Are you looking for a gift for kid who loves Pokemon? Here are 24 Pokemon Gifts for Kids that are perfect ideas for birthdays and Christmas!


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The Pokemon craze has been around for a long time and it does not seem to be slowing down! Both of my boys have LOVED Pokemon! So, I have gotten to learn more about Pokemon than I would ever have wanted to know! My kids go through phases of loving Pokemon. They especially like to play Pokemon Go when the weather warms up and they can walk around outside.

I have to admit that the Pokemon characters are pretty cute. Although, my boys might not appreciate me using the word cute and Pokemon together! Either way, I have learned enough about Pokemon to share some of our family’s favorite Pokemon gifts. Some of these items are on my boys’ Pokemon Christmas gift list this year!

So if you are looking for what to get a kid who loves Pokemon, we have some great gift ideas! We have Pokemon gift ideas for every budget! These Pokemon gift ideas for kids are great for Christmas, Birthday and Easter!


Are you looking for what to get for kids who like Pokemon? Fortunately for Pokemon fans, there is a lot of Pokemon themed gifts and merchandise available! We have rounded up our top Pokemon gift ideas for kids!

1. Pokemon Plush Animal 

There is not a holiday or birthday that has passed recently that one of the boys has not asked for a Pokemon Plush. There are so many adorable Pokemon Plush animals to pick from. You will just want to be sure your Pokemon fan does not already have one of them. If your child does not have any Pokemon plush, a good one to start with is Pikachu!

My boys have so many Pokemon plush now that they have to request more rare and hard to find Plush animals.

2. Pokemon Card Sets

If your kid loves Pokemon, chances are he/she loves to collect the Pokemon cards. You could put a pack of Pokemon cards in the Christmas stocking or Easter basket. If you are looking for a solid Pokemon gift idea, you could get one of these Pokemon Card Sets.

Kids love these Pokemon Card sets because it comes with a GX Card and usually some rare or hard to find cards.

3. Pokemon Card Storage

Of course, if your kids end up collecting a lot of Pokemon cards, they need somewhere to store all of these cards! I can first hand say that a Pokemon Binder is an absolute must for Pokemon card collector! Otherwise, your Pokemon fan ends up with cards all over the place!

Be sure to include some of these clear card sleeves to store all of the cards!

My kids like to bring their Pokemon cards to their friends or even out to a restaurant. So these smaller Pokemon card organizers make great gifts too!

4. Pokemon Themed Board Games

There are several Pokemon themed games that kids will love. We have this Pokemon Monopoly set. All of the Monopoly game tokens are Pokemon characters. Instead of houses and hotels, you work to aquire Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers.

This Monopoly Pokemon Set makes an awesome collectible for any Pokemon fan!

5. Pokemon Guessing Game

Another Pokemon game that is for serious Pokemon fans is a Pokemon Guessing Game. This game is so fun and it is great for solo play! Players think of a Pokemon in their mind and then the game tries to guess who you are thinking about using yes or no questions.

The Pokemon Guessing Game is so fun and the kids are amazed when the Trainer guesses the correct Pokemon!

6. Pokemon Essential Handbooks

My boys POUR over these Pokemon Essential Handbooks. They have learned important facts about every Pokemon character and can recite each character to an amazing level of detail!


If your kid wants to learn more about each Pokemon, this is the Pokemon book for him!

7. Pokemon Book Series Set

For the Pokemon fan who has every Pokemon toy, you could get him a Pokemon Chapter Book series!

The Pokemon Boxed Book series follows Ash and his Pikachu on adventures that correspond to adventures in the Pokemon Go game and the Netflix Pokemon TV Series.

8. Pokemon Mad Libs

My boys have so much fun with this Pokemon Mad Libs Book. This activity book is a great Pokemon gift under $5. Small books like this are great to bring along on a car ride or to a restaurant!

The perfect Pokemon gift to put in a Christmas stocking.

9. Pokemon Piggy Bank

Teach your Pokemon fan how to save money with a Pokemon Piggy Bank! 

