Friday Favorites: New Breakfast, Summer Plans and End of School Year Traditions

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May Wrap Up

Was it just me or were you also “off” on your days this week?! I couldn’t keep track of which day I was on and what I things I needed to do and when.  I think now that’s Friday I finally have my bearings. 

Most of my household to-dos piled up all week including our laundry. This week, the only clean room in our house was our kitchen. I find that even if I am feeling bit unorganized or hectic, when I spend a few minutes getting our kitchen organized –the hub of our home–I feel a lot better!

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

On the blog on Wednesday, I shared my May favorites including our fun Memorial Day weekend. Over the long weekend, we took a road trip to Wisconsin to see some of our favorite friends. It was a hot weekend but we stayed cool with a trip to a waterpark, seeing the new Star Wars movie and lots of time cooling off in the A/C.

Visit to Noah's Ark

I can hardly believe it’s June. It’s the season we’ve been waiting for but sometimes I want time to slow down so I can really savor it all. With all of the end of school year crazy, it’s hard to really take in all the special moments.

New Breakfast

Ever since my first round of Whole 30 last year, I have been eating eggs for breakfast just about every single day. After a year of eggs, I’m ready for a change! So, my new favorite breakfast, is rice cakes and peanut butter. Nothing fancy but so yummy! Yesterday, I added strawberries on top and I am obsessed with this new addition!

Easy Breakfast for moms

For now, I am happy with this easy breakfast, especially for summer time!


Summer Sanity

Also,  earlier in the week, I talked about my plans for summer with the kids. This plan does not include scheduling every minute of the day. I’m planning to let my kids experience a healthy dose of boredom.

It sounds like I am not the only one who feels this way —thanks for all of your positive feedback!!

Along those same lines, I want to share an e-book I just read Guide to Thriving During the Summer. One of my favorite bloggers and co-hosts of the Clear the Clutter Challenge, Keri Snyder, wrote this guide to help set moms up to thrive (instead of barely survive) during the summer.

Tips for Thriving as Mom This Summer

This guide encourages moms to set aside a little time to plan and prepare for the summer, so that they are set up for success! Within the guide are 5 detailed tips to help moms thrive + planning printables! I love that this guide is specifically for moms and how we want to plan our summer.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Tips to help you thrive
  • Family Bucket List
  • Summer Goals Sheet
  • Summer Mission Statement
  • Daily Planning Sheets
  • Monthly Planning Sheets

One of my favorite activities in the Guide is creating a mission statement for the summer. Keri encourages creating routines and also keeping things simple! This approach is so perfect for how I am planning to go about our summer! I want to keep it low key but I also want to establish some routines and patterns to our day. Hopefully, by being purposeful in our summer,  the kids and I are all on the same page and expectations are clear for everyone!

How to Thrive as a Mom This Summer

If you are looking for some direction and a lot of encouragement as a mom heading into summer break, I really recommend this little guide!  You can purchase this guide here and you will immediately be able to download the guide including all of the worksheets! As a bonus, you will also be added to Keri’s private Facebook group where she shares tips and encouragement for moms!

Thank you to Keri for letting me preview this guide!

Oh the Places You’ll Go

I meant to share this favorite with you last week! One of our favorite end of school year traditions is to have the kids’ teachers sign a copy of “Oh the Places You will Go”. We started this tradition when my oldest was in preschool, so now that she is in fifth grade, she has collected quite a few notes!

I think it will be so fun for the kids to look back at all of these notes when the kids graduate from high school. Plus, this is really thinking ahead, but it would be fun to display this book at their graduation parties!

I shared this tradition on Instagram and a friend said that she does this too but she is keeping it a surprise from the kids! She contacts the teachers on her own! What a fun surprise that will be for her kids!!!


That wraps up my week. I have some fun things planned for the weekend including getting ready for our garage sale next week (sorta fun!). I hope you have a great weekend!



  1. June 1, 2018 / 6:41 am

    We have the same tradition with Oh, The Places You’ll Go- I just know my kids will LOVE this when they are graduating- have a great weekend Jaclyn!

  2. Shannon
    June 1, 2018 / 7:10 am

    Your kitchen is so lovely!! I can see so many memories happening around your table.

    I did the Whole 30 about three years ago- totally feel you on having to change up the breakfast game. I did an omelet with sweet potato hash browns most days. Your breakfast looks delish with fresh strawberries!!Have a great weekend- Shannon

  3. June 1, 2018 / 10:51 am

    I eat eggs every day for breakfast. I kind of like it though! That guide for moms sounds really good. Our first week of summer went pretty well with very few plans!

  4. Emily @ Pizza & Pull-Ups
    June 1, 2018 / 11:51 am

    Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

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