Are you looking for a way to teach your kids to clean and actually make it fun? Learn how to make a kid’s cleaning caddy that they can use to learn how to clean the “right” way! These Dollar Store Chore Baskets will cost you less than $5!

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Fun Chores Ideas for Kids

The kids will be on summer break soon and I can already hear them asking about using their screen time and asking me to drive them places! Each summer, I try to balance scheduled activities with a healthy dose of unstructured times.

One thing we do a pretty good job of over the summer is getting the kids to help with chores. It is easy for chores to be an incentive for fun activities like video games and trips to the pool!

Last summer, we started the chore jars and I am happy to say that we still stick to this daily routine! I think sometimes easy systems are the best systems…and the chore jars are about as easy as it gets! So, this summer we will use the chore jars plus I’ve added something new to the routine!

These new kids cleaning caddies come with all the instructions and materials needed to clean rooms…and do a good job on it! No longer will I need to come in after the kids clean to do a follow up clean!

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While kids are good about doing the chores that are assigned, we sometimes run into issues with cleaning “quality”. Can you relate with your own kids? I’ve found that we need to be as clear as possible with our cleaning expectations if we want the kids to do the chores well. For instance, while it might seem so obvious how to use a broom and dustpan, kids will need clear instructions the first few times on how to use them. If you tell kids to sweep the kitchen, they might not think to sweep under the counters or move the chairs out from under the kitchen table.

So, these cleaning bins include step-by-step instructions for cleaning specific ones. Plus, all of the materials including rags, brushes and cleaning solutions are included in the baskets!


How to Make a Dollar Store Kids Cleaning Caddy

We actually have had one bathroom cleaning caddy for a long time. It is so convenient to have the bathroom supplies in one spot. But to make it even more convenient, now we will have one basket per bathroom. It is so simple and inexpensive to put together a cleaning caddy! I found everything I need at the Dollar Store. While I plan to make cleaning caddies for other rooms, the bathrooms were the first priority. The boys share a bathroom and my daughter has her own, so we needed two additional bathroom cleaning baskets.

I suggest making one cleaning caddy per bathroom. Then, keep the basket in the bathroom or a nearby closet for extra convenience!

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Supplies for a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

1 Bin or Basket (Preferably one with handles to make it easy to carry)

2-3 Spray Bottles

1 Toilet Brush

1-2 Rags or Cloths

1 Sponge (optional) 

Index Card 

Clothes Pin (to attach the cleaning instructions)

Instead of buying multiple bottles of cleaning solutions, I got  $1 spray bottles. You could pour smaller amounts of cleaning liquids into these bottles.This will help to ensure the kids do not overuse the supplies!! Each of the kids has their own toilet brush. I will try to remember to replace these brushes every so often!

How to teach kids to do chores by making these Dollar Store cleaning caddies #cleaningtips #chores #kids #DIY

Try to keep it as simple as possible when it comes to cleaning supplies! I stick to two cleaning solutions for the bathroom. We use a water and vinegar solution DIY recipe for disinfecting the toilets and for cleaning the mirrors.

Want to make a kid friendly non-toxic cleaning spray? This vinegar and water recipe is my favorite and I have been using it for years!

  • 1 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

We do not mind the vinegar smell anymore, but I will admit that then we started using natural cleaning supplies over ten years ago, it took a little getting used to. 

You can not use vinegar on marble counters.

So I use a non toxic cleaning product which can also can be used to clean the bathtubs. If you give your kids too many cleaning supplies to work with , you can guarantee your kids will get confused!


Organizing the Cleaning Caddy

I used this fun label maker to create labels for each of the bottles. This new label maker is so fun and I have been using it for so many things!

label maker

I did not want there to be any question on what each bottle is used for!!

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DIY cleaning supplies #cleaningtips #nontoxic #diy

These Dollar Store baskets are the best! Use a basket or bucket with a handle to make it easy for the kids to pick it up.

dollar store cleaning bins

Once you have gathered up all of the cleaning supplies, it is time to write out very clear and detailed instructions for your kids!

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When writing out the steps, imagine that you are telling someone who has never cleaned a bathroom before! Even if your kids have some cleaning experience, you will want to include every detail!

How to make bathroom cleaning caddies for your kids #chores #cleaningtips #momhacks #summerchores #nontoxiccleaning #parentingideas Cleaning caddies for kids #chores #summerchores #choreideas #fun #momhacks #parenting #lifeskills

Number your instructions if you want your kids to follow the tasks in a particular order. Since I only included two cloths in each bin, I want the kids to follow the order for cleaning so that they can clean the least dirty areas to the most dirty areas using the same rags.

You may have to revise the cleaning instructions a few times! See how easy it is for your kids to follow your instructions and then adjust as needed!

Storing the Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

There was room in each of the bathrooms to put the cleaning caddy in a cabinet. Now, we are ready to go with bathroom cleaning!

How to teach kids to clean with cleaning caddies #momtips #chores #kids #parentingideas #funchoreideas

The kids cleaning caddy will make our weekly bathroom clean up so easy! The best part is that the kids can develop autonomy and independence in cleaning now that they have all the tools in place to be successful!

Cleaning Caddy Ideas

Now that we have these fun cleaning baskets for the bathroom, I plan to make a general cleaning basket for dusting, wiping fixtures, etc. We will see what cleaning needs arise and I’ll continue to make these cleaning baskets for more areas in the home. Not only are these cleaning baskets helpful for the kids, but also adults as well!

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Teaching Your Kids to Do Chores

Sometimes I have to remind myself that all of our constant instruction and re-instruction will eventually pay off! It might seem like you are a broken record when it comes to teaching your kids certain chores and skills, but eventually they will catch on! By getting your kids involved in chores early at a young age, they will become used to helping the family and it will become second nature to participate in family cleaning!

What kind of chores do your kids help out with around the house?

Make a kids cleaning caddy to make it easy to do chores #funchoreideas #cleaningtips #momhacks #parenting #kids

Help Kids do chores with a cleaning caddy #momhacks #cleaning #choreideas #parenting


  1. Dara on May 30, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    This is such a good idea. We aren’t anywhere close to getting the kids to clean the bathroom! I just started a chore jar today. The boys picked out two jobs each – so far they got help make dinner, clean the kitchen counter, clean the kitchen table, and clean up the legos and magnatiles (that they always leave everywhere). Simple jobs, but it’s a start!

  2. Amanda Sue on May 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    I really like how you have the list of “how to” clean and which cleaners to use. My older kids clean their bathroom, but I think the detailed instructions would be very helpful in them getting it done right the 1st time!

    • Jaclyn on May 30, 2019 at 7:26 pm

      Thank you! The kids are asking the same questions about which cleaners to use, so I have realized I need to write it down for them!

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