It is week three of the 2022 Clear the Clutter Challenge and I am sharing the best tips to organize your bedroom. Read through this step by step guide to decluttering your bedroom and then use the checklist to get working on your own room!

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Declutter Your Bedroom in 6 Steps #organization #smallbedroom #checklist

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Clear the Clutter Challenge 2022

If you are just stopping by for the first time, Welcome! We are decluttering our entire home in 8 weeks. We are on Week THREE of the Challenge and we are organizing our bedrooms. For all the details of the Clear the Clutter Challenge START HERE!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Week-by-Week

Week One: Kitchen and Pantry Organization

Week Two: Living and Family Room Organization

Bedroom Declutter Checklist

For this challenge, you can focus on decluttering your master bedroom or all the bedrooms in your home. It depends on how much time you have available. We will be addressing Kid Spaces later in the Challenge, so you can work on those bedrooms later if you are short on time this week.

Are you ready to declutter your bedroom?


  • Remove everything from closets and sort into keep, donate and trash. For most of us, the biggest clutter issue in our bedroom is our closets! It is a good idea to set aside a good amount of time for this particular task! Last year I shared some of my best tips for master closet decluttering!


  • Sort through shoes, jewelry and accessories. If your shoes and accessories are not part of your closet, go through these things! Also, declutter jewelry boxes and shoe racks.


  • Clean out nightstands and dressers. This is a two step process. First, empty out drawers and go through everything inside of them. Then, clear off the top of each of dressers and nightstands. Remove excess clutter and home decor.
  • Analyze home decor and knick knacks and pare down to favorite items. Now is the time to analyze all of the home decor accessories in your bedroom. If there are things you do not love then get rid of them!


  •  Remove clutter from under the bed. Now is the time to pull out boxes and bins that are under your bed. If you store off season clothing in these bins, be sure to go through them.


  • Wipe down all surfaces and vacuum room. Once you are done decluttering, it is always good to do a quick clean up. Dust and wipe down all surfaces and light switches. Don’t forget to dust your light fixture or fans too!

Best Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Whether you have a big master bedroom or you have a small bedroom, you need to make the best use of your space. In most cases, the bulk of your bedroom clutter is clothing and accessories. If you have a small bedroom and lack a lot of closet space, you need to utilize creative storage solutions.

But first, let’s talk about how to have an organized bedroom even when you are short on space. These are six of the best tips to organize your bedroom:

Store Out of Season Clothing Separately

If you have additional closets in other rooms, consider storing off season clothing in this space. BUT, be sure you do not use these closets to store over flow in season clothing. Try to pare down in season stuff into one main closet, no matter how small. If you do not have extra closet space, check out these under the bed storage containers.

Display most used accessories for easy access.

If you have fun jewelry and accessories, why not put it out on display. You will find that you reach for your accessories more when they are in view. Plus, it visually helps you to see everything that you have.

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

Do not overcrowd your dressers with CLUTTER.

It is nice to have some things on display on your dressers including jewelry, perfume and lotions, however, do not over do it!

Corral your favorite perfume bottles on a pretty tray. Use jewelry organizers to display your most loved pieces. The more stuff you have on display, the more you have to dust and keep neat. Store extra items in drawers and closets.

How to Organize Jewelry #smallbedroom #declutter #accessories #necklaces

3 Tier Jewelry Organizer

Utilize Storage Trunks and Under Bed Storage for Small Rooms

One of my favorite tips to organize your bedroom is to use storage trunks! One of the best organization decisions I made for our small master bedroom is to put a storage trunk at the end of the bed.

Small Master Bedroom Organization Ideas #storage #declutter #creative

I use this trunk to store all of my purses, bags and some accessories. Not only does it look nice at the end of the bed, but is is also a functional storage piece!

Use Storage Trunks for Small Bedroom Organization

If you do not have room for a storage trunk, then you can use Under the Bed Storage. Be sure to get a storage container that has wheels, like this one.

Use Drawer Dividers to Keep Drawers Neat and Organized 

Are you constantly organizing your drawers because they are always getting messy. (I can be guilty of this!). You can use inexpensive drawer dividers to organize smaller clothing items.

Time to Get Started

Think of your bedroom has a calm and peaceful sanctuary. Your bedroom should be a calm and serene place to recharge. It is important to remove distractions, excessive decor and clutter. Less is more when it comes to your master bedroom decor! Read about my 5 Tips for a Cozy Bedroom.

Are you ready to declutter your bedroom?This might be one of your biggest projects, so first take a look at your calendar this week and block out some time.

Be sure to hop over to Instagram this week as Keri and I will be sharing behind the scene tips of more family room organization ideas.

Also, you can download the Ultimate Decluttering Guide for more tips and guidance on a Clutter Free home!

How to Join the 2022 Clear the Clutter Challenge

1. The 2022 Clear the Clutter Challenge is currently in progress. You can join the next session HERE. 

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Next week, we will work on BATHROOMS!

Small bedroom ideas that are stylish and functional #organization #storage #masterbedroom


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    Thanks for the inspiration as always Jaclyn- I am still working through closets and linen closets – just happy that I am finally making progress but it is a bear of a job!

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