Whether you run a home bakery business or you just have a passion for baking at home, you need a system to organize all of your baking supplies. In today’s post, I am sharing the Best Baking Supplies Organization Ideas for your kitchen or baking area!

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home baking organization ideas

At Home Bakery Organization Project

I am so excited to share this At Home Bakery Organization Project reveal today! My client runs a large home bakery business and makes delicious homemade treats including wedding and birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies.

As her business continues to grow, her kitchen and office was getting overrun with all of her baking supplies. Her kitchen is also the hub of her home for her own family. So she wanted to create a bakery station in her office that could store most of her baking supplies. Since she has a small kitchen, she uses an office space just off the kitchen to hold a lot of her baking supplies. It is just a quick trip from the kitchen to the office, so it made sense to store baking supplies in the additional room.

While she is a very organized baker and she can quickly find everything she needs, her space was not exactly functional. She had baking supplies in her basement and many closets. She desired to have all of her baking essentials in her kitchen or in this small baking space.

Small Baking Room Design

During our initial visit, we discussed her wants and needs for her baking space. We had a great baking space to work with! She had a whole wall of a room that could be dedicated to her bakery business.



I knew that she need to utilize every inch of vertical space in this room. There was a lot of prime wall space that was not being used.

My client’s baking organization needs included:

  • Storage space for her baking sheets and cake pans that are in different sizes.
  • Storage solution for packaging materials.
  • A workspace to package and store her finished products.
  • A place for her rolling cooling rack.
  • Storage ideas for her smaller baking products including sprinkles, food dyes, cupcake liners and cookie cutters.
  • Easy access to the baking supplies that she uses every day.

I came up with three small baking room designs and my client quickly picked her favorite. We could not be happier with how this baking space turned out!

Baking Supplies Organization

The star of this baking space is the rolling cart baking cabinet! This very functional and sturdy metal rolling cart is perfect for a home baking station! Now only are there a lot of drawers to store smaller items, but there is a large work space on top of the cabinet! The extra space that this cabinet provides is phenomenal.

This metal cabinet was a game changer for the baking room! We were able to fit so many baking supplies into the drawers including sprinkles, food coloring and cupcake liners.


home baking station organization ideas

 We used a drawer for her sprinkles. One drawer for her food dyes. Another section for her cupcake liners and plenty of cabinet space for the baking sheets and cake pans!



She was also able to store her packaging materials and her business paperwork in this cabinet using these clear containers!

This cabinet does require assembly. Fortunately, my client’s husband was handy and he put it together in one afternoon.

Another storage solution we added to the room was this tall white cabinet.


It was the exact size we needed to fit in the small corner. This baking station cabinet is perfect to store her dry ingredients! She even has room to grow as not every shelf is full yet! The shelves is this cabinet are adjustable, so she can change the layout if she needs to.

white baking cabinet

It is nice to have a closed cabinet to contain some of the baking supplies that are not aesthetically pleasing. Again, this baking room is just off her kitchen so it is an area that her family and guests will walk through. So while the purpose of this project was improved organization, we were mindful about keeping a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing style!

Bakery Shelf Organization

What really ties the baking room together is the open shelving. I found inexpensive white white open shelves! Since we were able almost all of the baking supplies in the rolling cart and baking cabinet, we could style the floating shelves with some decorate accents.


white kitchen shelves from home depot

She already had  glass containers with wooden lids. I love these containers (similar option) for baking supplies and I actually have them for my own kitchen.

We also gathered up all of her cake stands, that had been hiding in kitchen cabinets. Why not display these pretty cake pedestals in a baking room!

Other baking items that could look pretty on display on open shelves include wooden spatulas, sprinkles and framed recipes.

Baking Supplies Storage Containers

I was mindful of my client’s budget and the baking cabinets were a big part of the budget. Fortunately, she had a lot of good baking storage containers already.

We used these storage containers to organize cake toppers and ribbons for packaging. I made sure we used my label maker so that it is very clear what is in every baking container.

I suggested some drawer organizers to keep the sprinkles and cupcake liners and she is opting to see how organized the drawers stay before making another purchase. Another option to organize sprinkles is this drawer organizer. It is meant for spice for sprinkle containers are the same size!

She also had these wooden crates which worked out nicely to organize the dry ingredients in the baking cabinet.

Mason jars  are a great storage option to store little things like sprinkles and candies.


Favorite Baking Supplies Storage Ideas

If you are looking for good storage solutions for your baking supplies, here are some of my favorites.

Baking Organization Tips

I should mention that first things we did for this organization project was going through all of my client’s baking supplies. She also decluttered her supplies on her own. You can have the best storage solutions but if you have too much stuff, it is really hard to keep it all organized.

My client had great baking storage in some built in benches in her kitchen!

We spent one organizing session finding a good place for her small appliances and additional baking supplies.

This organization project was so fun to work on! Her business has brought joy to some many people in her community. Now, she has a baking center is that is bright and cheerful. This baker has enough room for all of her baking supplies!

The only thing that could have been better is if she would share one of her famous recipes with me!

If you have an organization challenge that you need help with, contact me!

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