Happy Friday Friends! We still have almost a week left of March but next Friday it will be April! April and May are the build up to summer like Thursday is a lead up to the weekend! Sometimes the anticipation of the day or month is even more exciting than the actual season.
March 2022 favorite trends in home, style and books
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March Favorites 2022

I am very excited for spring break and spring in general! I hope you had a great month.  These March favorites includes some great finds in home, style and family fun! This month’s finds includes some spring decor finds, book recommendations and my new favorite brand of jeans. 
I hope you find this info helpful and I can bring a little bit of fun to your Friday! Let me know what one of your favorite March finds is in the comments below!

Spring Decor Finds

As I have been spring cleaning this week, I’ve noticed some things around the house that could use a refresh. Specifically, when I went to wash my kitchen rug runners, I noticed that even after a cleaning they looked pretty dingy.

So, I got over to Target and looked for some new kitchen rugs. Sometimes, updating one thing in a room makes the whole room look different. I am really happy with these black and white runners. I hope that these hold up well and that they are easy to keep clean.

black and white kitchen runner

While I was looking for a new black and white rug, I saw that my black and white  outdoor rug is back at Target! It has been several years since I bought this rug and I have not seen in back in stock. It has held up so well and I still love the way it looks layered with a smaller doormat. 

black and white outdoor rug

I can not wait to get outside and work on our yard and outdoor spaces. We got a new patio table that arrived late in the fall, so we haven’t even unboxed it yet.

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High Rise Jeans

These days, finding a good pair of jeans can be tough. I guess it has always been a challenge to find well fitting jeans that you like. But now that the styles are moving away from skinny jeans to more straight leg and wide leg jeans, there seems to be an even bigger challenge.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of white jeans for spring and summer. I have tried a lot of different stores. It is nice to finally find two pairs of white jeans that I love! I got the high rise Vintage perfect jean  in Tile White.

White jeans can go with so many tops. And you can dress them up or down depending on your shoes and top.

The other pair of jeans I got was the Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Crop in Tile White.

I like that these jeans are not too wide leg and they fall to just about my ankle. Some crop pairs I tried on were way too short! I am 5 ft 9, so it is easy for pants to look cropped on me!

Both jeans come in a lot of washes so I will probably buy another color in the fall.  These jeans fit so nice and have just the right amount of stretch. Plus they are not see through jeans. These are a really nice quality and most importantly, they fit well.



I love this new blue puff sleeve  top paired with one of the white jeans. Puff sleeves are a big trend this spring and this option is a great option that is not too expensive. Since there is a good sale going on, I also ordered this black and white puff sleeve top too! But, I have not gotten it in the mail just yet.

It will be nice to have two white jeans options in my closet!

Small Frame Gallery Wall

One project I partially tackled this month was making a new gallery wall in our family room. It is a partially finished project because I still have to put pictures in the frames! Yikes. But I love how the wall turned out and I am really happy with the frames.

This is a similar set to light wood frame set I purchased. The set even comes with a paper grid to put on your wall to help you with spacing and layout.

March Organization Projects

It has been a busy month of home organization!

Last weekend, I helped a client declutter and organize her small walk in closet.


It was a really successful project and she is so happy with her new closet! We were able to maximize shelf space with these divided clothing bins and these see through cubes. Both bins brought so much more function and accessibility to the closet.

small closet organization ideas

The finishing touch to the closet organization project was these dry erase labels. These clip right on to the bins and you can use them on any bin that does not have a lid. This set comes with both  black and white labels.


Earlier in the month, I finished up a Home Bakery Organization Project! You can read about the entire transformation in this post.  It was a really fun and unique project to do. My client and I are so excited with how the space turned out!

Home Bakery Organization Ideas

Also, if you are interested in home organization help either with virtual coaching or in home organization, please reach out to me here! I am taking on a few more projects this Spring and I would love to help you.

Book of the Month

My book of the month selection was a thriller, The Paris Apartment. I read The Guest List which was also written by Lucy Foley and I LOVED that book.

The Paris Apartment was good and it had a lot of twists. But, I would say that I like the Guest List even better.

March Favorites

The top picks in home, style and family this month.

March Wrap U

In case you have not hear, we have  been working through the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge! You can grab the Printable Spring Cleaning Calendar and print it out to work at your own pace! Or follow me along on Instagram as we do one task a day.

Our spring break is in three weeks and we are counting down! I am also excited to think about spring flowers and getting our patio ready for summer.

What are you most excited about in April?



  1. notinjersey on March 25, 2022 at 8:10 am

    I can’t wear high rise jeans. My stomach pooches out and isn’t the same size as just above my hips! I am also short, so jeans are always too long for me! I need to organize my large closet – I just throw everything in there!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on March 25, 2022 at 8:13 am

    Wow- awesome job on the closet- it is such an undertaking- I have to do mine and it is the only thing I procrastinate with- eek- Have a great weekend Jaclyn!

  3. Kelly on March 25, 2022 at 5:08 pm

    I got The Paris Apartment for my BOTM too!! I am reading The Golden Couple from my February pick….so amazing so far

    • Jaclyn on March 26, 2022 at 5:24 pm

      I liked the Golden Couple!

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