Now, maybe more than ever is it important to practice self-care. Today, I am sharing a 30 Day Self Care Calendar that includes all free ideas that you can do at home! Self-care does not mean fancy spa treatments and expensive shopping sprees. Self-care is taking care of your physical and mental well-being. Download the 30 Day Self Care Calendar of Ideas to try at home!

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Taking Care of Yourself During a Pandemic

How are you doing these days? I will admit that I have been in a bit of a funk the last week or so. I am sure you can relate, but my emotions are all over the place. One minute I am  task-oriented, focusing on the day-to-day and the next I am sitting on the couch with zero motivation.  As this is all new for us, we don’t exactly know how to feel and how to deal.

It is during a crisis, that we really need to take care of our physical and mental well-being. Stress builds up in our body and if we let it get the best of us, it can present problems. Have you heard the phrase “Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others”. It can be harder to take care of others if we are not taking care of ourselves.

What is Self Care?

Self care is taking care of your physical and mental health through healthy habits. These self care practices can be things we do daily, weekly or on a yearly basis. While, self care can sometimes be glamorized as a “needed” trip to the spa or spending a lot of money on something, at its core, self care is really simple activities.

Some examples of Daily Self Care:

Getting enough sleep

Staying Hydrated

Maintaining close relationships with family and friends


Eating Well

Getting Fresh Air

It is easy, especially these days, to neglect one or more of these daily self care activities. But, over time, skipping out on of these healthy habits can catch up to you.

Personally, I’ve noticed that if I miss out on taking a walk outside or getting fresh air each day, I do not feel as great.

When we take care of ourselves, we are able to:

30 Day Self Care Calendar of Ideas

So, if you are in a rut like I am, maybe you need some other self care ideas to do at home! I put together a Printable 30 Day Self Care Calendar of ideas. These are all simple ideas that you can do at home. Best of all, these self care ideas are free!

30 Day Self Care Calendar of Ideas #selfcarechallenge #selfcareideas #quarantineideas


Download the 30 Day Self Care Calendar

30 Day Self Care Challenge

Every May, I feel motivated to do a self-care challenge. May is one of my favorite months of the year because it is the month we anticipate summer and all the fun that is to come. it is a great time to check in on your habits and make sure you are taking care of yourself. Now,  is a good point in the year to evaluate your New Year’s goals, if you made any, and see how things are going four months later!

So, if you didn’t set any New Year’s goals or you are realizing you need to step up your game on your current habits, now is a great time for a 30 Day Self Care Challenge! 

Not sure how to start a 30 Day Self Care Plan? You can join at any time!

How to join the 30 Day Self Care Challenge:

1.Sign up to receive the Self Care Worksheets.

2.Download the 30 Day Self Care Calendar (for some new fun self care ideas) + Daily Habits Tracker (to keep on track with daily habits).

3. Decide on several habits you want to track for the next 30 days. Check off each day that you stay on track with each habit.

4. Use the Self Care Calendar to try some new and fun self care activities this month!




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