Create a cozy and welcoming front door for Christmas with these simple front porch Christmas decor ideas! These are budget friendly and easy outdoor Christmas decorations to make your home look warm and inviting!

Small Front Porch Christmas Decor Inspiration #budget #diy #farmhouse

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Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas

Outdoor Christmas decorations, either you love them or you avoid them! As if it is not enough to decorate the inside of your home for Christmas, many of us like to also decorate the outside of our homes. While I leave the Christmas lights display to my husband, I like to do my part and decorate our small front porch for Christmas! Today, I am sharing some simple front porch Christmas decor ideas.

Honestly, you can add a pretty Christmas wreath to your front door and call it a day. But, if you want to add a little bit extra festiveness to your front door, then there are a few little things you can do to get a beautiful Christmas porch!

Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas #budget #small #holiday #outdoordecor

All of the front porch Christmas decorations I am sharing with you are very budget friendly! You spend enough on other Christmas decorations, you do not need to break the bank on decorating your front porch.

Let’s get started on my very small front porch Christmas tour! Hopefully, you can feel inspired to decorate your own front door for the holidays. As you can see by my space, you do not need a lot of room on our porch to make the space feel festive and bright!

Layered Doormats for Christmas

As usual, my inspiration for decorating our front porch was a door mat! I like starting with a new welcome mat and then pulling all of the other decor to work with it. We have had the same black and white outdoor rug on our porch for years. It has held up so well!

But, when I saw this red and white large buffalo check rug, I decided to mix things up for Christmas. I definitely plan to go back to our black and white rug but this buffalo check rug is perfect for Christmas (and maybe through Valentine’s Day).

Farmhouse Front Porch Christmas Decorations #budget #diy #buffalocheck

Once I settled on the new rug, I needed to find an actual doormat to go over it. We’ve had the layered doormat look for a long time and I really like how it looks. Plus, it extends the life of the larger (base layer) rug!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was trying to decide on a Christmas door mat! After all of my indecision on this welcome mat, I actually went with a non-holiday door mat! I decided that I wanted a welcome mat that would look good all winter long.

Of course, those seasonal doormats are so cute and I did not already change my doormat out for summer and fall, I would have gotten one. But sometimes practical decor decisions win over getting caught up in the latest seasonal trend.

Christmas Pillow Covers

Another fun find for our Christmas front porch was this set of black and white Christmas tree pillow covers! The set comes with white cover and black trees and a black cover with white trees.

Small Front Porch Christmas Decor #rustic #farmhouse #inspiration #ideas

I tried out both pillow covers and I liked the black cover with white trees. It ties in nicely with the front door and the black chair. Next year, maybe I will switch out the pillow covers. That is the nice thing about getting a set of them!

Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch Decorations #buffaloplaid #christmaswreath #diy #small

Simple Christmas Greenery

The best way to add Christmas to your front porch is with greenery. You can use real garland or faux garland. Some years, I have opted to go to the nursery and get real greenery. This year, I saved myself one trip to the store and ordered a faux garland that has mini white lights. I loved that this garland had red berries which ties in with the rest of the porch.

I was going to drape the garland around the front door, but it can get messy (there is some glitter on it). So instead, I wrapped the garland around the porch mantle.

Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas #budget #small #holiday #outdoordecor

My local grocery store had this red planter with live greenery. The planter really works together well with the galvanized bucket and lantern.


Small Front Porch Christmas Ideas #lights #decor #greenery

I have had the black lantern and the galvanized bucket for many years. It is important to try to use what you already have instead of buying all new things each holiday.

Christmas Wreath with Bells

Christmas bells seem to be very popular in decorations this year. I spotted this Christmas Wreath with bells and I loved the simplicity of it.

The bells can be loud, I will admit. But we have gotten used to the sound every time we go through the front door.

Front Porch Christmas Decorations #outdoordecor #farmhouse #DIY

I really love the wreath and I plan to keep it out through the winter.


DIY Outdoor Christmas Porch

While our porch is certainly small, it still makes a big impact when you come into the driveway or are walking by our home. I like to create a entrance that feels cozy and inviting, especially at the holidays!

Buffalo Check Christmas Front Porch Decor #farmhouse #rustic #cozy #small

I am happy to say I was able to blend decorations I already had on hand with a few new simple decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

My front porch is one of my favorite places to switch up for the seasons. You can check out these other front porch decor ideas:

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Christmas Front Porch Decor Ideas #DIY #inspiration


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