I am so ready to dress for spring and my latest March Trendsend Evereve clothing box was just what I wanted to refresh my closet! Read about my latest Trendsend spring box and get a referral code to try out Trendsend for yourself!

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Spring 2021 Trendsend March Try On

It has been several months since I received a Trendsend Evereve order. The last time I got a box, I was interested in winter, warm and cozy styles. Now, I am so ready to be done with winter outfits. This March Trendsend Evereve box was loaded with cute, spring outfits. The hardest part was picking out which items to keep.

I am certainly on a roll with clothing subscription boxes as I also recently got Wantable and Stitch Fix boxes. As I have mentioned before, I pretty much exclusively rely on these clothing subscription boxes to fill up with closet. I will occasionally buy something from Target or Amazon. But, I rarely go to the stores to look for clothing. It can be a pain to go to the store and not be able to try out clothing there (if the dressing rooms are closed), then bring the item home and if it doesn’t work out, have to go back to the store! I much prefer to receive a bunch of clothing in the mail and then just drop off the returns in the closet mailbox.

Trendsend is probably the priciest of the subscription boxes that I order but the clothing is my favorite. I really get my money’s worth on these items because I wear them a lot all season long.

This month, I got nine items in my Trendsend order. I will be sharing nine of those items as one item did not fit.

Puff Sleeve Sweater 525

The first item I am sharing from the March Trendsend order is this adorable Puff Sleeve Sweater by 525.

Trendsend March 2021

It is really a nice, medium weight material top. I haven’t gotten on the puff sleeve trend but these sleeves are not to “puffy”. So, I did not feel like it made my shoulders bulky.

Spring Short Sleeve Puff Sweater

This is a very versatile sweater that could be dressed up or down.

Trensend Evereve Spring 2021

It is really a cute sweater and I debated on whether to keep it! Ultimately, I had too many other things in my order that I liked, so I decided to return.

Camo Romper by Roan + Ryan

Next, is this super cute camo romper! It is light weight and so comfortable! I can see throwing this romper on all summer long for trips to the park, zoo and on vacation!

I have longer torso, so rompers can be tough for me. This one was a little shorter in the torso than I’d prefer. If I was a little shorter, this romper would have definitely been a keeper!

Black Jumpsuit by Roan +Ryan

Speaking of one pieces, I got several other romper/jumpsuits in my March Trendsend Evereve Box!

Trendsend Evereve Spring 2021

This black  jumpsuit was an item I did NOT think I would like when I took it out of the box! But, I was so pleasantly surprised that it fit and looked cute!

This black jumpsuit was really one of my favorite items in the order! I have seen these jumpsuits at Target even and I just didn’t like how they look on the hanger. But, after trying on this one, I really like the trend!Evereve Spring 2021

This item was a keeper!

Mini Leopard Jumpsuit

One trend I can not get in on is the wide, baggy jumpsuit look. Honestly, I think the print on this jumpsuit is so cute and I do think that some ladies can pull off this look.

But, with my taller frame, I do not think this was a flattering outfit for me!

Snakeskin Jumpsuit

The last one piece in my box was this snakeskin pattern jumpsuit! I actually requested this item after seeing it online. You can request items in the notes section of your order. 

This jumpsuit is as cute as I hoped it would be. It is actually really comfortable too.


I hope I can get some good use out of this jumpsuit as I decided to keep it!

White Trim Cami

I requested a few versatile tops and this white trim cami is perfect! I can see wearing it alone or with a jean jacket or kimono.

This white cami is a keeper as I know I will get a lot of use out of it this summer.

Multicolor Kimono and White Leg Light Wash Pants

Last but not least, I got an outfit that is a really summery look. I was sent this multicolor wrap, wide leg light colored pants and a sleeveless tank in coral.

The colorful wrap is so pretty and definitely something I would wear this summer. I liked the coral tank that matches so well with the wrap.  I felt that the wide leg pants combined with the wrap was a little too flowy.

The pants are fun and a paired with a tank they might be really cute. But, I decided not to keep the pants. I have a black pair of wide leg pants that I actually bought from Evereve last month.

I kept the colorful wrap and the coral tank top!

This March Trendsend was a great box! I kept more items than I normally do, but I do think I kept items that I will wear often this summer. I took advantage of  my Trendsend 20% off referral code, plus saved an additional 10% for keeping four items and I had a reward certificate to redeem. So, I was able to save a substantial amount of money off my order!

I am all set on spring and summer clothing now! I do not plan to order a Trendsend for a few months.

Evereve Spring 2021

Trendsend Evereve Details

Whether you shop Evereve using Trensend or Dressing Room to Go, the pricing is the same. Both ways of shopping require a $20 deposit which is then applied to your order if you keep anything.

While, the Trendsend prices can seem a little high. I have talked here about why I am willing to spend a little more on clothing at Evereve. However, for this particular order, I was able to use some shopping rewards I earned which included referral discounts, a rewards certificate and a 10% for keeping four items.

There are a lot of ways to earn rewards, so it pays to take advantage of all of the discount opportunities. (If you decide to try Evereve and use my referral code, you will save 20% off your first order). You can then pass on your referral code to your friends and you will earn another 20% off! Plus, every quarter, you receive reward coupons that you can spend in store, online or on your Trendsend order.

How to Sign Up for Trendsend

You can give Trendsend a try by filling out your profile here. (My referral link) You will receive 20% off your first order when you use my referral code (and I will get 20% one order).

Share your own referral code with your friends!


  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on March 31, 2021 at 7:46 am

    Cute pieces! Love that cami and coral looks great on you!

  2. notinjersey on March 31, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Great options in this box! I like the coral cami and wrap the best!

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