This is the second week of the Clear the Clutter Challenge and we are talking about some of the Best Family Room Organization Tips! Check out these easy steps to an organized family space and grab the Family Room Declutter Checklist.

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Clear the Clutter Challenge 2021

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If you are just stopping by for the first time, Welcome! We are decluttering our entire home in 8 weeks. This is the second week of the Challenge and we are organizing family room and living room! For all the details of the Clear the Clutter Challenge START HERE!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Week-by-Week

Week One: Kitchen and Pantry Organization


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This is the third year Keri and I have been hosting the Clear the Clutter Challenge and we are so excited to get started again!

Clear the Clutter Week 2 Tasks: Family Room

Now, let’s get started on Family Room Organization! Whether you call it a living room, family room or great room, we are talking today about your family’s main gathering spot. The room you watch T.V., play games and hang out as a family. This is most likely the spot where everyone loves to relax and get cozy! Since it is a spot that generally gets a lot of use, it can also get messy pretty quickly.

Declutter Challenge 2020 #cleartheclutter #deculttering #livingroom

Best Family Room Organization Tips

In order to prevent your family room from building up clutter and mess again, there are some easy steps you can take to maintain an organized space!

  • Limit Knick-Knacks and Home Decor Accents. The number one way to make a room look less cluttered is to limit the home decorations and trinkets. Keep your end tables, mantles and coffee tables clear of stuff. A bunch of little decorations looks cluttered and is also more to maintain (a lot of dusting!)


  • Organize blankets in Baskets/Bins  Does your family like to be cozy with blankets? Be sure to corral those blankets into baskets or stored in cabinet when not in use. Couches can look really messy with blankets strewn all over.

Use baskets to organize blankets #declutter #livingroom #farmhouse


  • Don’t overdo it will pillows. This can be a hard one for my fellow pillow loving friends!

Limit pillows on your couches to declutter and keep room tidy

  • Keep things off the floor.   A room looks more cluttered when there is a lot stuff on the floor. Minimize the amount of stuff you keep on the floor including baskets, bins and home decorations.

how to keep your house clean #declutter #organization #familyroom #farmhouse

  • Use trays to organize magazines and remote controls. Corral your remote control in a tray along with your current magazine reads.


  • Toy and Games Storage If you have kids, inevitably toys can end up in the main living spaces. While we have a basement playroom, our family room still seems to be the HUB of our entertainment time. Store games and toys in cabinets or toy chests. Rotate out the games and toys and remove items that no one plays with anymore.

Store games vertically in cabinet to maximize space

  • Do a daily 5 minute tidy.  The magic formula to a decluttered home, is to to spend a few minutes a day tidying up. The family room can take less than five minutes. Put all the blankets away, arrange pillows and put away toys and games. Finally, put the remote controls back to their home.



How to keep toys organized around the home #toyorganization #clutterfree #declutteringthehome

Living and Family Room Declutter Checklist

Are you ready to declutter your living and family rooms? Here is what you need to do this week:

  1. Sort through bookcases, end tables, toy bins and all cabinets. Remove items that do not belong in the room. Group items together (games, books, magazines).
  2. Pick up everything from the floor including toys, games, home decor accents, etc. Stuff all over your floor (even if it is lined against a wall) instantly makes a room look decluttered. Ideally, find spots for everything off the floor.
  3. Review home decor accents and Knick-Knacks and donate or throw away items no longer wanted. Take a hard look at your home decor elements and get rid of things that do not fit your family’s style or are lo longer wanted. Limit the amount of small decor pieces that are on accent tables and shelves.
  4. Clean under the couch and under couch cushions. Use this time to clean out all spots. Remove items under your couches and vacuum and clean under cushions.
  5. Organize remaining blankets and toys into bins and baskets. Store blankets in a bin or consider a stylish blanket ladder (like this one). A few storage ottomans are also another good way to store toys and blankets!
  6.  Dust and clean surfaces. Now that your shelves and surfaces are less cluttered, give them a good clean. Dust all surfaces, wipe down remote controls and disinfect light switches.


Now, you are all done decluttering your living and family room! Next week, we will work on Bedroom Organization!

Clear the Clutter Living Room Organization

Living Room Organization Favorites

Clear the Clutter Community

Are you ready to get started on week two of the Clear the Clutter Challenge? Look at your schedule this week and block out some time to clear the clutter in your family room!
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Clear the Clutter Challenge 2020 Living Rooms

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  1. Dara on January 13, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Our living room is the catch all for the toys too. Legos and cars especially! I also love little knick knacks so it’s hard for my house to be completely free of clutter.

    • Jaclyn on January 13, 2020 at 11:22 am

      If your home is filled with knick knacks you love then it is not clutter to you. It is when it starts taking over your rooms and you feel overwhelmed. Then you have to evaluate what things you truly still love.

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on January 13, 2020 at 9:10 am

    Love your ideas and I have to say we practice most, if not all. It is actually our most organized room in the house!

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