Father’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve got an adorable and inexpensive last minute DIY gift idea for him! Put together a Car Wash Gift Basket and Punch Card from the kids for a gift that dads are sure to appreciate! The best part is that this Father’s Day DIY gift idea is less than $10!

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Homemade Gift Ideas for Dads

Some of the most precious gifts from the kids are the ones that they can put together. Now that the kids are getting older, they do not always bring home the homemade Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts from school. So now, we have to get creative at home and come up with something special for dad! While, I can easily get a gift for my husband from the kids, I like for them to put a little effort into gifts for the family. It is always special when the kids have involvement in putting together a gift.

This Father’s Day, we settled on a gift basket filled with car wash goodies. We filled a bucket full of items needed to wash Dad’s car! As a bonus gift,  we included a punch pass card good for FIVE CAR WASHES. All of the items in this basket are from the Dollar Store, so this entire basket was less than $10! Talk about an inexpensive Father’s Day gift idea!! The Dollar Store has been my go to store lately!

My kids love washing our cars for whatever reason! Sometimes they are looking for a little cash, but other times they just want an excuse to play in the water! So, we came up with a fun Father’s Day gift idea that is a win win for everyone! My husband will get a clean car and the kids will get to do an activity they enjoyl

How to Put Together the Father’s Day Gift Basket

This DIY Father’s Day gift basket will take you less than ten minutes to put together. Of course, the actual car wash might take a bit longer:) I’ve got a few tricks for you to make this gift basket look extra good.

To get started on this DIY Father’s Day gift idea, gather up a cleaning bucket or pail plus all of the car cleaning supplies. Hopefully your local Dollar Store has all of the supplies too!

Then, I’ve got a little trick for you on how to fill up your bucket! Since the bucket is so big and the supplies are not as tall, you will want to add filler to the bottom of the bucket so that the cleaning supplies stick out!!

You can use crumpled up newspaper or packing bubble wrap, like I did, to fill up the bottom of the bucket. You will want to add more filler than you think as the cleaning supply bottles will weigh down this filler. Don’t worry, you won’t see this layer in a minute!

Next, you will add the tissue paper or decorative filler. I used a combination of both tissue paper and this decorative shred paper (also from the Dollar Store).

Next, I filled the bucket with all of the cleaning supplies. You can fill the bucket in with more tissue paper or tissue shred.

Free Printable Car Wash Coupon

The last step is to add a bow and attach the Car Wash Punch Pass! You can sign up below to get the Free Printable Dad’s Car Wash Coupon!

The kids will love having my husband punch one of the circles for a FREE CAR WASH!

I recommend printing out the punch pass on card stock or you can glue to a piece of colored card stock! Another option is to laminate the card to prevent it from getting waterlogged!

Father's Day DIY Gift Idea: Car Wash Basket #homemade #giftsforhim #dads


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It is fun for the kids to spoil their dad on Father’s Day.  This Father’s Day DIY gift idea is not only useful but also comes from the heart. I can not guarantee there will not need to be some supervision when it comes time for the actual car washing part:)

Father's Day Car Wash Gift Basket Idea #printable #kids #dads #homemade

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Car Wash Kit for Father's Day #diy #easy #inexpensive


  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on June 5, 2019 at 5:41 am

    You are so creative Jaclyn- I love this idea- thank you for sharing!

  2. Dara on June 6, 2019 at 7:54 am

    You are so creative! Great idea.

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