Bombfell Review: Why We Love This Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

Clothing subscription boxes are a great way to add high quality, stylish pieces to your man’s wardrobe. One of the best men’s clothing subscription boxes is Bombfell. Today, my husband and I are sharing our experience with the Bombfell clothing service! 

We have partnered with Bombfell for this post, however all opinions are our own. My husband has been a Bombfell customer for over two years.

Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

My husband will be the first to admit that he does not like to go shopping. It is rare for him to want to head out to the stores looking for clothing. He wants to dress nicely especially for date night or even running the kids around town. Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt just don’t cut it!

So, a few years ago, when I started using clothing subscription boxes, he looked around for a men’s clothing subscription box. At the time, there were not a lot of different options available, so fortunately he stumbled on Bombfell Clothing.

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He has been getting Bombfell boxes for over two years. He has been very happy with the clothing he receives and he has been able to add good quality, stylish pieces to his wardrobe. His Bombfell clothes are always the items he goes to when he is picking out an outfit for a date night or a business casual meeting.

Today, we are going to share his latest Bombfell box and give you the scoop on why we think this clothing service is worth a try!

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Bombfell Subscription Review

Recently, Bombfell reached to me about reviewing their subscription service. I was so excited because my husband has been a loyal subscriber for about two years. Every six weeks, he receives a box of clothing that he can decide to keep or return. You can adjust the frequency of the service. Since my husband does not really buy clothing outside of this service, he does get the box regularly.

In his most recent order, my husband received five items including 4 tops and 1 pair of pants.

W.R.K Zig Zag Shirt $98

DL 1961 Modern Straight Leg Pants

First up is a W.R.K. white and grey button down shirt with a pair of brown pants by DL 1961. My husband liked getting a different color pair of pants than he has in his closet. It is a nice step up for jeans too!

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Perfect pant option for the fall season. He said he could see wearing this for Thanksgiving dinner. He really liked the button down shirt because it was soft and something different than a (usual) plaid shirt.

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These two items were the priciest in the box. My husband tends to hang on to his clothing a lot longer than I do and he wears things over many years. So, it is easy to justify more expensive clothing for him. He prefers quality over quantity when it comes to clothing!

PX Clothing Slub Henley $42.00

Next, he received a Slub Henley from PX Clothing. This is a nice, casual top that he can wear on its own over  a button down or under a jacket. His stylist paired the Henley with the brown pants as well.

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One really awesome feature about Bombfell is that your stylist will not only help you pair the items together in your monthly box, they will also tell how you to pair items new items with things you have gotten in older boxes. 

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The stylist paired these brown pants with two tops in the box. Then, also mentioned two other tops my husband has gotten in previous orders that would pair with the brown pants. This is so helpful especially for guys who could use a little help styling their clothing.

Threads 4 Thought Basic Crew Neck Long sleeve $34

Another great top that my husband got in his order was a Threads for Thoughts Basic Crew Neck long sleeve tee. This long sleeve top is great staple  that he can use in many different ways.

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He styled the top under a Bombfell jacket (from a previous order). The jeans are also from Bombfell.

Bombfell Men's Clothing Subscription Review 2019 #stitchfix #fashion #style


Selected Homme Crew Neck Sweater $60

Lastly, he received a navy crew neck sweater from Selected Homme. This navy crew neck sweater is a nice price point for a quality sweater. It is a thick fabric but not too bulky. He could easily layer the sweater over a button down shirt or under a blazer.

Bombfell Men's Clothing Box 2019 #subscription #fall #fashion #style #stitchfix

This top is a closet staple that he would wear over and over again.

Bombfell Men's Clothing Box 2019 #subscription #fall #fashion #style #stitchfix

Overall, my husband loves the Bombfell service. It is the PERFECT way to be able to wear stylish, quality clothing without having to do the hard work of shopping and styling yourself!

Special thanks to my husband for being a good sport. Besides not having interest in clothing shopping, he prefers to stay behind the camera instead of in front:)


Why is Bombfell a good clothing service?

There a few things to know about Bombfell and there are some nice features that really set this clothing service apart from the rest:

  • One of the best things about Bombfell is that you have the same stylist each time. So, they really get to know the guy’s preferences. You can request a different stylist if yours is not working out.


  • Bombfell sends out a preview e-mail of what you will be getting in your box. You can have them remove an item from the box or add an item to the order.


  • There is a 7 day try on period from the day the box is delivered.


  • Earn points for every item purchased towards the Loyalty Program (1 point for every $1 spent). Use the points towards credits on future orders. For instance, 500 points is good for $50 off next purchase!

What is the Cost of Bombell?

As I have mentioned before, clothing subscription boxes are not a way to fill your closet with a lot of inexpensive items. It is a way to fill your closet with well-made items that you will have for years to come. My husband has found, that by utilizing Bombfell, he rarely, if at all, goes to the stores to shop. So for him, a clothing subscription box is really a budget friendly way to shop. He doesn’t have a need to fill his closet with other items knowing the items he gets in his subscription are what he will wear over and over.

  • Median item price point is $79 however that price greatly varies depending on type of clothing item. Usually pants are on the higher end and tops are less than that.
  • $20 styling fee which is applied to the order if items are kept.
  • Discounts apply when multiple items are kept.
    • Keep 4+ items and get 20% discount
    • Keep 3+ items get 15% discount
    • Keep 2+ items get 10% discount

Coupon Code for Bombfell

Do you think your husband or partner would like this service? The holidays are coming! Bombfell would make a great upcoming gift for your spouse or significant other.

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  1. October 29, 2019 / 8:44 am

    Very cool that your husband does this. I had to buy my husband new t shirts this year because he’s been wearing the same ones for like 10 years!

  2. October 30, 2019 / 5:14 am

    We might have to try this Jaclyn- I am liking the quality of the clothing and love the look of the blazer with jeans- your hubby is a great sport! Thanks for sharing

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