Hi Friends! I can not believe how long it has been since I have written a new blog post. I miss those days of connecting with you in this little corner of the Internet each week.

I decided to gather up some of my favorites from the month (and summer) to share with you. I am wrapping up the month with a few favorites in home, style and family. Here are some of my August Favorites!

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August Favorites

August is really the “Sunday” of summer. We are still hanging on to summer but it is hard not to think about the fall.

august favorite finds 2022


I am no where near ready for fall (more specifically winter) to come. But, I did grab a cozy sweatshirt that will come in handy in the cooler months. I always find a new sweatshirt from here each year.

oversized light blue sweatshirt fall 2022 aerie

This textured sweatshirt comes in several colors but I really loved the blue color. It is hard to tell in the picture but there is a texture to the sweatshirt that elevates it from a basic one.

cozy textured sweatshirt from aerie

The sweatshirt is oversized so I will definitely be able to wear with leggings. The one consolation about colder weather is getting to wear warm and cozy clothing! Aerie has several different sweatshirt options and I really like this hooded top too!

Lunch Box Essentials

Yesterday I hosted a School Lunch Workshop and I shared a lot of my favorite lunch accessories. These items are on sale so I wanted to share them here in case you need to stock up on a few things.

  • One of our favorite lunch containers is a thermos. There are more things than just soup that you can put in a Thermos for lunch including pasta, cold cereal (just add milk at school), warm oatmeal, Mac and Cheese and eggs and bacon…just to name a few. These are the containers we have had for years that we have never had to replace.
  • I always send my kids with cloth napkins. We buy a big pack of them and then just throw them in the wash with whatever load we have going that day. We use cloth napkins at home too! 
  • I like to write personal notes in my kids’ lunches (my kids that let me:) But it is nice to have pre-made notes on hand for some days too! One tip is to prep a week’s worth of lunch notes at the beginning of the week.
  • We got these slim ice packs last year for the lunch box and these have been GREAT! So compact but keeps the food cold!

Shoe and Closet Organizers

One of my home organization clients needed shoe storage for her daughter’s closet. It was a unique spot in the closet that required a specific size organizer. We opted for this white 4 tier shelf to store shoes and accessories.  This is a really multifunctional storage piece. You could use school or craft supplies, shoes and accessories and even in the garage.

I love searching for organization solutions that have a lot of different uses. So if you no longer need to use it for one purpose, you can find a different use.


Postcard and Sticker Photo Collage Idea

While we were out West last month, my son collected a lot of postcards and stickers for his souvenirs. I thought this was a great idea because these items were so inexpensive and he could pick up a few from different locations. He wanted to display these souvenirs in his room. So, I found this photo collage grid that is perfect for this type of items.

It will be so easy for him to change out the stickers and postcards when he wants.

Lululemon Belt Bag Dupe

I am late on the belt bag trend, but I finally purchased this Lululemon belt bag dupe. My husband and I are heading on a (work trip) vacation in a week and I really wanted a small bag for when are at the beach or walking around town. But I did not want to spend a lot of money on the belt bag. This belt bag comes in a TON of colors!

Some of the colors take a while to ship but I was able to get the white bag in about a week. It arrives today and I will share pictures over on Instagram when I get it!


Boy Bedroom update

A few months ago, I shared our plans for my youngest son’s new bedroom. We started to move him into his new room in July and we are just about finished with everything. I am waiting on one wall hanging and then I will share the finished look! We really stuck to our original plan.

One of our favorite things in the room is the wood and metal bookcase. The room is pretty small and my son has a lot of little collectibles that he wanted to display. The bookcase is PERFECT! It takes up almost no floorspace and it can hold a ton of stuff! There are a few color options still left and I would definitely consider getting another one for a different room.

Back to School Meal Planning

There are two times I think about goal setting and improving routines in the year. The first time is in January and the second time is the start of a new school year. Usually in the summer, we get a little bit lax with meal planning. There are many days we are not home at the same time in the summer.

While that can be true in the school year, I find that I am able to prep and plan meals better with the kids at school. I can start dinner in the crockpot after lunch and then we can eat whenever everyone is home. Or in between activities! We always get back to our weekly theme dinners so all I do is plug in a recipe to the designated meal theme like Mexican, Italian night or meatless Monday.

Anyway, I stumbled on this cookbook, Everyday Dinners, at the airport recently. I honestly was not familiar with the author but she has a food blog called How Sweet Eats. I flipped through the book and l was interested in so many of the recipes. Instead of paying list price at the airport, I immediately ordered the book on Amazon. 

So far we have made several of her recipes and now I am also following her food blog. While I find many of my recipes online, there is something fun about looking through a physical cookbook! I definitely recommend Everyday Dinners is you are looking for a new one!

August Wrap Up

Since it is our final weekend before school starts, we are heading out to a back-to-school dinner tomorrow night. But, we also have some supply labeling to do and backpacks to fill up!

I hope you have a great weekend!

What is one of these finds would be a favorite for you?





  1. Ruth on August 19, 2022 at 5:43 am

    Lots of fun favourites here! I never thought of using cloth napkins as an everyday alternative. But it is a great idea. I will definitely have to try this especially since I am always running out of the paper ones.

  2. Andrea Nine on August 19, 2022 at 8:14 am

    I miss the old blog days as well! Things are just not the same anymore. I keep plugging away from my own sake but wow has this community waned. Glad you’re still here girlfriend and I just love your favorites and that sweatshirt!

  3. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on August 19, 2022 at 10:21 am

    Oh thanks for sharing the meal plan cookbook- will have to check it out. I just discovered Skinny Taste and have incorporated some of her recipes for September too!

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