Wondering what to get your mom this Mother’s Day ? We are are stuck at home these days and just because we are quarantining, does not mean Mother’s Day should be skipped! You might have to get a little more creative this year for your mom because you can not go out to the stores to shop! If you are looking for some unique and fun gifts for mom, I’ve got you covered with some Mother’s Day gift ideas you can buy online. Whether your mom likes to relax, be active, dress stylish or have an artistic outlet, here are 9 Online Mother’s Day gift ideas for everyone!

Mother's Day gift ideas you can buy online

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online

May has always been one of my favorites month’s of the year. There is a lot packed into this month including Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend and personally, our wedding anniversary. I feel like May is the “Thursday” to summer. It is a month of anticipation about what is to come for the summer!

Just because May will be a little bit different this year, does not mean that Mother’s Day will be skipped. Let’s face it, all moms could use a little love and care these days! Whether you are shopping for your own mom or you need a few Mother’s Day ideas to pass along to your family, here is a good variety of online gift options! Be sure to shop now so that your gifts  arrive on time!

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One// Wrap Bracelets

Most moms would appreciate a hand picked piece of jewelry from their family. It is the thought of your kids or husband picking out a piece that they think you will really like. You do not need to break the bank on an expensive item.

Consider how practical you want the jewelry to be so that your mom can wear it often. These wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson are beautiful and go with everything! I wear mine almost every day because it adds a little extra to even the most casual outfits.

The hardest part is choosing which bracelet to buy.

Victoria Emerson Bracelet Favorites

Victoria Emerson has some new products including Apple Watch bands.


Two // Spa at Home Supplies

Right now, we are not able to visit the spas and salons. It is always a treat for moms to get a manicure or a facial. Since this is not possible right now, some spa at home products would be appreciated. You could stick to a theme like nails or face or put together a package of a few different items.

This face steamer looks AMAZING! A great option for getting an at home facial.

My daughter and I have a weekly at home manicure and pedicure date. We use our foot spa for an extra treat!

You could certainly get a gift card to your mom’s favorite spa for when the time comes that she can go to a salon. But, a few at home products are a nice gift that she can use right now!

Three // Beach Blanket or Towel

All of us are dreaming of summer these days. A fun idea to get ready for fun days at the beach or pool is to gift a nice towel or blanket.  For an extra special treat, consider a luxurious towel. These extra large and super absorbent towels from Teslalate are beautiful!

Mother's Day gift ideas 2020

Recently, Tesalate sent me this Towel for Two and I absolutely love it! This extra large beach towel can be used as a picnic or beach blanket. Or just as a super warm and cozy beach towel. These towels absorb over a litre of water and dry in half the time of a regular beach towel.


The towels fold up small and easily into a small carrying bag. This is one of those blankets that you keep in the car and use almost daily in the summer…whether at the pool, beach or park! There are so many fun patterns to consider! Many of the towels have two patters, one for each side.


You can save 10% off your Tesalate order with: THANKS10

Four // Book of the Month Club

I’ll let you in on what I am asking for this Mother’s Day. I sent a text to my husband with info about this Book of the Month Club.

Mother's day gift ideas book of the month club

While I do most of my reading on my Kindle with books from the library, there is nothing quite like holding a hard copy book. I’d love to have one less decision to make when it comes to reading a book. So the idea of receiving books picked out for me sounds wonderful!

How Book of the the Month Club Works:

They feature 5 books. You pick which books you want to read. They will send you those books.

If you want to skip a month, you can opt out.

You can use code  my affiliate link  and use promo codeTAKECARE for $9.99 for your first book. You can even see what books I have read!

Mother's Day gift ideas

Five // Wine Club

Speaking of fun subscription clubs, another Mother’s day gift idea to consider is a wine club. One of my new favorite wine clubs is Winc. You select the wines you would like each month based on some suggestions. Then, your bottles are shipped right to you.

Mother's Day gift idea you can order online

It is a great way to try out some new ones and find some new favorites! Right now, you can join Winc and save $22 off your first order. (Plus free shipping) Now that we can not get out to the grocery store as much as we are used to, a wine club is a great way to treat yourself or someone else.

Six // Paint by Sticker Book

If you are looking for something that is very inexpensive but a fun creative outlet, treat your mom to a sticker book. We have this Sticker by Number book and I have to admit that the kids and I all love it! This book is a great way to relax at the end of the day. It is a creative outlet but yet does not require a lot of work or energy! Perfect for busy moms at the end of a long day!

Adult coloring has been a big craze for the last few years, but honestly I find coloring not as relaxing! I am too worried about making the picture look good and picking the right colors. Sticker by Number takes all of the challenge out of the project but it is just as fun as coloring!


Seven // Water Bottle

One of the best ways to take care of our body is to hydrate. If your mom does not have a cool water bottle to help with her H2O intake, consider one of these options. My daughter got this water tracker bottle for Easter and I hinted to her that I would love one of these myself.

Mother's Day gift ideas 2020

A water bottle is one of those gifts we could all use but that we don’t always want to spend the money on one for ourselves.


Eight // Personalized Key Chain

Recently, I came across these colorful, acrylic keychains on Etsy. Moms always appreciate something that is personalized. You could use your mom’s name, her initials or a cute phrase. Then you get to pick the tassels and any other icons.

Mother's Day gift ideas you can buy online

via Jill Makes

These are so bright and colorful! A little bit of sunshine on your keychain:)


Nine // Indoor Plants

Does your mom have a green thumb? You do not have to go to a store to pick out a plant for mom. The Sill has a huge variety of indoor house plants.

This Plant Mom gift set is adorable! You can pick out the color of the planter too!

Indoor plants bring so much life and energy into the home!

Save 10% off your The Sill order when you sign up for the e-mail list!


Are you ready for Mother’s Day? While right now everyone mom would just love life to go back to “normal”, we are all doing the best we can to support and love our family. Hope you find that these Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can find online are good suggestions to treat your mom!

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on April 21, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Thank you- these are all great ideas- I appreciate them Jaclyn!

  2. Tiffany on April 22, 2020 at 7:16 am

    Such great ideas, Jaclyn! I seriously think I need to buy the face steamer for my mom. I have never seen that before! So unique. Thanks for putting Mother’s Day on the radar for me.

    • Jaclyn on April 22, 2020 at 7:25 am

      I am really interested in the face steamer too…I think it would be so refreshing.

  3. Brittany Boyce on April 22, 2020 at 9:32 am

    These are great ideas! I️’ve been wanting to try Winc – Mother’s Day would be a great time for it! <3

  4. Holley on April 22, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    How cute as these!!! I love them!! These are all great ideas!
    -Holley @ beesimplyorganized.com

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