Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who does not want stuff? Or do you have someone on your list that has already has everything? This gift guide includes clutter free gift ideas for Christmas will help you with everyone on your list that is a minimalist or that does not need more stuff!


clutter free gift ideas for Christmas


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Why do you get someone who says they do not want anything?

It is not uncommon to have someone on your holiday gift list that says they do not want anything. Many times, what those people really mean is that they do not want gifts that take up space or create clutter in their homes. These days, many people would rather have experiences or consumable gifts over material things.

As a home organizer, one of the biggest reasons I hear from clients hesitate to get rid of things is that they got the items as gifts. They will say that they do not use the item or do not even like it. But that they feel guilty getting rid of it. They fear that the person will come over and not see their gift being used. Or maybe the person will never come over but that they just “feel bad” about getting rid of it!

Who wants to give someone a gift that also comes with a side of guilt?! 

Instead, consider a gift that the person can actually use up. If they still do not truly like it, they can pass it on to someone who will use it.

Families with young children are also overwhelmed with stuff! Everyone wants to gift them big toys for the holidays. Your gift can have a lot more meaning when it is something they can use up versus fill up their home with a physical gift.

Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

It used to be that gift cards were a last resort gift idea. Some people still feel like they are cheating by giving a gift card instead of a physical gift. But, I will say that the majority of people I talk to love to get gift cards.

Still, there are many other consumable gift ideas that are not gift cards.

Here are some clutter free gift for the holidays that should please just about everyone on your shopping list!

Clutter Free Food and Drink Gift Ideas

1. Bottle of Wine or Adult Beverages

If you know what type of drink your person likes, then getting them a bottle of wine or six pack of beer can be a very personal gift. Just make sure you know if the person likes red or white wine or what type of beer. My mom has gotten my husband a mixed six pack of beer every year. Each year she manages to find six different beers that she has not already gotten him. It is one gift he looks forward to every year.

You can also gift a nice bottle of alcohol like bourbon or whiskey.

2. Homemade Treats

If you are an amazing baker or home cook, your friends or neighbors will appreciate a homemade treat! This is a perfect consumable  gift idea for a teacher or neighbor. Just be sure you are aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies that the gift recipient or their family night have.

3. Christmas Morning Breakfast Basket

For a family with young kids, you can make it easy on the parents by putting together a basket of breakfast goodies. Think pancake mix, syrup, pancake toppings like sprinkles and chocolate sauce.  Be sure to include paper plates and napkins to make it a real treat for the parents. And maybe you include some mini Champagne bottles and orange juice! I have received this gift and also gifted this idea several times over the years.

4. Movie Night Treat Basket

Another fun family gift idea that is consumable is a basket full of movie night treats! You can include microwave popcorn or kernels, boxes of candy, chips and soda. To add to this gift, you could include a Netflix or Disney+ subscription.

5. Food of the Month Subscription

There are a lot of delicious food subscriptions. Goldbelly has a ton of food of the month subscription options including bagels, ice cream. cookies,  meats and more. Save $25 off your first order with this referral link. 

6. Favorite Snacks

Tweens, teens and college students would be so happy to get a box full of their favorite foods! Take the time to really know what the person likes and include all of their favorite snacks.

7. Novelty Food Gifts

Last year my mom got one of my sons this tube of popcorn kernels.  He LOVES popcorn so it was a perfect gift for him. The gift made for a great presentation because it was a huge, odd shaped container. Do you know someone that loves Ramen? This Mystery Pack of Ramen packages is a fun food gift idea!

8. Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Almost everyone loves hot cocoa during the winter. You can put together a gift basket of different hot chocolate mixes or buy this variety pack of hot cocoa. Add in some paper cups or cute mugs, marshmallows and candy canes for a cute gift basket.


Membership and Services Gift Ideas

9. Amazon Prime Membership

An Amazon Prime Membership is a clutter free gift idea that is sure to be used! Not only does the membership include free prime shipping but it also includes Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video.

10. Kindle or Audible Subscription

For someone who likes to read, a great gift would be a Kindle or Audible Subscription. You can sign them up for 3, 6 or 12 months of the subscription. When you sign up you get three months for free.

