Are you ready to make your own Vision Boards?

Get the materials you need to make your own inspirational boards right here.


This Vision Board Making Kit comes with printables to help you and your kids make Vision Boards. Order HERE.

What you get:

Vision Board Planning Worksheet / Use the handout to set goals and plans for your life
10 Pages of Vision Boards Quotes and Images (38 words and 28 images). There are 3 unique pages of phrases and words. You get a black and white and a color copy of each page.

The quotes are to inspire you and help to visualize your goals.
There are words of affirmation and positive messages.
You can use the black and white copies for a moody look or the colorful word options.

This is a digital File. You will get a PDF file with all 11 pages of the Vision Board Kit. You can print out as many copies as you would like. 

Children will be inspired by thinking about their dreams and goals with their personal vision boards.

These handouts can also be used to make mood board and inspiration boards.

Who is this Vision Board Making Set good for:
Girl Scout Groups
Sports Teams
Birthday Parties
Tween parties
Youth Groups
New Year’s Eve