Have you tried walking tacos? Once you try this delicious recipe, you will want to make walking tacos for your next camp out, lake trip or party. Learn how to make this Easy Walking Taco Recipe and then print out the menu sign for your next gathering!

How to Make Walking Tacos

What is a Walking Taco?

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Have you ever tried a walking taco? A walking taco is comprised of ground meat and your favorite taco toppings piled up high on top of your favorite bag of chips.

A walking taco is essential a taco in a bag!


Walking Taco Recipe

There are so many reasons to love walking tacos! Not only do they taste great but it is easy to prepare and even easier clean up!

This is a GREAT recipe if you are hosting a group of people with different dietary tastes and needs! Walking tacos are a meal that even picky eater kids will love! Everyone is in control of the ingredients in their walking tacos! This is also a great recipe for hungry tweens and teens!

We had our first walking taco several years ago when we visited Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. I prepared the meat ahead of time so that all we had to do was heat it up. Then, I just brought the rest of ingredients. This is the perfect meal for a vacation or camping trip. Then, we made Walking Tacos for our lake trip to Michigan last year. It was a great recipe to serve our large group of ten.

This Walking Taco Recipe is so easy that you really do not need to follow a recipe. You just have to have all of the right ingredients.

Easy walking taco recipe

How to Make a Walking Taco

As I mentioned, a typical walking taco is comprised of ground meat and your favorite taco toppings piled up high on top of your favorite bag of chips. Most people like Fritos or Doritos best for the chips. We usually buy a variety pack of single serving chips and then let everyone pick out their favorite bag.

Did I mention you do not need plates? This is a meal that everyone eats out of the bag! Be sure to have disposable forks for everyone!

1. Brown ground beef or turkey meat in a skillet. 

The nice thing about walking tacos is that you can get all of the ingredients ready ahead of time. So that when it is time to serve, it just takes you minutes to put everything out. As I mentioned, when we went camping, I browned the beef ahead of time. So we just had to reheat and serve!

2. Drain the fat and then add taco seasoning.

After the meat is browned, drain the fat into a heat safe container. Then, add your favorite taco seasoning to the meat and cooked until mixed through.

You can use a taco seasoning packet or you can make your own homemade taco seasoning. We like to make our own homemade taco seasoning because we can control the spices and salt. Plus, it is so much cheaper to make your own taco seasoning. It is an easier money saving idea to try!

3. Set out all of your walking taco ingredients. 

While the meat is cooking, you can prepare the rest of your ingredients. If you are serving a large crowd, you will want to have a lot of walking taco toppings. If you are just serving your family, you know what they like best so you can put out their favorites.

It is fun to come up with different walking taco topping combinations. No two walking tacos are the same!

Walking Taco Ingredients List

There are so many potential Walking Taco ingredient ideas, but here are the most common offerings:

  • Shredded Cheddar or Mexican Blend Cheese
  • Sliced Black Olives
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Diced Onions
  • Green Onions
  • Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt
  • Refried Beans (These are a really yummy addition!)
  • Black Beans
  • Red Peppers
  • Jalepeno Peppers
  • Banana Peppers
  • White or Spanish Rice
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole or Avocado Slices
  • Queso Cheese Dip
  • Doritos, Fritos and Chip Bags (If you get the smaller single serving bags, be sure to get at least two bags per person)

How to Serve Walking Tacos

Set out all of the ingredients buffet style so that everyone can serve themselves! (Another bonus of this awesome recipe!) I like to use this galvanized tiered tray to display all of the chip options.

You could have the chip bags already cut open or be sure to have a pair of scissors on hand for everyone to open their own bags.

It is good to crumble the chips in the bottom of the bag before you put on the rest of the ingredients.

Easy Taco in a Bag Recipe

You will layer the meat right on top of the chips inside the bag. Next, add the cheese and then all of your favorite toppings. The cheese will melt right on top of the meat and it is oh so good! You might even close the bag and shake it to mix all of the ingredients. This is so delicious!

Taco in a Bag with Doritos

I should mention that could serve Walking Tacos in bowls. If you would rather buy large bags of chips (which would save some money), then you would give everyone a bowl to fill with chips, meat and all of the toppings.

Easy Walking Taco Recipe

Are you ready to make walking tacos for your next party or campout? Here is the printable recipe to follow.

Walking Taco Recipe

This easy taco salad in a bag is sure to be a crowd pleaser for your next party or camping trip. This recipe is for a family of 5. If you are serving a crowd, you will want to double or triple the meat and toppings.

  • 1 lb ground beef, chicken or turkey (Double or triple the meat depending on the size of your crowd.)
  • Taco Seasoning (Use a taco seasoning packet or homemade taco seasoning)
  • 12 Single Serving Chip Bags (Have 1-2 chip bags per person. Most people will eat two! The best chips with walking tacos are Doritos and Fritos. But Cheetos and Lays chips are good too!)

Additional Toppings include: Shredded cheese, sliced black olives, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced onions, sour cream/greek yogurt, refried beans, black beans, red peppers, jalepeno peppers, banana peppers, rice, salsa and guacamole.

  1. Brown the meat and then add the taco seasoning (be sure to add water according to packet directions). Stir and cook until combined.

  2. While the meat is cooking, prepare all of the walking taco ingredients.

  3. When you are ready to serve the walking tacos, open the bags of chips. Let everyone serve themselves and add the ground meat right on top of the chips. Then add the additional toppings.

-This is great recipe to prepare in advance. Cook the ground meat ahead of time and then store in the refrigerator. When you are ready to serve, heat up the meat. 

-Offer a variety of chips and be sure to have a pair of scissors handy to open the bags. 

-Serve the tacos right in the chip bag. Add the meat first and then all of the toppings. 



Printable Walking Taco Sign

Last year, we set up a Walking Taco Bar with some friends in our backyard. I asked my daughter to make up a Walking Taco sign and she came up with this cute chalkboard style sign! We set up the Walking Taco sign on a clipboard and put it out on the table. It was nice for our guests because they had not had walking tacos. So, they were able to see what we had to offer.

how to serve walking tacos

There are two colored of the Walking Taco Sign and you will get both of them. There is chalkboard Walking Taco Sign and also a sign with a white background if you want to save ink.

Walking Taco Menu Sign

Or you could use both signs if you are serving a large crowd and have a big buffet table.

Are you ready to try this Walking Taco Recipe? If you are looking for an easy meal idea for your next party, I encourage you to give this one a try!

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