Happy Friday Friends! I miss coming on here every Friday so it makes me happy to share some Favorites once a month! It has been a busy February. We are wrapping up the Clear the Clutter Challenge and we are already thinking about spring cleaning. More on that soon!
Anyway, I hope you are doing well. February favorites includes some great finds in home, style and family fun! This month’s finds includes some spring tops, a closet organization update and plans for spring cleaning! I hope you find this info helpful and I can bring a little bit of fun to your Friday! Let me know what one of your favorite February finds is in the comments below!
February Finds 2022 in home and fashion

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Spring Floral Tops and a Functional Tote

This month, I have been eyeing all of the spring clothes! It is a little too early to be wearing lighter clothing. But, I am keeping a list of a few spring outfits I would like.

I have been seeing floral tops everywhere! When I spotted this floral top at Target, I held off buying it right away. But then, I thought about it later in the week and I decided I wanted to add it to my closet. It is a great price point for a spring floral top as I have seen some very expensive options. The great thing about this short sleeve top is that I can wear it now with a cardigan or jacket and then also in the spring time without an added layer.

spring floral top from Target

Another great floral top for spring is this floral short sleeve top ! I love the colors on the navy top but the orange option is bright and cheerful too!



Besides a few new floral tops, I also ordered this pink nylon tote bag. I noticed this bag when another blogger had it in a mustard yellow. I thought pink would be more versatile. At first, I thought I’d use this bag as a travel carry-on for spring break. But I love the size and function so much that I swapped it with my other purse to use as my every day bag right now.

This side-cinch shopper bag is the perfect size and there are adjustable cinch ties on the side to make it smaller or larger. The tote is water repellent and it wipes clean so easily.


Lululemon Side Cinch Shopper Bag

Every bag I have gotten from Lululemon I have loved and have kept them for years and years. So, this will be another bag that I will use all of the time.

February Reads

Last year, I finished 25 books and my reading goal for 2022 is to read the same! I started off the year strong by reading 3 books in January. I did not read any books until this last half of February. I quickly read through two books.

I read my Book of the Month Selection, The Golden Couple. It was a thriller, suspense story about a married couple. There were so many twists and I did not see all of them coming. I would recommend this book if you like thrillers that are not too scary or graphic.

February Book of the Month Club

Also, my friend passed on one of her Book of the Month selections to me and I read 56 Days. This was another suspenseful thriller that had me guessing the whole time.

The story took place during March 2020, so it was a little tough to read about the early days of the pandemic. Overall, 56 Days was another fun and fast read.

I love my Book of the Month Club membership. Every month I pick out one book from a selection of curated top titles.  Typically these books are new releases, so it is always a better deal than buying on Amazon or Target.

One of my friends also subscribes to the Book of the Month. So we confer with each other what book we are picking and then we swap our books.

While I do sometimes read a book on my phone, I have to say that I really prefer to have an actual book in my hand. I am much more likely to sit down and read a book if it is a paper book and not something on my phone!

You can sign up and get a discount on your first month with my Book of the Month affiliate link. 

Boys Shared Closet Organization

One big organization project we tackled this month was the boys’ shared bedroom closet. It was a mess and we struggled to keep it organized.

For the first time, I took EVERYTHING out of the closet. It really makes a difference to remove everything and then only bring back in the things you love. We added in a few, new organization products. First, we got this hanging ball cap organizer. It is nothing fancy but it really does the job. The boys’ hats always ended up on the floor.

Then, I also purchased these metal locker style bins and these striped cloth bins.

Once I organized their clothes into these bins, it was like a different closet!

Every single thing has a spot in the closet and there is not question where something belongs. Yay!

I also ended up purchasing these pretty  rope baskets. I thought that I would use them in the boys’ room. But instead, I used one in our entryway mud closet.

These baskets have endless possibilities. I first purchased them in the ivory color but realized if I was using them for shoe storage, these would get dirty quickly. So, I opted for the gray rope basket.

Other Organization Projects

Also, if follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some glimpses of a another home organization project I am working on for a client. This wonderful client runs an at home bakery in her home and we have been working on organizing all of her baking supplies. One of the biggest products we purchased for her home was this rolling metal workbench. If you have any need for a cabinet for your home, office or garage this workbench is amazing.

We were able to find it significantly cheaper at Sam’s Club. So that was a big win! Now, I am already thinking about how this workbench would be great in our garage. I can’t wait to share how this project turns out!

You can learn more about my home organization services here.  I love helping people solve their organization challenges. I can meet virtually or in person, so you do not need to be local.


Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

I know it is hard to believe that Easter will be here soon. But, I am already planning and getting ideas for the kids’ Easter baskets. Earlier this week, I put together an Easter Basket Gift Guide for Teen Boys. Kids are never too old for holiday traditions like the Easter Basket.

Easter basket ideas for teenage boys

Some of my favorite ideas from the list include this 3 Minute Devotional Book and this fidget toy! Check out all of the ideas here.

2022 Spring Cleaning Challenge

It is hard to believe it, but our Spring Cleaning Challenge is back for the 4th year in a row! There is something about cleaning up the house in the spring that gets me so excited for summer time. While cleaning is certainly not my  most favorite thing to do, I know how important cleaning is to maintain the home. So, once a year, I give it my all and really deep clean the home.

If you are looking for some cleaning motivation, we hope you will join us for the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge! We will have a lot of support and all the tips you need to spring clean your home from top to bottom. You can join us here!

February Favorites

The top picks in home, style and family this month.

February Wrap Up

This short month of winter does seem to go by quickly. But around here, March still feels like winter. I am looking forward to warmer, spring days and to spring break in April.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend and a good start to March!




  1. notinjersey on February 25, 2022 at 8:02 am

    The closet looks good! Simon’s closet is getting messy because he keeps leaving things on the floor and then I put them in his closet (like a pile of blankets) to get them out of the way. lol.

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on February 25, 2022 at 8:06 am

    I have been eyeing the spring clothes too- just brings me hope- love the floral tops you chose! Thanks for sharing your books- I am so excited- I have loved all of Hendricks and Pekkannen’s novels so definitely picking this one up too! Have a wonderful weekend Jaclyn 🙂

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