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Getting Ready for Summer


Summer is an incredibly fun time of year for kids and families. One of the best memories of childhood is remembering how you spent your summer days! But for parents, summer can also be hectic and a little overwhelming. Kids go from the structure and routine that school brings to the carefree and open days of summer time. Those first few weeks when the kids are getting adjusted to the new summer routine can be a little crazy.

I am going on my 15th summer with the kids. It is really one of my favorite times of year to spend with my kids. I know summer is so fleeting and I only have so many left with all three of my kids. So I try to make the most of summer and not feel stressed.

Whether you are a working mom or stay home with the kids during the summer, there are a few things you can do now to prepare for summer with the kids!

Summer Organization Tips for Moms

Here are a few things you can do to prepare you and your kids for summer!


The summer can be a time for laid back schedules and clear calendars. However, summer is also filled with vacations, family gatherings,  sporting events and summer camps! So, before summer begins create a plan for how the summer will go.

Now is the time to make sure kids are signed up for all of the camps and activities. You want to get out your calendar now and write down all of the scheduled commitments and important dates!

Do you have young pre-school or school age children? Keri from Intentional Moms has a Intentional Summer Kit for Families. This is an awesome kit for moms to create and fun summer with their littles. There is a weekly theme and planned activities for each theme.

If your kids are older, you are probably looking at ways to fill up their time outside of the home. Talk to your older kids about how they want their summer to look like. It is a balance between relaxation and some structure.


In order for summer to run smoothly with the kids, you want to set expectations early. This includes talking as a family about chores, bed times and wake up times, meals and possibly curfews! Will your kids have screen time limits in the summer? This Screentime Checklist might help to set the video game rules!


Free Printable Screen Time Checklist #motherhood #kids #screentime

Sit down as a family before the summer and talk about your expectations.

During the school year, we are a little more lax on kids’ chores especially when they are busy. But in the summer, we use this Chore Jar before they can do screen time or play with friends.

Kids Pick One Popsicle Stick Chore for 15 minutes of screen time

My kids are also responsible for cleaning their bathrooms once a week. We have these Cleaning Caddies in every bathroom to make it really easy to accomplish.

How to teach kids to do chores the right way #hacks #momtips #parenting #chores #lifeskills #choreideas

If you do not set rules early in the summer, it will be harder to get kids to comply later on. Start with a few basic ground rules and everyone will be a lot better and meeting expectations when they know what is asked of them. 


Another tip for moms to help summer run smoothly is to stick to routines as much as possible.  It is easy for those basic routines like meal planning, bed times and chores to go out the window in the summer. But, kids thrive on routines and as much as you can you will want to stick to what they know.

Of course, staying up late in the summer is one of the bonuses for kids. So maybe your routine will look differently in the summer. But you can establish new summer routines and then stick to those all summer long.


Summer is really an amazing time for kids! There is nothing that quite beats that feeling of finishing school for the year and looking ahead to a fun summer. So, summer should still include a lot of downtime for kids!

There are so many options to keep kids busy all summer long. Some kids certainly need to be busy more than others. But one of the best parts of summer are those times when there are NO PLANS! Be sure you have carved time to let kids be kids. It might mean some days that they are truly bored. But, often, those hours of boredom lead to the most creative free play times!

At the beginning of the summer, I like to stock up on crafts and outdoor toys. Then, when the kids are bored, I encourage them to use these supplies.

Summer Crafts for Kids


My final bit of advice for moms is to get back-to-school stuff organized early in the summer! As soon as the school supply lists come out, go shopping and get this task out of the way early. You will beat the crowds when you go early and it is one less thing to think about later in the summer when you are trying to enjoy every last day!

Most kids need to get school physicals and doctors’ appointments done in the summer. So, schedule these early as appointments do fill up later in the summer.

If you really want to get ahead early in the summer, use this Back to School Checklist for Moms.

Do not forget to get school forms in early too! It is nice to have those things taken care of early in the summer instead of those tasks nagging at you all summer!

Printable End of School Year Checklist for Moms

Are you ready for summer with the kids? Get organized now with this End of School Year Checklist for Moms!

Summer Checklist for Moms #printable #organization #summerbreak


Download today and get organized now so you can have a great summer!

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