Valentine’s Day is in just a few short weeks! If you are looking for a fun, free Valentine’s Day card printable for kids and friends, check out these Valentine’s Day “I’m Hooked on You Cards”. You can use these free printable Valentines for Goldfish crackers or fish shaped gummy snacks! 

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I might just say that about every holiday, but this time I actually mean it. There are several reasons that I love Valentine’s Day. First, it falls in the winter time when there is not a lot of other fun occasions. It is a bright and cheerful spot in the middle of February.

Also, I love celebrated Valentine’s Day with my family. Of course, my spouse and I try to do something to celebrate. But I also love to get the kids involved and express to them just how much I love them.

Finally, Valentine’s Day is so fun for kids because of classroom Valentine’s Day parties! There is nothing sweeter than seeing the kids write Valentine’s cards for each other. I have helped at many classroom parties and it is so fun to see the kids open up their Valentine’s Day cards!

Each year, my kids and I have so much fun pouring over all of the Valentine’s Day card ideas and then picking out the final choices. My two older kids no longer have school Valentine’s Day parties, so I am savoring the final years with my youngest child!

Free Valentine's Day Cards for Kids #treats #classparties #printable #free

Free Printable Valentine’s Day “I’m Hooked on You” Cards

For the last several years, we have come up with our own Valentine’s Day cards. Sure, you can pick out a box of pre-made cards at the store, but it is so much fun to come up with a unique Valentine’s Day card idea. Last year, we made these Popcorn Valentine’s Day treats and they were a HUGE hit. A few years ago, we made these Valentine’s Playdough treat bags. 

So, we needed to come up with something equally as fun!

We settled on these Valentine’s Day “I’m Hooked on You” Cards. What I like about the fish themed Valentine’s is that you can pair the cards with a few different fish themed snacks including Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish or even Gummy Worms! Let the kids pick their favorite fishy snack to attach to these Fish Themed Valentine’s! You might remember our Father’s Day Fish Themed Tackle Box. These Valentine’s have a bit of a similar fish theme!

I'm Hooked on You Printable Valentine Cards #kids #free #pdf #snacks #goldfish

These Valentine’s Day cards are good for kids of all ages. My tween and teen did not think these cards were “too cheesy” or immature. My youngest son loved these fish themed Valentine’s because he loves Goldfish snacks!

I'm Hooked on You Fish Themed Valentine's Day Cards for Kids #printable #free #snacks #treatbags #school

What You Need for these Cards:

  1. First pick your favorite fish themed Valentine’s treat! Swedish fish are fun because they are red. But, if you are opting for a non candy Valentine’s treat, then Goldfish Crackers are a great choice. All of these snack ideas are available in individual serving sizes at Target or your local grocery store!
  2.  Use Cardstock or Printer Paper and download these Valentine’s Day “I’m Hooked on You” Cards. They print out to four cards to a page.
  3. Adhere the Valentine’s Day cards with Washi Tape or thin Twine.

So easy! You can be sure that no one else with have these exact Valentine’s Day cards at school! It is nice to give a Valentine’s Day treat that almost any child will love.

I"m Hooked on You Valentine's Day Card Printables for Goldfish or Gummy Fish #kids #school #free #homemade

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Free Valentine's Day Cards for Kids #goldfish #swedishfish #candy #school #treats



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    Adorable idea Jaclyn!

  2. notinjersey on January 20, 2021 at 8:37 am

    These are so cute.

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