Are you finding yourself a little bored while quarantined at home? Have you exhausted your Netflix queue? Here are 25 Fun and Feel Good Activities to Do During the Quarantine. We are so busy trying to keep our kids entertained, but we could all use a few, fun activities to do for ourselves! So these boredom busters are for the grownups!

25 Activities to Do When You are Bored at Home #stayhome #shelterinplace #moms #adults

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Fun Activities to Do When You Are Bored at Home

As we enter our third week of social distancing and staying at home, we have had to get creative with things to do at home. There are only so many TV shows to watch and games to play. Sometimes, you want a creative or fun outlet. During this social distancing time, you might find you have all the motivation in the world to tackle large house projects. Or, you may find that you have very little motivation to do much of anything!

Do not put the pressure on yourself to do all the things right now. But, if you are looking for a little stress relief, these at home activities are a lot of fun and do not require  a lot of effort.

1. Paint an accent wall

One of the first things we did during this quarantine was to paint my daughter’s room. We had a lot of energy that first weekend. Now, we are working on some small projects around the house. If you aren’t able to go to the paint store or you do not have a lot of paint at home, you could use some leftover paint and make an accent wall. This is a small project that could make a big impact on a room. Or you could even use peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a focal point wall! There are so many wallpaper options here and I am considering this pattern for a fun look. Paint and wallpaper are relatively inexpensive changes that you can make

2. Watch a YouTube Art Tutorial

Or if you are feeling creative but not looking to take on a big house project, try your hand on a small art project. There are so many online Art tutorials and my kids have been watching several different ones. However, there are Art Tutorials for adults too! I just ordered this Watercolor Paint Set (that has 5 star reviews) and I am looking forward to trying out some water color pictures.

3. Paint By Number with Stickers

One art project that does not involve a mess is Paint by Number Stickers! I purchased this fun sticker by number set and it is a great activity to do when you are watching TV or just want a little distraction. This kit reminds me of the paint by number sets I used to do a kid but without the mess!

4. Declutter a Closet

Chances are that during this quarantine you have considered some type of organization project. You could do the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge or the Home Declutter Challenge. But, if you want to do a smaller organization project, just focus on one small area of the home. Now is a great time to declutter your closet and get your wardrobe ready for the next season. Assess what clothing you have and what items you might need for the next season. Analyze what type of clothing you are getting rid of (type of material, fit and sizes) and really understand what clothing you love so you can make better purchases in the future.

5. Do an at Home Manicure

My daughter and I have started a little Sunday tradition of doing a at home manicure and pedicure. We start with relaxing our feet in a foot spa. Then, we pick out our favorite nail colors and give ourselves manicures. It is a fun way to spend time together and it is a huge cost savings to not go to the nail salon! My daughter is asking for a nail fan (that does not have UV), so I ordered this one for her Easter Basket.

6. DIY Facial Scrub

You may not be leaving the house to purchase your favorite beauty projects. Whip up an at home facial scrub with ingredients you have on hand. This Brown Sugar Face Scrub is a good recipe!

7. Make a Time Capsule

Time capsules are not just for kids and families. Consider making your own time capsule. Jot down details on things you like, what your life is like these days and a few momentos. Put the time capsule in a spot that you will not forget about and decide on a date to open it.

8. Document a Day in the Life

Grab a journal and use your phone or a Polaroid camera to document a day in your life. Take pictures each hour and document what you are up to. You might not think what you are documenting now is all that significant, but you will enjoy looking back at this time and learning what you were up to 10 or 20 years from now!

We are using this mini picture printer to print out some of our favorite memories from this time period. You can print photos directly from your phone.

9. Start a Journal

If you want to really remember and document this time, now is a great time to start a journal. You can purchase a Gratitude Journal or make your own like we did here.

start a gratitude journal

10. Play Remote Games with Friends via HouseParty or Jack Box TV

You might not be seeing your friends these days, but you can could still have a fun game night with them. Phone and computer apps like House Party and Jack  Box TV allow you to remotely play games with your friends. House Party works like Face Time as you can view all of your friends at the same time and then there are several games to choose from. You can play games and catch up at the same time. Jack Box TV is a with a  phone too but you will need a computer to hook up to your TV to play the games. Then you will Zoom or use Google Hangouts to connect with your friends. You can read how to set up JackBox HERE. Both options are a lot of fun!

