7 Tips for Maintaining a Clutter Free Home // Clear the Clutter Challenge Recap

We are wrapping up the 2020 Clear the Clutter Challenge this week. Unfortunately, decluttering is not a one and done process. In order to maintain a clutter free home you have to continually work at. Today, we are talking about how to keep your home decluttered with 8 Tips for Maintaining a Clutter Free Home.

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Clear the Clutter Challenge Project List

It is hard to believe that Keri and I are wrapping up the Clear the Clutter Challenge. It has been a busy eight weeks decluttering every room in the home. Whether or not, you will able to keep up with the Challenge, every little bit you accomplished is great!

Decluttering is an on going process, so if you did not have a chance to work on your entire home, you can still do it!

I wanted to recap all of the areas we worked on during the Clear the Clutter Challenge:

  1. Kitchen and Pantry Organization (Week 1) The first week, we worked on kitchen and pantry. As the hub of the home, it is certainly important to have an organized kitchen. We talked about functional kitchen storage ideas and how to keep the clutter out of the kitchen.

decluttering your kitchen


2.  Living and Family Room Organization (Week 2)  During week two, we tackled our living and family room. This is another spot in the home where the family gathers together. I shared some ideas on how to maintain an organizing family room including some of the best organization products!

Use baskets to organize blankets #declutter #livingroom #farmhouse


3. Bedroom Organization In Week 3, we talked about making the bedroom a calm sanctuary free of clutter. I shared some tips for small bedroom organization.

4. Bathroom Organization Next, we worked on the clutter in our bathrooms. Depending on how many bathrooms you have in your home, this could be a big project. This week I  shared some tips for small bathroom organization.

Also, we talked about how to keep kids’ bathrooms organized.

Kids Bathroom Organization #hooks #boys

5. Home Office Organization  During this fifth week of the Clear the Clutter Challenge, we addressed the paper work monster and how to organize your home office! Whether you have a dedicated office space or not, this project tackles paperwork that we all have in our home!

home office organization tips #delutter #smalloffice #deskorganization

6. Kids Rooms and Toy Organization Not only is it hard to keep our own things organized, but it hard to maintain other people’s stuff! Toy organization can be a big challenge when you have kids! We worked on organizing kids spaces. I talked specifically about how to organize Legos!


how to organize legos #storage #diy #containers

7. Laundry Room and Closet Organization  The laundry room might not be the most exciting spot of the home but it certainly is an important one! For week 7, we worked on laundry room and closet organization. I shared some laundry room hacks for small spaces.

Laundry Room Organization Hacks

8. Garage Organization The final Clear the Clutter Challenge was Garage Organization. We talked about some garage organization tips plus what to do with old paint.

what to do with old cans of paint


Tips for Maintaining a Clutter Free Home

It would be great if decluttering our homes one time was the end of it. But, as we all know, it is easy for clutter to accumulate again and again. You really have to stay on top of clutter all the time. There are some best practices for maintaining a clutter free home.

1. One in One Out Rule

One way to not accumulate more stuff, is to have a one in one out rule. Every time you buy something new, you get rid of one thing in your home. This is a really good idea when it comes to clothing or home decor! Having this habit as a best practice might also help you evaluate whether the purchase is really necessary as it means you have to get rid of something.

2. Be Mindful of What You Bring in the Home

The biggest habit for maintaining a clutter free home is to bring in less stuff! First, be really mindful about what you purchase and bring into the home. Every Target run can lead to more stuff that needs a permanent spot in your home. Each time you consider a purchase for your home ask these questions:

  • Are there several spots I could put this item? Think about the longevity of the item you are considering. Does it have multiple functions? 
  • Do I have something similar at home already? Before you buy another cute top or pair of jeans, think about whether you have something in your closet that is similar? Decide on how many tops, jeans, shoes, etc you really need to own.
  • Do I LOVE this item? If you are not sure, then consider not buying the item and see if you are still thinking about it a few days later. Before you make an online purchase, leave it in your cart for a few days and see if you still really want it. 

3. Maintain a Donation Bin

Always have a donation bin going in your home. Make it a weekly practice to look around your home and throw a few things into this bin. Be sure to take it to the donation center on a monthly basis (or the clutter continues to stay in your home).

4. Clear Off Counters Daily

One of the biggest clutter issues in most homes is on kitchen counters! It is easy to accumulate a week’s worth of mail, school and work papers! Every day, go through the incoming mail and papers and decide what to do with each piece. It is a good habit to go through paperwork

5. Tackle One Declutter Project Each Month

Even if you participated in the Clear the Clutter Challenge, you probably still have some declutter projects left to do. I definitely still have some areas to work on! Take on one project a month for the rest of the year. Write it down in your calendar at the beginning of the month and then schedule in some time to work on the project.

6. Participate in a Declutter Challenge.

I know, we just finished the Clear the Clutter Challenge, but if you like structure and motivation,  you might want to do another challenge. Sometimes we need a big push to get rid of things. There are a lot of declutter challenges out there and this one from Live , Learn, Learn is a big challenge! You are tasked with getting rid of 1000 things in your home! This would be a good challenge to work on for the rest of the year!

Put the worksheet in a spot you will see often and check off a box every time you get rid of something!

7. Make Sure Your Family is on Board

The last step to maintaining a clutter free home is to get your family on board! If you have other people in your home, they are bringing in clutter too. You can work as hard as you can on maintaining a clutter free home, but if your family is not on board, it will be very challenging. You can talk with your family about the benefits of a clutter free home. More than likely, they will see the benefits of less clutter when they realize it takes less time to clean up the house! Or maybe your family sees the reward if they are able to sell some of their items and make some money. Find out what motivates your family and help them see the positives of a clean and decluttered home!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Next Steps

The purpose of the Clear the Clutter Challenge was to provide a simple and approachable method for decluttering your home. it is never too late to declutter!

What you can do if you want to Declutter Your Home:

  • If you are just joining us now, you can sign up for the Clear the Clutter Challenge and you will be able to work on your schedule! Join HERE and receive a weekly e-mail with inspiration and tips!
  • You can also grab the Ultimate Declutter Guide and get detailed step-by-step instructions for decluttering every room of your home!
  • Join the Clear the Clutter Facebook Group for weekly tips and support!

I’d love to hear from you! What areas of your home did you declutter this year?


8 Week Declutter Challenge



  1. March 2, 2020 / 6:22 am

    Love the idea of maintaining a donation bin- going to start that now- thanks for the tips Jaclyn!

  2. March 2, 2020 / 8:18 am

    There are some places in my house that just gather the clutter. I wish I could stop that from happening!

    • Jaclyn
      March 2, 2020 / 8:26 am

      I hear you! It helps to sometimes set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle one area!

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