m planning to start with a glass full of water and THEN my coffee.

Keep a Food Log

I plan to keep track of what I eat not so much from a calorie standpoint but more so I can keep myself accountable for mindless eating. I generally eat Whole 30 ish, but lately its been easy to slide off the plan and have a cookie treat or a handful of chips! My favorite food and activity app is Livestrong. It seems to be the most accurate for nutritional information.

Eat a Salad for One Meal (at least)

On Monday I shared Lunch Ideas for Moms and I shared ideas that were healthy and EASY! One of most common go-to lunches is SALADS. So this month, I am planning to eat a salad for lunch every day. I get bored with the same salads though so I will need to mix it up.

I’ve got a whole Pinterest board of salads. Although I also love a good packaged salad kit when I am short on time!

If I don’t have a salad at lunchtime, I’ll be sure to have one at dinner. I really want to increase my veggie intake for the month!

Stick to a Budget

I don’t know about you, but May seems to be an expensive month! This is the month we purchase our summer pool pass and we also sign the kids up for their camps and sports. Then, there is all the end of the school year festivities and teacher gifts to purchase.

Plus, we have a ton of routine outdoor home updates we always make this month like mulch, flowers and yard clean up. All of this adds up quickly!

So this month, we are committing to sticking to the projects and activities that we have planned for and not spending outside of these areas. This means no clothes or home decor shopping for me! I am totally set on summer clothes with my recent Trendsend order, so this challenge shouldn’t be TOO hard. The key with not spending money on home decor is to NOT GO TO THE STORES! I will stay away from Homegoods and Marshalls:)

No Eating Out

This goal goes is both a budget and a health goal! As per our previous goal, we are not going to eat out unless we already had something on the calendar prior to this challenge. Plus, we are trying to eat healthier, so this goal will make it easier with eating our meals at home!


So this is where we are at for May! It really has to has someone that can hold you accountable for your goals, so find a buddy to join in your own challenge! None of these get on track for summer goals are out of reach and many months we do these things without even thinking about it. But, I think having a plan to commit to makes it easier to achieve these goals! I’m hoping that at the end of May, we feel a little healthier and we have more money in our wallets:)

 Do you have any goals you are working on before summer?



  1. May 2, 2018 / 3:20 pm

    Great goals! I love the fitbit bands. I have that model, and never knew the bands came in so many colors!

  2. May 3, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    Not eating out and staying on budget are big ones for me. And drinking lots of water is always good!

  3. May 4, 2018 / 9:10 am

    Last May was when my husband and I started trying to walk a mile every evening. We still do it just about daily! It is hard for me to reach 10,000 steps a day. In fact my goal is just 8000 and I don’t always meet that. I really need to try to walk even more!

    • Jaclyn
      May 4, 2018 / 7:20 pm

      That is an awesome idea…plus you get a guaranteed few minutes to catch up with your husband!

  4. May 4, 2018 / 3:50 pm

    Get it girl!! This is such great motivation!! I need all the help I can get for staying on track!

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