How to Make a Gratitude Journal for Kids (& Families)

We all hope that we can install an attitude of gratitude in our children. But how do we teach our kids gratitude? You can start by creating a habit of expressing thankfulness and gratitude as a family every day. Today’s post will give you ideas on how to make a gratitude journal for kids! 

How to make a gratitude journal with kids #freeprintables #families #prompts #ideas


Gratitude Journal for Kids

This year, I have become more intentional in my practice of gratitude. I try to make it habit to start my day with thinking about everything I am thankful for. Recently, I wanted to be more focused on my gratitude practice, so I decided to get a journal to write down my thoughts each day. When I was buying my journal, I made a quick decision to get journals for everyone in the family. I actually found our cute journals at the Dollar Store!

I gave each of the kids a journal and explained what I hoped for them to do. They all took to their journals right away and we started a new daily gratitude habit!

Why start a gratitude journal for kids?

So first, why should you help your kids start gratitude journals. We all know it is good to give thanks and express gratitude. But it turns out there are so many benefits of expressing gratitude beyond just doing something we think is important.

There are many benefits for gratitude journals including: 


  • Be Happier and More Optimistic (from Positive Psychology) Kids focus on what they have in their lives now instead of what they want.
  • Be Healthier Studies have found that those who keep a gratitude journal, report better sleep, less physical and mental ailments.(from Happier Human)


  • Have More Empathy and Positive Feelings Towards Others We recognize what we have and we feel more sensitive to others who might not have what we have.


  • Improve Self-Esteem We focus on our strengths and are less likely to compare ourselves to others. (


  • Be Less Materialistic A recent study found that adolescents who kept a gratitude journal were less materialistic and exhibited more generosity towards others. (NPR). It is easy for kids to focus on their wants instead of their needs. By recognizing that their needs are being met, they will focus less on their materialistic wants.

How to make a kids gratitude journal #mindfulness #families #prompts #freeprintable

How to Make a Kids Gratitude Journal

Some people have an easier time expressing gratitude than others. By installing a daily practice of gratitude, you can help those kids who might struggle with expressing thankfulness.

Gratitude journals do not have to be anything fancy. As I mentioned, I found our kids journals at the dollar store! We added a label to each of our gratitude journals to remind us what the intention of the journal.

I have found that it is best to let the kids take the lead on their own journals. Also, I let them know that I wouldn’t read their journals, so they could feel more open and free to write down their thoughts.

Now, the bigger task is getting everyone to remember to write in their journals. You might start by setting a time that everyone in the family writes in their journals. Maybe this time is before bed or maybe it is first thing in the morning. As the kids get used to writing in their gratitude journals, you will find that you have to do less prompting to remind them to write.

Kids Gratitude Journal Prompts

Ideally, I suggested that they write down 3 things they are thankful for each day. I do the same with my own journal. For kids who can not write or spell yet, you could encourage them to draw pictures or you could help them write down their thoughts.

Sometimes it takes a little more prompting for kids (and adults) to come up with things to be thankful. It can be hard to find positive things in life when we are going through a challenging time. Also, some kids might be more reluctant than others to start a gratitude practice.

Here are some gratitude journal writing prompts to get you and your kids started:

Write down a happy memory. 

What is one of your favorite gifts that somebody recently gave you. 

Tell about a time that someone was nice to you. 

What is one of your favorite things that happened this week. 

Tell about your favorite stuffed animal or toy. 

What is your favorite thing about living in your town, your neighborhood or house?

Write about one of your best friends and why they are special to you.

What is your favorite thing about school.

What is an event or occasion you are looking forward to?

Printable Journal Prompts Handout

Are you looking for more journal prompts ideas for kids? Download the Gratitude Journal Bundle and inspire your kids to start journaling!


Download the Gratitude Journal Bundle which includes Journal Prompts+ Gratitude Conversation Cards.


How to start a gratitude journal with kids #mindfulness #gratitudeprompts #parenting #family #journaling



Gratitude Journal for Kids

These gratitude journals can be a beautiful keepsake for your kids in years to come! You never know how these journals might help your kids through challenging times later in life!

Whether, it helps them to realize how fortunate they are or even perhaps during challenging times, they still find comfort in finding things to be thankful for. Do not get discouraged if your child does not take to the gratitude journal immediately. Continue to model good habits and eventually your kids will join in!


How to make a gratitude journal and why it is good to practice gratitude #kids #families #mindfulness




  1. Beccy
    April 29, 2019 / 7:47 am

    I love this idea! I habe plenty of notebooks I can use, and I will be adding this to our daily Bible time every morning! We tend to be pretty ungrateful around here, and i tend to be pretty cranky. Thanks again!

    • Jaclyn
      April 29, 2019 / 7:51 am

      Great! I can sure relate!!

  2. April 29, 2019 / 8:04 am

    I love this idea. My daughter is only two right now, but I will keep this idea for the future. Plus I can teach her to be grateful with her words until then. I can also model this behavior for her by being grateful and keeping a gratitude journal myself.

  3. April 29, 2019 / 2:32 pm

    Such a great suggestion of helping kids to learn gratitude in a fun and motivational way. I also like that you have shared a printable with prompts to get started!

  4. Crystal // Dreams, etc.
    April 30, 2019 / 1:12 am

    Gratitude journals are always so helpful for me! I need to start one again.

  5. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady
    April 30, 2019 / 7:24 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this- Amen! What a beautiful idea 🙂

  6. April 30, 2019 / 10:19 am

    This is great. I was telling Simon about my list of things I’m thankful for and he seemed interested. I might use your prompts in a future blog post!

  7. April 30, 2019 / 11:53 am

    I absolutely love this idea, and think I will do it for my kids!

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