Put a coin on the top of the piggy bank and watch Pikachu take the money into the box!

10. Pokemon Personalized Sign

For a more personal Pokemon gift, check out this Pokemon name plate!

Kids will love of their favorite Pokemon characters right next to their name!

11. Pokemon Building Set

There are a lot of cool Pokemon Building Sets for your Pokemon fan!

We have several of these Pokemon Mega Constux Building Sets.  They are a bit more tricky than your typical Lego sets, but these Pokemon sets turn out really cool when put together. Your Pokemon fan will want to display these Pokemon Building sets in their rooms!

12. Pokemon Trainer Hat

Your Pokemon fan will feel very official with this Pokemon Trainer Hat. 

Both of my boys have Pokemon hats which they love to wear!

13. Pikachu Winter Hat

Speaking of Pokemon hats, this warm Pikachu Winter Hat is adorable too!

This is a great gift idea for keeping your Pokemon fan cozy all winter long!

14. Pokemon Video Games

We are just over halfway through with our Pokemon gifts for kids guide and we still have a lot of fun ideas to go!

More than likely your Pokemon fan loves Pokemon video games! You can gift them the latest Pokemon Video Game and you will be sure to make your child happy! This new Pokemon game just came out in November!

The Pokemon Sword for the Nintendo Switch is a favorite game at our house!

15. Pokemon Night Light

How about a Pokemon 3-D Night Light for your Pokemon fan? We have one of these 3-D light sets.

The boys love them because it provides just enough light for their room at night. The Pokemon Night Light kit comes with 7 different color changes! So cool. One of our favorite Pokemon gifts for kids that is under $15!

16. Pokemon Bath Bombs

Keep your Pokemon fan clean with these Pokemon Bath Bombs.

This Pokemon gift idea is sure to make bath time a lot more fun for the kids!

17. Pokemon Drawing Book

Do you have a Pokemon fan who loves to draw? Then, you will want to get this Pokemon Learn to Draw Book!

My oldest son has loved this book and he has gotten really good at drawing Pokemon characters.

18. Pokemon Headphones

When your kids are playing video games, it is nice for them to have a pair of headphones. These Pikachu headphones are a MUST for your Pokemon fan!

We have had this Pokemon headphones set for several years and have had no issues. Unlike some other headphone sets we have owned!

19. Pokemon Stickers

Stickers are so popular right now! Kids love to put their favorite stickers on their laptops, water bottles and school binders. So, you will want to check out this set of 50 Pokemon Stickers for your child!

We have this exact Pokemon Sticker Set and the boys love to use them for everything!

20. Pokemon Funko Pop

Here is a Pokemon gift that is not a toy. These Pokemon Funko Pop collectibles are a huge hit with tween boys!

My son loves to display these Pokemon figurines on his book shelf. It is fun to add to the Pokemon Funko collection for each holiday!

21. Pokemon Clothes Hamper

How about a Pokemon gift for kids that is fun and functional?


These Pikachu clothes hamper is both practical and stylish! Maybe your kid will be more likely to put their clothes in the dirty bin with this Pikachu clothing basket!

22.Pokemon T-Shirt

There are so many fun Pokemon shirts for kids. How can you pick just one?

Pikachu and Poke Ball Tee

Pikachu and Friends Tee


Poke Ball T-Shirt

23. Pokemon Watch

Does your Pokemon fan want to keep track of time? This Pokemon digital watch flips open to show the time and comes with Flashing LED lights.

I know my 7 year old would love this Pokemon Watch!

24. Pokemon Pez Dispensers

Last but not least, my boys would go CRAZY for this Pokemon Pez Dispenser Set. What kid doesn’t love some candy for a gift? You can put this Pokemon candy set in a Christmas stocking or the Easter Basket!

I will be surprising my boys with this fun Pokemon Pez set for Christmas!


Did you find a gift idea on this list for your Pokemon fan?! It is not hard to find Pokemon gifts for kids this holiday season! The hardest part is deciding on the best Pokemon gift to give. Tell me, which Pokemon gift will you be buying this year?

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