Happy Friday! The kids started school on Wednesday and I have to admit that it has felt like a long week. Monday we were hanging at the pool and now today, we are thinking about school lunches and homework. It is amazing how the switch flips to quickly. My transition to a quiet house (with all 3 kids at school all day) has been a smooth one! I was a bit emotional earlier in the week but after a few days in, I am settling in to this new season of life! My to-do list is a mile long and that is not even including all the things I want to do with the blog! So stay tuned! Anyway, I am here with another Friday Favorites which includes a peak into our 1st Day of School Traditions, a major Walmart dress deal and other style finds at Walmart.

1st Day of School Traditions

We like that the kids start school on a Wednesday. It gets them back into the routine slowly with a short week. Homework and after school activities have already begun, so we are not wasting any time getting back into our routines.

Over on Instagram, I shared one of our favorite first day of school routines which is a homemade cookie treat! This year I had my friend Jill make the most adorable school treats, so our first day tradition was extra special!

Back-to-school cookies

Also on Instagram, I’ve been sharing our best tips for back-to-school. This year, I started a new idea of printing out our first day of school pictures on the actual first day! Now, I won’t have to worry about printing these pictures later when I am working on their school memory albums. I talked about how I organize our school papers over HERE. When I was working on the kids’ memory books this summer, I realized I was missing several first day of school pictures. So, it is nice to know this year’s pictures are already printed!!

Check out the rest of my back-to-school tips on Instagram!

Walmart Dress Deal

Last Friday, I shared my latest Walmart clothing find. Walmart has never been on my radar for clothing. But, here I am now, finding a lot of good clothing deals.

I had to stop into the Walmart store this week to pick up various items and I ran through the clothing department. found the BEST Walmart Dress deal!! My score of the week was this $3 DRESS at Walmart!!

Walmart Dress Deal for Fall #fallstyles #dresses #fashion


I can not even believe it was so cheap. It is made of a nice cotton material and it has side pockets! I love wearing dresses in the summer, but I don’t have a lot of dresses that can transition into the fall.

This olive dress will be perfect! As it gets cooler outside, I can throw on a jean jacket. As I was writing this post, the dress was ONLINE. But if it’s gone, RUN to your Walmart and see if you can find this amazing deal!

Walmart Fall Dress #clearance #sale #dressesMore Walmart Style Finds

I rarely make it into a Walmart store, so it was nice to see all the clothes in person. This fall jacket caught my eye. The online pictures do not do it justice. Each color has a different inside pattern and they are all adorable styles! If I didn’t have several lightweight jackets, I would have DEFINITELY grabbed this one!

The most affordable fall jacket #style #leopard #red

The Walmart shoe department also did not disappoint. I came home with two pairs of these shoes. One in the leopard print and the other pair in black. Comfort is a big priority for me when it comes to shoes and these shoes seemed very comfortable. You can not beat the price. Plus, I love a little leopard print and a leopard shoe is the perfect amount of spots to have:)

affordable leopard print mules

The prices at Walmart can not be beat. I have gotten a dress, two tops and two pairs of shoes in the last week and the total is still less than I’d spend on a top at one of my favorite stores. It’s nice to mix in some inexpensive fashion purchases, especially for styles that might come and go!

Fall Clothing at Walmart

This Week on the Blog

The theme of the week was Back-to-School, so I shared a round up of ALL of my back-to-school best tips and tricks. You can read about them all over HERE.


That wraps up my favorites for the week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Our neighborhood has our annual block party and I’m one of the organizers. So it is time for me to get ORGANIZED:) I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for this Friday Favorites post, so be sure to head over to their blogs as well!


  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on August 23, 2019 at 6:45 am

    Hope your kids had an awesome first week- love the dress with the denim jacket- have a great weekend Jaclyn!

  2. Dara on August 23, 2019 at 8:16 am

    That Walmart jacket is definitely cheaper than the one I got from Target, lol! I love the dress, I think I saw it at my Walmart but I wonder if it’s on sale or not!

  3. Sarah P on August 23, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Walmart is really upping their clothing game! I am going to try those shoes. I love the leopard shoe but haven’t been wanting to spend a bunch of money on a print I might not wear that often. Have a great weekend!

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