Are you looking for an expensive and creative $5 gift idea? Today, I am sharing Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone on your list. Even if you are on a tight budget or you are looking for a thoughtful gift as a small token of appreciation, there are a lot of gift options at the Dollar Store.

Cheap Dollar Store Christmas Gift ideas that are creative and thoughtful #dollarstore #5dollars #neighbors #giftexchange

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

I am usually able to finish up the majority of my Christmas shopping in plenty of time. But, inevitably, I forget that I have a bunch of smaller items to purchase for people including school admins, the mail carrier and other service workers. Or, I need a cheap gift exchange item for a white elephant or girls’ holiday party. These types of gifts are the ones I always struggle with the most. I want to come up with something fun but also stay on budget.

Plus, I really try to stick to consumable goods or something very useful for less expensive gift ideas. No one wants a bunch of trinkets that contribute to clutter. Most people are trying to live with less STUFF.

Today, I’m sharing some cute and fun ideas for those $5 gifts that will all have on our holiday shopping list! Plus, I’m giving some additional add-on ideas for each gift if you have a slightly bigger budget!

** Bonus: These gift ideas all make great stocking stuffers***


Who to gift: Neighbors, Bus Driver, Holiday Gift Exchange, School Admins, Hostess Gift

There are a lot of different ways you ideas for a baking theme set. Keep it easy with a pre-made baking mix, oven mitt (who can’t use a new one of these) and a cute plate!

Additional Ideas for a Baking Themed Gift:

Cookie Cutters (with Sugar Cookie Baking Mix)



Baking Sheet



Who to gift: Family Gift Exchange, Friend, Babysitter, Teenager

$5 Gift Idea Gratitude Journal Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

Another gift idea that is less than five dollars ($3 to be exact!) is a gratitude journal set. If you haven’t shopped the journals and stickers at Dollar Tree, you need to check out this section. There is no reason to spend more on a journal set! You could even decorate the journal for the recipient for an extra special touch. 

Read more about how to make DIY Journals HERE!

Additional Ideas for a Journal Themed Gift:

Washi Tape (To decorate the Journal)

Ball Point Pens

Lotion or Hand soap (Try this DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe)

Box of Tea


Who to Gift: Tweens and Teens, Babysitters, Family or Friend Gift Exchanges

$5 Gift Exchange Ideas #christmas #dollarstore #teens #family

My kids immediately spotted this gift set and all tried to claim it as their own:) This would be a fun set for a cousin gift exchange (kids and teens) or really anyone that likes puzzles and mind challenges! Pick a few age appropriate books and a game or two for a fun gift set!

Additional Ideas for a Puzzle/Game Gift:

Deck of Cards

Uno Game

Any Brain Teasers Game

Lottery Tickets


Who to Gift: Neighbors, Postal Workers, Dads, Uncles and Grandpas

DIY Father's Day Gift Basket Idea #homemade #giftsforhim #dads

Remember when I shared the Car Wash Gift Idea for Father’s Day? This useful and cheap gift idea is also a great idea for Christmas! All of these items for the car wash set were purchased at the Dollar Store! This would be a sweet gift to an older neighbor especially if you or your kids offered to wash his/her car! 


Who to Gift: Neighbors, School Admins, Bus Driver, Friend Gift Exchange, Friend

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas #hostess #cheap #neighbors #teachers

I spotted these mug cakes at the Dollar Store and I knew I had to get these for some small gifts. This set of Christmas mugs from the Dollar Tree is so cute! My daughter loves mug cakes, so I think this would be a fun gift idea for tweens and teens! Really, anyone would appreciate a sweet gift like this!

MOM TIP: Be sure to check that the mug is microwave safe (not all Dollar Store mugs are intended for the microwave!).

Additional Ideas for Mug Cake Gift Set

Fuzzy Socks

Hot Cocoa Mix + Mini Marshmallows

If you have more room in the Christmas budget, you can also add a small gift card to any of these gifts. But, honestly, these sweet and inexpensive gifts are perfect on their own!

More Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you still looking for more Dollar Store Christmas gift ideas?

Movie themed kit: Popcorn Bucket, Candy, One Bag of Popcorn

Pamper Set: Nail Polish, Nail File, Make Up Bag, Lotion

Candy Lover: Assorted Candy Bags

Teacher: Notepads, Thank You Cards, Post-It Notes, Stickers, Pens

Free Printable Gift Tags

Are you ready to get your gifts wrapped? Download these free printable gift tags that will go perfectly with your Dollar Store gifts!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags for Dollar Store Gifts

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I have teamed up with a few other bloggers to share our DIY Christmas Gift Ideas:

April at Love Our Real Life has a creative  DIY project that even the kids could help with.

Glass Pebble Magnets

Glass Pebble Magnets DIY

Do you enjoy funny Christmas movies? Check out these Christmas movie quote gift tags Morgan from our Pear Tree Home. She has a free download for these tags over HERE.

Christmas Vacation Gift Tags

When your DIY gift does double duty as a Christmas decoration. Amanda of Miss Sue Living shares an easy Wood Slice Ornament project!

Wood Slice Ornament DIY

Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show appreciation and thoughtfulness for others. There are many cute Christmas gift ideas at your local Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Bins and other discount stores! It just takes a little creativity to come up with a great gift idea!

For more inexpensive DIY gift ideas, check out my Pinterest board:


Christmas gift ideas from the Dollar Store #cheap #budget #diygifts




  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on November 20, 2019 at 7:44 am

    Such cute ideas 🙂

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    I always love ideas like these. The mug cakes are the best!

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  4. April on November 21, 2019 at 7:49 am

    Such great ideas, Jaclyn! I’m always needing to throw together a last minute gift for someone around the Christmas holiday and this is a great way to personalize a small gift without spending a ton of money! Merry Christmas to you!

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    Love these quick and easy gift ideas to put together! Thanks for sharing some simple ideas!

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