Hi friends! It has been a long time since I have written a new blog post (over 7 months ago). You might have noticed that my blog has changed and my focus is on my home organization business. However, I have been wanting to write a new post for a while and I finally had some time to publish something new!


November favorites in style, home and family

November Favorites

Today, I am wrapping up the month with some of my favorites from November. These are items I have purchased myself and I want to share with you!

This post contains affiliate links.  That means that if you click through and make purchases, I may earn a commission.  For more information, feel free to see disclosure.

Geometry Towels

I have seen social media posts about Geometry towels for a while now. I always thought the patterns and styles were so fun. Then, this past summer, I bought a Geometry towel from a local boutique and it quickly became my favorite kitchen towel. I am really particular when it comes to kitchen towels. I want them to be absorbent, wash wall but also stylish.

Currently, Geometry has a Black Friday sale that you can save 35% off your entire order with my affiliate code: JaclynM15


Geometry Black Friday towel sale

Once you add everything to your cart and you are ready to checkout, be sure to add the discount code! Each kitchen towel is made from four recycled water bottles and are super absorbent. I find that these dry faster than thicker, traditional kitchen towels.

High Waisted Jogger Dupe

I have bought several things from Lululemon over the years and I have to say that the items all hold up well. When I consider how often I wear my favorite black leggings, the cost per wear is VERY low.

However, sometimes, I opt for less expensive over name brand. So when I found these inexpensive high waisted black joggers, I was very happy that they looked and felt like high end leggings without the high price tag.

High waisted dupe joggers and oversize hoodie

These joggers are available in several colors and they seem to wash very well.


Oversized Zip Up Hoodie

I have been eyeing this oversized zip up hoodie for the last few months. But I could not accept the very expensive price tag. So, I have found a fairly comparable option on Amazon!



This oversized zip up hoodie is available in several pretty colors.


The hoodie is a little on the shorter end so the high waisted joggers are a good match with it.


Holiday Organization Workbook

Each year the holidays seem to come faster and faster. I have barely had time to digest that it is fall! Maybe because the warmer weather stayed a little longer this year. Anyway, it is time to start planning for the holidays.

I have found that the more that I can plan and do some holiday prepping each week, the less stressed I feel in the days leading up to Christmas. This week, over on Instagram, I shared 5 Days of Holiday Organization Tips! I hope you found it helpful in preparing for this holiday season.

If you would like more tips and inspiration, check out our Holiday Organization Workbook and Workshop! You can order the workbook and watch the video at any time. The workbook includes:

-Week by Week Christmas to-list
-Holiday Baking Supplies Checklist
-Overnight Guests to-do Checklist
-List of Holiday Traditions
-Christmas Traditions Bucket List
-Holiday Lights Bingo
-Daily To do list Printable
-Gift Tracker


In addition, the bundle includes a 1 hour recorded presentation with more details on each of these topics! You can learn more about the workbook and class HERE.


Thanksgiving Party Games

Every year, we host the Thanksgiving dinner and we always like to play games after dinner. We have out of town family guests so our games usually extend into the weekend.

Last year, we added a new to us game, Cover Your Assets. It has become a family favorite that we have taken on trips and introduced the game to more friends and family. There is a reason that it has a 5 star rating on Amazon because it is really fun and can get VERY competitive!



A few years ago, we bought Ticket to Ride to play on Thanksgiving. This is a very fun game as well. I will say that Cover Your Assets is easier to learn and better for a large crowd than Ticket to Ride. But we really love both games and we plan to play them over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Both games are for 8+ years old and while there is some strategy involved in both games, that comes with age, those as young as 8 can certainly catch on to the rules of the games.



Another fun game for a crowd is this Who is the Ultimate Turkey game? Anyone can play this and it is fun to hand out small prizes for the winner!


Favorite Free Workout Videos

Lastly, I wanted to share some free favorites! My husband and I have been working out together almost every morning for the last few years. It has really been nice to have a workout partner as it holds us accountable. It is a lot easier to get up very early when I know someone else has to get up early with me!

There are so many free workout programs on YouTube that we have yet to get bored with the options after 2+ years. Currently, our two favorite workout programs are Juice & Toya and Caroline Girvan. Juice and Toya have over 250 videos that range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. Their videos go by very quickly and there is a workout for every type of muscle group and focus.

We recently discovered Caroline Girvan and her workouts are tough but very effective! She definitely focuses more on muscle building and weight training.

We try to alternate between the two different programs so that we do not get bored!


Shop November Favorites

This weekend we are planning to finish up Christmas decorating. I have realized over the years that I prefer to put up our decorations slowly and a little before Thanksgiving instead of cramming it all in the weekend after Thanksgiving (when we are tired after hosting out of town family).

I hope you have a great weekend!

What is one of these finds would be a favorite for you?



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