July Kids Night in Box + One Free Month Giveaway!

The latest Kids Night in Box was the perfect way to learn about America’s path to freedom and to understand why we should appreciate our independence. I’m sharing all the details on our July Kids Night in Box and what we thought of our Stars and Stripes Family Activity!

What is the Kids Night in Box?

If you have been around this blog for awhile, you know how much we love the Kids Night In and Date Night in boxes. When we are looking for some meaningful, family fun, we turn to the Kids Night in Box. My husband and I also love the Date Night in Box for a fun and inexpensive way to have a date night at home!

The Kids Night in Box contains all the supplies and instructions you need to have a few hours of family fun! Each box contains 1-2 recipes, a book, instructions and supplies for several crafts and games. There is a different theme each month that often aligns with the current season/holiday.

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Starts and Stripes Kids Night in Box

We were so excited to receive our July Kids Night in Box and the theme, Stars and Stripes, was right up our alley. We love celebrating the 4th of July and the stars and stripes activities looked like so much fun!

Whenever we receive our Kids Night in Box, I have a hard time keeping the kids from starting the activities right away. They love looking through the box and seeing what was included. There are always so many fun freebies!

This month’s kids box theme had us take a stars and stripes adventure! The box included:

  • Two Recipe Cards


  • One Snack Sample (Oatmeal Bites)


  • L is for Liberty Paperback Picture Book


  • Supplies for Two Crafts


  • Materials for 3+ Games


  • Supplies for one special activity (more on that in a minute)



Getting Started

My daughter was busy on a recent summer morning, so the boys and I decided to bring out the Kids Night in Box for a fun activity. Once we decide to work on a Night in Box, there is no stopping the kids. That’s why we were still in our pajamas:)

Before I even had a chance to read over the instructions for the box, my youngest son “claimed” the color your own hat project. He had so much fun decoration the U.S.A. hat and he immediately started wearing it:)

Review of Kids Night in Box July 2019

Next, we tested out our drawing skills and drew Lady Liberty. I even got in the fun and drew my own interpretation.

Kids Night in box Review July 2019

The other craft, which we did later in the morning was Making a Patriotic Necklace. Since the activity only came with enough supplies for one, we borrowed some of my daughter’s jewelry making supplies to make another. 


We always love the books that come in the Kids Night in Box. They are usually ones we have never read. This month’s included book was L is for Liberty. 


The book taught about the Statue of Liberty. I love that Kids Night In includes reading questions about the book. It allows us to have a little discussion before and after reading the book.

Recipe Time

Now, for the really fun part of the box, it was recipe time! This month included two recipes, Kool-Aid Popsicles and Watermelon Pizza. We stuck to making just one of the recipes, the Kool-Aid Popsicles because all the ingredients were included in the box.

My ten year old had a lot of fun leading this activity. It was such an easy recipe that I will remember this one for the future.

July Kids NIght in Box

P.S. This is a typical scene of the kids–everyone trying to do something different:)



The hardest part was waiting for the popsicles to freeze!

July Kids Night in Box Review

My youngest guy was so happy to get the Oatmeal Bites snack sample since he does not like Popsicles. It worked out perfectly as we saved a Popsicle for my daughter!

Review of July Night in Box

Also, we will definitely try out the Watermelon Pizza soon!


Giving Back

After our arts and crafts activities, we spent time talking about how we should be thankful for the armed forces. I LOVED that this month’s box had a service element! The kids were instructed to write a letter of thanks to the armed forces. We were even given an address to sent the letters! I can always use more giving back ideas for our family, so this activity was great!

Kids Night in Box Review July 2019

Fun and Games

By this point, the boys were ready to get moving! There were a TON of games included in this box! We started with some Balloon Tossing and Balloon Tennis. The boys took a game of Balloon Baseball outdoors!

Kids Night in Box Review July 2019

The three of us played a round of Balloon Tennis too!

Next, we played a little game of Lady Liberty Memory!

July Kids Night in Box Review

The competition was fierce but it was a good lesson in sportsmanship:)

July Kids Night in Box

The boys were a bit tired, so we decided to save the Scavenger Hunt for our next road trip.

July Kids Night in Box Stars and Stripes


How to Order the Kids Night in Box

This kids subscription box is available on a month to month basis or you can sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  Prices start at $41.99 for a month to month subscription. The subscription per month is less expensive if you sign up for a set month package ($120/3 months $239/6 months). Shipping is included in this price! There is an option to customize the box for a faith-based activity.

Sign up with my affiliate code and USE CODE 1FREEWITH3 when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription for 2 months for free!!

Thank you so much to Night in Boxes for providing us with this box in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. August 9, 2019 / 8:09 am

    I love that this keeps your kids’ interest for so long. My kids are 14, 12, and almost 9!

  2. Shirley Emitt
    August 10, 2019 / 9:17 am

    Love this, ages 5, 7, 9, 13, and 14.

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