Week One of the Clear the Clutter Challenge is kitchen organization!  Today, I am sharing kitchen and pantry organization tips and tricks.

Clear the Clutter Challenge

In case you are new to the Clear the Clutter Challenge, we are spending the next 8 weeks decluttering every room in the home! This is Week 1 of the Challenge and we are organizing our kitchen and pantry! For all the details of the Clear the Clutter Challenge START HERE!

Decluttering Plan for 2020

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Meet Your Clear the Clutter Hosts

This is the third year Keri and I have been hosting the Clear the Clutter Challenge and we are so excited to get started again!


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Clear the Clutter Kitchen Organization

This week of the Clear the Clutter Challenge we are working on kitchen organization. The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it can get really disorganized really quickly. Despite any efforts you make to maintain an organized kitchen,  it is a room in the home that needs attention every so often! Being mindful about what you keep in the kitchen and where you store each item, can really help to maintain an organized space.

how to keep kitchen organized and clutter free #declutter #organizationideas #checklist

First things first, be sure to have 3 bins or garbage bags for this project. One bag/bin for each of these categories: KEEP, DONATE, TRASH.

  • Pull everything out of cabinets. Yes, it really helps to take EVERYTHING out of the cabinets. Now is the chance to really decide if things are in the right spot in your kitchen. Maybe you need to move your glassware closer to the refrigerator. Or maybe the utensil drawer is not in a spot that makes sense.Take the time to find the best permanent homes for everything in your kitchen.


  • Wipe the inside of cabinets and drawers. While you have the cabinets and drawers empty, clean each of them!


  • Sort through all the contents and get rid of duplicates or items you do not use. Take a hard look at all of your kitchen tools and decide what things you use day after day. Get rid of those items that you have been holding onto to use “someday”. Donate or trash all of your duplicate utensils, dishes and serving pieces.


  • Return items to cabinets and drawers. Once you have pared down your kitchen items to your essentials and favorites, pick the best spot for everything.


  • Empty the fridge and wipe clean. Remove any expired food. Use this time to rearrange the shelves and drawers to work for your family! I just adjusted the shelves in our refrigerator so that the items I wanted the kids to be able to get themselves (drinks, fresh fruit and snacks) were at their eye-level. It has made a big difference –the kids can be a little more independent!


  • Clear kitchen counter clutter. Clean counters make all the difference in having an organized kitchen. Remove everything from your counter tops and only add back the things you truly want! Only display kitchen counter appliances that you use every single day. Store the rest of the appliances in cabinets. Even though we use our toaster every day, I don’t like having it on the counter as it takes up a lot of space. I found an easily accessible spot for the toaster in a low cabinet. Everyone is able to get it out when they need it.


  • Clear paper clutter! Use the two touch rule when it comes to paperwork. Decide immediately what you will do with each paper that enters your kitchen. Either file it, shred it or throw it out.


  • Empty trash can and wipe down all surfaces. You are just about done! Once you have tackled every spot in your kitchen, give the room a good cleaning. Wipe down appliances and cabinets. Take the trash out and put donation items in your car.

What to Get Rid of in the Kitchen

Feeling overwhelmed with what to get rid of in the kitchen? Start with this list of 25 Things to Declutter!

Kitchen Declutter Checklist #organization #cleaning #printable


How to Keep the Kitchen Organized

To maintain a clean and organized kitchen,  is still necessary to a few simple daily and weekly habits. If you do these things, it will be so much easier to declutter on an annual basis (and your future decluttering projects will be a lot easier!).

Stick to a one thing in one thing out rule. Every time you get a new kitchen gadget, cookbook, cup, water bottle or other accessory, get rid of one item.

Store similar items together. Prior to decluttering my kitchen, I had serving dishes and entertainment pieces in various cabinets. Once I took everything out and realized how much I had, I was able to pare down to the essentials.

Invest in storage bins and baskets.  This set of clear storage bins is my favorite. I keep all of our baking supplies and cereals in these and it has made it so much easier to find things. Also, I store all of our snacks in bins in the pantry. When the bins are getting close to empty, I know I need to restock. It makes it a lot easier for the kids too by having snacks and treats in specific containers. You can get storage bins at the Dollar Store!

Have a designated drop zone. It is inevitable that you will accumulate papers, mail and stuff on the counters. Have one specific spot in the kitchen for incoming papers and mail. Adhere to the two touch rule with every paper. Do something with the paper immediately whether it is file it, shred it or throw it away.

Go to bed with a clean kitchen. This one habit is a game changer. After dinner, close down the kitchen and clear all dishes, counters and tables. Spending 10 minutes tidying up the kitchen every night will help you maintain an organized kitchen!

Make home decor work as functional storage.  I’ll admit that I am like to decorate my kitchen with home decor accents. However, I have to be careful, because too much decorations can lead to a lot of clutter. So, I have gotten more choosy about my home decor elements. Consider pretty glass containers to store baking supplies and frequently used staples (like oatmeal and cereal). If you have a collection of coffee mugs, get a mug rack like this one.

Simple kitchen organization ideas

Corral most used spices and oils on a tray or in a basket and keep near the stove.

Clear the Clutter Kitchen Organization #declutter #organizationtips #storage

Store fruit in a pretty bowl or basket. Not only does it look pretty to display fruit, you just might eat more fruit if it is out for you to see!

Also, display your most used kitchen utensils in a pretty vase or container. Bonus: Your drawers will close a lot easier when those pesky, large kitchen utensils (like soup ladles and potato mashers) are contained somewhere else!

Organize most used kitchen utensils in a vase #declutter #organizationideas

You can read more about my kitchen home decor and storage ideas over here!

Clear the Clutter Community

Now you are ready to tackle the Clear the Clutter Kitchen Organization challenge! The hardest part about decluttering is getting started!
Look at your schedule this week and block out some time to clear the clutter in your kitchen! Share your progress on Instagram with #cleartheclutterchallenge2020. We can’t wait to see your progress. Also, join the Clear the Clutter Facebook Community for support and motivation. We are helping you along  to a decluttered home in 2020!
Now, head over to see how Keri organizes her kitchen!

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Clear the Clutter Kitchen Organization #declutter #organizationtips #checklist


  1. Andrea Nine on January 6, 2020 at 7:16 am

    This is so awesome!! Totally using this!! LOVE being more organized especially in the kitchen!

  2. Dara on January 6, 2020 at 8:24 am

    I felt like my kitchen was organized but reading your tips makes me want to work on it more!

  3. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on January 6, 2020 at 11:25 am

    Can I pay you to come here and clean and organize my kitchen for me? 😉

    • Jaclyn on January 6, 2020 at 11:26 am

      If you lived closer, I absolutely would:)

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