Help your kids visualize their dreams and goals by making Vision Boards! There are a couple of things to consider when making kids vision boards and you just need to gather up a few art supplies. Today, I am sharing how to create Vision Boards with Your Kids. 

Have you ever created a vision board? One of my favorite activities to do with friends when I was a tween and teen was to cut out magazine pictures and quotes to make a poster collage. I did not even realize that what I was doing making was a Vision Board. But, I enjoyed the activity of finding pictures and words that inspired me.

Help your kids make their own Vision Boards #visionboard #growthmindset #printable #mindfulness #goalsetting

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What is a Vision Board?

So, what exactly is a vision board? A Vision Board is a way to document your goals, dreams and things that inspire you in a picture or poster. What exactly goes on your vision board is entirely up to you. But, it should be a positive and inspiring visual picture of what you want to get out of life.

Some people use a vision board to document their goals and intentions. For other people, a vision board is a place to capture happy thoughts and images.

How to Create Vision Boards with Kids #mindfulness #goalsetting #visionboards2021

A vision board should be kept in a place that you can see often. This article from Psychology Today talks about how visualization is an important part of reaching your potential. Think of the athlete who visualizes a good performance at a game. The more she visuals herself doing well at the sport, the more confidence she will gain when it is game time.

A vision board is a method to visualize those goals.

What Should a  Kids Vision Board Include?

As I mentioned, what put on your Vision Board is really up to you. Remember, you are the one that is using your vision board to inspire and motivate you. So when, you are helping your kids create their own vision boards, you will want to let them have free reign.

It is good to guide them and give them some direction on creating vision boards. You can download the Vision Board Planning Worksheet here.

Recently, I had a chance to lead two Vision Board Workshops at Athleta for young girls. It was an inspiring experience and the girls were so excited to create their vision boards. 

I put together a handout for the girls to read through so they knew what kind of pictures and words to look for.

Supplies Needed for Vision Boards

8 X 10 Canvas (or thick poster paper)


Inspiring Sticker Pack (These are good ones)

Inspirational Quotes and Images (My Etsy Vision Board Digital Kit)

Glue Stick or Glue


Colored Sharpies or Paint Markers


How to Get Started

First, you want to gather up all of the supplies and set up a table or spot on the floor for the project. It can get messy with all of the magazine clippings, so you could even put a sheet down on the ground for this project.

Set out all of the magazines, stickers and markers. Be sure to have one pair of scissors for each child as this is a project that they will need scissors for most of it!

If your kids are unfamiliar with Vision Boards, you will want to explain what they are and why they are meaningful. You can find more examples online. Or you could even make your own vision board to share with the kids. I think it is fun to make a vision board while the kids are making their own. 

Vision Board for Kids Planning Worksheet #visionboards #goalsetting #visionboardkids

The Vision Board Planner can be helpful for the kids to consider, so you can print out a copy for each of your kids.

Vision Board Worksheet Planning questions

I tell the kids to cut out magazine photos even if they are not 100% sure they want it for the collage. It is better to cut out a bunch of pictures first and then be selective about what makes the final board.

Once they have all of the pictures and stickers they want to use, it is time to fill up the board! Start by putting the stickers and pictures on the board where they want them to go (do this before actually gluing them down).

After your child has the board to her liking, then it is time to start gluing everything down! They can fill in blank spaces with hand drawings or writing. Or, they can keep looking for smaller stickers and pictures.

It really depends on how your kids want their boards to look like. Some kids prefer a neat and simple vision board. While other kids will work their boards to have every square inch covered.

This is a time to let the kids’ creativity really shine!

Why Should Kids Make Vision Boards?

Vision boards are a very fun and positive project for kids to do. For kids who learn by doing and creating, vision boards are a perfect project for learning how to articulate their goals and dreams. Vision boards serve as a constant visual reminder of what they are working on.

Whether your child comes up with a vision board for their goals in the next year or the next five years, it is a great way for them to think about the future. You are never too young (or too old) to have plans and dreams for the future!

It is fun to create vision boards with the kids.  Kids Vision Boards can be made at birthday parties, virtual playdates or just a family day at home.

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    This is an amazing idea- I think my 12 year old will eat this up- thanks for sharing!

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    I absolutely love this, Jaclyn!!! Such a great job mapping out the process. ?

  4. Abby Kate on February 18, 2021 at 4:01 am

    I just LOVE this! I love how you have mapped out making vision boards and shared it with so many others! This was such a sweet and inspiring post!

    • Jaclyn on February 18, 2021 at 7:44 am

      Thank you Abby! It is a very fun project. Hope you get a chance to make your own.

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