Easter is just around the corner and now is the time to gather up goodies for the Easter basket! Today, I am sharing tween and teen girl Easter Basket Ideas.  Even the big kids still love the excitement of a basket full of goodies!

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Tween and Teen Girl Easter Basket Ideas 

Whatever budget you have set there are so many fun ways to fill Easter baskets! Even thought the jig is up for my girl when it comes to believing in the Easter bunny, she still appreciates the fun and magic of the holiday.

I am finding that it is even more fun to fill Easter baskets for the big kids, because there are so many options. Many of the items on this Easter basket list are good for girls of all ages!

Spring Themed Basket Ideas

My tween’s Easter baskets is always a mix of spring and summer essentials and some fun stuff. Last year, I gave each of the kids a new umbrella. It was a practical gift for spring weather but also fun for the kids to each have their own umbrella. My daughter got a cute lemon one which is no longer available but this watermelon one is adorable!

One: Umbrellas

You could create a whole Easter basket based on spring time fun. Some ideas include new rain boots, mini plant kits (like I talked about in this post) and even some pretty succulents!

Spring Break or Summer Fun Themed Basket

If you are headed anywhere for spring break (or even summer break), you can add in a few travel activities to your tween’s Easter Basket. I recently shared some fun travel activities for kids and I plan to add some of those items into my kids’ baskets.

Two: Pens, Colored Pencils and Journals

My daughter wants these Felt Tip Pens –these would be a perfect gift paired with a sketch pad or journal like this one.

Three: Phone Accessories

Since summer is right around the corner, I always some of those summer essentials into the basket. A pop socket is by no means an essential, but most teen girls would appreciate a summer themed phone accessory:)

Four: Water Bottles

My daughter recently got a Yeti water bottle and she is obsessed with it. We are happy to see her drinking a lot of water. While there are less expensive water bottle options out there, in my opinion the Yeti wins hands down when it comes to actually keeping your water cold! I can’t believe how long it takes for ice cubes to melt in a Yeti.

Five: Beach Bag or Summer Tote

You can never have enough bags and totes! This adorable summer tote bag is great for hanging out at the pool or a trip to the library (to do all that summer reading!).

Six: Swim Suits

All of my kids get a new swim suit in their Easter Baskets. Yes, it is very practical but everyone appreciates the new summer look! Target has a TON of cute styles in the both the girl and women sections. I got a couple of these for my daughter. I ended up showing them to her because I wasn’t sure on sizing. She loved the fit and coverage of all of them! This one was our favorite.

Seven: Beach Towels

Towels are another fun (alright practical) gift for Easter. I have heard so much about Turkish towels and how well they absorb water. Plus, I think these towels are so pretty!

Additional summer fun Easter basket ideas include:

Flip Flops


Suntan Lotion (This is my daughter’s favorite suntan lotion. It smells so good!)


Beauty Items and Accessories

A few inexpensive beauty items are a great way to fill an Easter basket.

Eight: Face Masks

I love these face masks because they are paraben-free. The packaging is really cute too! I just added the Flamingo Face Mask to my cart for my daughter’s Easter Basket!

Nine: Nail Polish

This is a great nail polish option because it does not contain Formaldehyde or other less desirable ingredients. It is also cruelty and vegan free, which might something your animal loving tween or teen would appreciate. We have been using this polish for last several months for our weekly at home manicures!

There are so many pretty colors to pick from!

Ten: Earrings

If your tween or teen loves jewelry, these adorable earrings might be a hit! I got a pair of the mini signature earrings for my daughter and she loves them. And if your daughter doesn’t mind matching, you could certainly pick up a pair for yourself. Use code: Jaclyn10 for 10% off your order!

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Easter Themed Items

Every Easter basket should contain a few Easter specific items like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and Peeps.

Eleven: Stuffed Animal Peep

Plus, I say you are never too old for a little stuffed animal. We have a few of these stuffed animal Peeps and I have to say they are a favorite Easter decoration.

Twelve: Teen Bible

I bought this coloring bible for my tween’s basket this year. It is a really beautiful book!!



Thirteen: Polaroid Camera

If you like to give a big ticket item instead of a lot of little things, consider the Instamax Polaroid Camera. My daughter has had her camera for a few years and she still gets a ton of use of it. The film can be expensive, so I try to get her a roll or two for the holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Fourteen: Positive Affirmation Cards for Teen Girls

Looking for a free and meaningful Easter basket filler for teen girls? Check out this set of 10 Positive Affirmation Cards for Teen Girls!

Teen Girl Affirmation Cards Printable

This is a special way to fill up your daughter with positive self-talk!


Additional Tween and Teen Girls Easter Basket Ideas 

Box of Jelly Beans

Books & Magazines

Small Games

Small Purse or Backpack



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Some years, I have the Easter baskets items all bought weeks in advance. But, I have to admit that this year, I still have to get organized! What is the Easter bunny putting in your tween girl’s Easter Basket this year?

Tween and Teen Girl Easter Basket Gifts She Will Love


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    These are all great gift ideas for tweens and teens, not only for Easter!

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    These are great Easter basket ideas. Teens can be hard to buy for!

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    Such cute ideas Jaclyn- I love that peep pillow-so cute!

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    I have a 14 year old daughter and she would love every single one of these!!! Awesome list

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