Summer Boredom Buster with the Kids Night in Box

Recently, we beat the summer heat by spending time on our latest Kids Night in Box. The theme of this box was Finance Club and we had so much fun learning about earning and saving money!

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Kids Night in Box Summer

Most summer days we are on the go and spending time outdoors. But sometimes, it is nice to have a relaxing, quiet at home. Although, inevitably, when we do have those days at home, someones says they are bored! So, last week, when we had a lazy morning, I decided to beat the kids to the “I’m bored” punch and bring out our latest Kids Night in Box.

Over the last year, we have really enjoyed our Kids Night in Boxes. Each month is a different theme and the box is always jam packed with activities and goodies. We have received boxes for Outerspace, Earth Day and Give Thanks!

The theme of this box was Finance Club and it could not have been more fitting for my kids. They are always asking about how to earn more money….and then they want to spend all of their money. This box was perfect for my kids ages 6-12. There was something for each of them to do and they definitely all learned something new about money.

The Finance Club box is actually from a previous month. In fact, if you do not want to commit to a subscription, you can always check to see what older month’s boxes Kids Night In has available! There are some really fun older themes in the shop now including Mission Space and Pirate Adventure!

What to Expect in the Kids Night in Box

Typically, each Kids Night in Box contains: 

Instruction Booklet

Recipe Card

Materials for 2-3 crafts and activities

1 Children’s Book

Snack There was not a snack in this month’s box.

Extra goodies!

We usually spend 1- 1 1/2 hours on each month’s Kids Night in Box. Sometimes, the kids each work on their own on one of the activities or sometimes we do everything together. This month, we worked on the entire box together.

Teaching Kids About Money

We were excited to open the Finance Club Box! The box itself was so cute and you could actually turn it into a piggy bank! To get started, my daughter read the book to us, “If You Made a Million Dollars” by David Swartz. My 10 year old had read the book in school but it really stuck out for him because it is a great book! We had some good discussions about what we would do with a million dollars, bank loans and interest. The book really got the ball rolling for the rest of the activities.

Kids Night In Box Summer 2019

Next, we got a refresher on the value of coins. This lesson was very easy for my older kids but they did have a fun time quizzing their younger brother.

Learning about money with Kids Night in Box #2019 #subscriptionbox Kids Night in Box #subscriptionboxes #affiliate

My six year old had the best time playing with the pretend money. He has honestly, been having fun with the play money ever since that day!

Kids Night in Box June 2019 #affiliate

Once we got some money basics down, it was time for the highlight activity–making homemade ice cream! Of course, the kids had to work for their ice cream and we talked about setting up a business and all the costs involved.

Kids Night in Box Finance Club 2019

The kids just wanted to dive in and get the ice cream made as quickly as possible. But, they got to learn a few lessons on hard work! First, I’ll admit, the instructions were a bit confusing, so I needed to google how to make homemade ice cream to make sure we were doing everything right.

Then, once we got the recipe going, the kids realized it was actually HARD WORK to make the ice cream. The bag got super cold so they played hot potato to avoid having to hold the bag! What felt like hours to the kids was a mere few minutes to get the ice cream ready!

Night in Boxes for Kids June 2019 Homemade Ice cream kids night in box 2019

We were so excited that the ice cream turned out so well! It is definitely a recipe we will save as it is so easy. All you need is milk, vanilla and sugar! (Plus salt and ice cubes to get the cream cold!)

Kids Night In Box Homemade Ice Cream

While the kids were enjoying their ice cream, we moved on to the next activities. We talked about bank interest and also about saving money. My kids are pretty familiar with bank interest as we have our own interest program with the kids and their allowance. If they save their money all month, they earn a little bit of interest.

This discussion reminded them that we were a bit behind on our interest program. So everyone got out their piggy banks and we settled up.

Finance Club Kids Night in Box #subscription #affiliate #nightinboxes

Lastly, we wrapped up our Finance Club box with a discussion about saving money. Each of the kids talked about things that they want to save up for.  This was a great lesson in saving versus spending money. I think it really got the kids wheels churning and perhaps they will be a little more intentional with their allowance money.

Kids Night in Box Summer 2019
This was another FUN Kids Night in Box. I would say this has been one of the more educational Kids Night in Boxes that we received and I really appreciate the important lessons on money!

How to Order the Kids Night in Box

This kids subscription box is available on a month to month basis or you can sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  Prices start at $41.99 for a month to month subscription. The subscription per month is less expensive if you sign up for a set month package ($120/3 months $239/6 months). Shipping is included in this price! There is an option to customize the box for a faith-based activity.

Sign up with my affiliate code and USE CODE 1FREEWITH3 when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription for 2 months for free!!




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