Are you looking for Easter basket ideas for teenage guys? I’ve rounded up over 30 fun Easter gifts for teen boys! These Easter gift ideas your teenage boy is sure to love.

Easter basket ideas for teenage boys


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What do I get my teenage boys for Easter?

Sure Easter is a little different with teen boys. Older kids certainly do not believe in the Easter bunny and they may or may not want to hunt for Easter eggs. But what teenage would not love an Easter basket full of jelly beans and some of their favorite things?

As the kids get older, it is more important than ever to make holidays special and celebrate the little moments. Your teen might not remember every little gift they got but the little things you do for the holidays add up to the big memories.

So, to make it easy for you to shop for your teen guy for Easter basket ideas, I’ve got a list of great ideas!

Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Boys

Wondering what to put in a teenage boy Easter basket? There is sure to be something in this list that he will like!

1. Favorite Candy

Every teen’s Easter basket needs candy! Be sure to stock up on Easter classics like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps. But, you could also throw in some of your teen’s favorite candy! Seriously you could probably just fill your teen’s Easter basket with candy and be done. Although it is fun to include a few other little gifts!

2. Water Bottle

I don’t know about your teens, but mine are always looking for a water bottle. Teens need water bottles for their sports and on the go activities. These metal water bottles are so popular among teens. These clear Nalgene water bottles are an affordable water bottle option.

3. Beach Towel

Teens love to be at the pool and the beach with their friends. Why not gift them something they will most certainly use this summer. Beach towels are a good Easter gift for teens! You could even get your teen a personalized beach towel, so maybe they will not lose it.

4. Sunglasses

Another fun Easter gift idea that can be used in the summer is a pair of sunglasses. You do not have to spend a lot of money on sunglasses for teen boys because chances are they might misplace them. So grab a pair or two of these inexpensive sunglasses.

5. Gas Card or Gas Money

What do teenage boys who drive need the most? A gas card or gas money is a fun gift for high school boys!

6. Video Games

Does your teenage boy like to play video games? If so, then most likely a video game for their X-Box or Nintendo Switch would be an awesome gift for your teen’s Easter basket. You could also get them a video game gift card to their Playstation, X-Box or Nintendo Switch.

7. Card Games

I like to throw a fun card game into my kids’ baskets. It is nice to get a gift that will get the teen involved with the family. Some fun gard games for teens include Golfing Dead and Exploding Kittens.


8. Fidget Toy

Every time I think they have invented every fidget toy, a new one comes out. My boys recently got these fidget toys and they were a huge hit! I have to admit that we get caught playing these fidget toys at home.

9. Nerf Blaster

Does your teen still like to get silly with younger siblings or friends? They might not be too old for Nerf guns. Or you could get them water blasters or water balloons. This is great gift idea to get your teenager

10. Swim Trunks

Most kids can use a new swimsuit every year. Why not get them something they need for summer.or maybe even spring break. Every year, I get my boys swim suits from Lands End. The swimsuits wash so well and they hold up year after year.

11. Hoodie

My teenager would wear a hoodie to school every day if he could. So I often try to add a new hoodie to his collection.

12. Body Wash

Whether or not your teenage boy is concerned with personal hygiene, it is not a bad idea to gift good smelling body wash or soap into this year’s Easter Basket. This soap for guys has a nice citrus smell that won’t be too overpowering!

13. Teen Devotional or Gratitude Journal

Looking for a book to inspire or encourage your teenage son? This 3 minute devotional is a great, quick book for teen boys to read each day.

14. Movie Tickets

Teens love going to the movies with their friends, so it’d be a treat for them to get tickets to a movie in their Easter baskets!

15. Tickets to Local Amusement Park or Outdoor Activity

Another option is to gift passes to a local amusement park or a fun attraction like a trampoline park, paintball, laser tag, etc.

16. Boxer Shorts

It is a good thing to include something practical in your teen’s Easter basket. Why not add in some boxer shorts or even socks to the Easter Basket. These items make good Easter basket fillers!

17. Flip Flops

Another summer essential for teens is flip flops! My boys prefer these slide on flip flops to wear all summer long.

18. Ear Buds

Ear buds can be expensive but these noise cancelling wireless ear buds are reasonably priced. Any teen boy would love to have wireless ear buds.

19. Phone Accessories like a pop socket or phone case

Teen boys love their phones. So inexpensive phone accessories like Pop Sockets or a phone case make excellent gifts for teens!

20. LED Room Lights

Lighten up your teen’s bedroom with a set of LED lights. We have tried different LED lights but these puck lights are actually our favorites. The kids like that they can change colors with a remote control. Plus these can be moved around the room and they are battery operated.

21. Sporting Equipment

If your teen boy plays summer sports, gift them something they need for the activity. Some ideas include swim goggles, golf balls, tennis balls and golf tees!

Or you could get your teen son a fun outdoor game for his Easter basket! This ring toss is a great backyard game!

22. Outdoor Equipment

Do you have a teen who loves to camp or spend time outdoors? A fun gift might be a head lamp or a  solar powered camping light. 



23. Stickers

Teens love stickers! Pick out some stickers that reflect your teens interests like Star Wars, sports, National Parks or one of these mixed packs of stickers!

24. USB Cord Clip

If everyone in your family is always trying to find their phone chargers, gift your teen boys these cord accessories so they can keep track of their charging cords!



25. Change Holder

Teenagers do not deal with cash that much these days. But, they still can amass change here and there. So instead of coins ending up in the washing machine, why not get your teen a small change jar! This one is fun because it counts the coins when you put them in.  My kids have these exact ones.

26. Personalized Socks

These personalized socks are so much fun! You can put any picture on these socks including your family’s pet!


27. Mechanical Pencils

If your teen is running low on school supplies at this point of the year, these mechanical pencils would be a perfect Easter basket addition!


28. Joke Book

Does your teen have a good sense of humor? I’ve gotten these Joke Laugh books for the kids and I am excited to see this Teen Joke Book edition!


29. Sunscreen

You do not want your teen to be out in the sun without good sun protection. So another summer essentials gift idea is sun lotion! Include a bottle or two of sunscreen into your son’s Easter basket. This sunscreen smells so good and my teens always ask me to buy this brand.

30. Gift Cards

When in doubt, a gift card is always a good Easter gift for a teen boy! If your teen is not driving yet, you could get a gift card to one of their favorite places or a favorite store. Another gift card ideas is for a delivery food service like Door Dash or Uber Eats. My kids also like gift cards for Spotify, the streaming music service.

31. Personalized Wallet

This past Christmas, I got my teenage boy this personalized wallet. I was really impressed with the quality of this wallet and I definitely think it will hold up even with not so careful handling.

Easter Gifts for Teen Boys

I really love coming up with fun things for the kids’ Easter baskets. My kids still look forward to Easter morning every year. I enjoy spending celebrating these moments with the family!

Whether or not you still have an egg hunt on Easter morning, your teen will still love to be treated to an Easter basket! What are some things in this gift list that you will get for your teen’s Easter basket?

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