11. Professional Organizer

Do you know someone who has too much stuff or is looking to declutter? Many people want the help to organize and declutter but, for various reasons, are hesitant to take the first step. This is a gift that you want to know the recipient well! I suggest making sure that the person is on board with getting the help they need. When you gift someone professional organizer services, you are giving them back their time, energy and a new sense of peace and calm!

12.  Book of the Month

One of my favorite gifts my kids and spouse got me was the Book of the Month Subscription. I have had this membership for over two years and I still love getting it every month. This is a great membership for someone who likes to read! Each month, you can select for a list of new books and pick one to be mailed to you. If none of the books are of interest, you can skip a month and use the credit for another month.

13. Grocery Delivery Service

Do you know a busy family who could use a service to lighten their load? Consider a membership to a grocery service like Instacart. They will save time and money on their grocery shopping with this convenient service. Save $20 off your first order with my referral code.

Experience Gift Ideas for Families and Adults

14. Tickets to a Local Attraction

If you know your gift recipients hobbies and interests, you could pick out a local attraction that they are sure to enjoy.

15. Membership to a Museum or Zoo

Another clutter free gift idea for a family is a membership to a museum or zoo. We have been gifted a zoo membership for several years and it has been one of our favorite gifts.

16. Tuition for a Class/Hobby

Do you know someone who wants to learn to paint, bake or cook, make jewelry, play golf, etc? If you live in a place that has good programming for adults (or kids), you could consider gifting a class or a whole semester of tuition.

17. Dinner and Babysitting

Any family with young kids would appreciate this thoughtful gift! The offer to babysit is what sets this gift apart from just another gift card!

18. Family Photo Session

A family photo session is a great gift idea for parents or grandparents. Take care of all of the details including the location, time and date and then ask everyone in the family to show up.

19. Concert Tickets

For someone that loves music, a pair of concert tickets would be an amazing gift!

20. After Christmas Activity

After the holidays, there can be a bit of a letdown that the fun is over. Surprise someone with a fun activity to do after the holidays like a day of ice skating or sledding. Your gift of time is one of the best things you can give a loved one.

21. Night at an AirBnb or Hotel

Gifting someone to a night away from home is a really generous and thoughtful gift! Search for a really unique hotel or vacation rental experience and just make sure the recipient is available for the night you select!

Small Clutter Free Gift Ideas

22. Yearly Journal or Day Planner

While this gift is not entirely consumable it does not take up a lot of space. For someone that likes to be organized, consider a pretty personalized day planner and a nice set of felt tip pensThis is a great gift for a teen girl!

Another thoughtful gift idea is a gratitude journal or a Question a Day Journal. My new journal provides one question per day on topics including positive thinking, goal setting, looking back at the past and just for fun.

23. Skin Care Products

Do you know a teen or women who loves beauty products? Gift hem some of their favorites or find some new products for them to try. You can read about all of my favorite beauty gift ideas!

24. Spa or Salon Services

One gift I ask for every year is a gift card to my hair salon. Sometimes I use the gift card for my usual services or sometimes I treat myself and get a manicure or facial. Find out where your person gets their hair done and treat them to a gift card! It is something that they are sure to use!

25. Advent Calendar

If you want to give a gift a little early, why not surprise them with an advent calendar? There is an advent calendar for just about everything include a tea advent, chocolate advent, beauty products, dog treats, wine, beer and many more for kids! It is a consumable gift idea that they can enjoy all season long! The nice thing about these advent calendars is that everything is consumable!


Clutter Free Gift Ideas that Have Meaning

Just because you are choosing to gift someone a clutter free and consumable gift does not mean it is not personal or meaningful! You can actually get very creative when it comes to finding a gift for someone who does not want anything. Don’t just get the same old gift card for everyone on your list. Focus on what each individual person would truly appreciate!

To come up with the perfect gift, first find out what they like to eat, how they spend their time and what things they might want to try. Then, narrow down your options and pick one that you think they will like. Chances are, if you are really intentional about what you buy, your gift recipient will feel very touched.

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