11. Organize Your Paperwork

Do you have one of those nagging house projects that you never get around to doing? Most likely, you have a big stack or drawer of paperwork you could go through. While this isn’t exactly a fun activity, you will feel good about getting if off your to-do list.

12. Look at Old Photo Albums

For a feel good activity, grab a bunch of old photographs or photo albums and settle on the couch to look through them all. You will instantly feel a little less stressed when you look back and think some of your favorite memories! Even better, dig up your old home movies or your wedding video! This is a great activity to do with your spouse or family.

13. Plant an Herb Garden

As the saying goes, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. Start your gardening with a small indoor Herb Garden Kit.

start an indoor herb garden when you are bored at home

Once you seedlings grow, transfer to bigger pots or move them to an outdoor garden.

14. Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are not just for children. The other day, I had a chance to work on one of our small fairy garden and it was fun to have creative control (versus the kids!) 🙂 Make your own mini fairy garden for a table top or outside in your garden.

15. Create a Vision Board

Did you ever make collages as a kid? My friends and I would cut out words and pictures from magazines to make collages. Now, the adult version of this activity is to create your own vision board. Include words and pictures of goals and dreams you have for your life.

16. Have a Food or Drink Taste Test

Enjoy a fun night at home with a wine or beer tasting. Or you could do a food taste taste with cookies, cheese, chips, chocolate–you name it. Use these ballots to rate the foods!

17. Map out Details for a Dream Vacation

You might not be going on any vacation this spring, but you can dream about your next trip! Go big and dream about your ideal vacation. Map out where you would go, what your trip itinerary would like look and all the details of your dream vacation.

18. Give Your Dog a Bath

Our pets might never feel more loved than this time we get to have with them at home. Give your pooch the royal treatment by giving him a bath! If it’s warm enough outside, you can make this an outdoor activity.

19. Learn to Play an Instrument

One of the easiest instruments to learn is the Ukulele. There are a lot of free tutorials out there and the ukulele is one of the most inexpensive instruments around. Both my daughter and my husband have this similar set. 

20. Send a Handwritten Card or Letter

When is the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Almost anyone would appreciate a personal note or card right now.


21. Try Out a New Hair Style or Make Up Look

How about learning a new braid or up do? Check out YouTube hair tutorials for some ideas and inspiration. Or,  if you might want to try out a new eye make up look. Have fun trying out a new look while you are at home as no one will see if it doesn’t turn out so well:)

22. Clean Out Your Car

If you are not looking to do any big projects, you might be up for a small clean up challenge! How about cleaning out your car and giving it a good car at home car wash? Here are some tips for Organizing Your Car.

23. Make a Mug Cake

When you don’t want to make an entire cake but you are looking for a sweet treat, try a microwave mug cake! The other night, we had a mug cake dessert and everyone found a recipe on Pinterest to try out. I made this Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mug Cake. There are so many delicious mug cake recipes!

24. Do a Puzzle

Another fun and usually relaxing activity is to do a puzzle! Puzzles are great because you can there are so many options to pick from. Select a puzzle you like and get started. Maybe even find a puzzle that has a scene of a place you want to visit!

25. Get Cozy

Sometimes the hardest part about being at home is giving yourself to the freedom to relax. Allow yourself some time to get cozy, take a nap or finish that book that has been on your nightstand for awhile. Life will get back to normal soon and we will all be busy again. Enjoy some of this time to relax and recharge.

Download the List of 25 Ideas to Do When Bored At Home

It is easy to go a little stir crazy when you are stuck at home. Fortunately, the weather is getting better and we can be outdoors. But, for those days when you can not leave home, consider one of these feel good at home activities!

What are some of your favorite activities to do at home when you are bored?

25 Things You can do at home when you are bored #fun #cheap #boredom



  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on March 30, 2020 at 6:59 am

    Love these ideas- thanks for sharing Jaclyn- we did lots of organizing and purging this weekend!

    • Jaclyn on March 30, 2020 at 7:15 am

      We have done our fair share of that. If only I could have a garage sale now!

  2. Dara on March 30, 2020 at 8:44 am

    So far I’m not finding myself in need of what to do, but these are great ideas! My friends and I just swapped puzzles yesterday, so now I have puzzles to put together. I wanted to order one but nothing is available for shipping!

  3. ShootingStarsMag on April 1, 2020 at 11:05 am

    All fun ideas! I’ll have to look into the game apps so you can play games apart. That might be fun with some of my friends.


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