Spring Cleaning Challenge

Are you new to the idea of spring cleaning? Or have you tried to spring clean and you didn’t know what you should be doing?

Spring cleaning is not everyone’s favorite time of year! However,  taking care of our home not only keeps it clean but it extends and maintains the life of our house.

Spring Cleaning does not have to be hard. We will make it easy and maybe a little fun!

Spring Cleaning Guide

Detailed room by room checklists

Quick option to 30 Days of Spring Cleaning Tasks (Most tasks take between 15 minutes and 1 hour)

Getting Started Instructions

DIY Cleaning Recipes

Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Cleaning Task

Follow this guide and your whole house will be cleaning in a month! Or work at your own pace and complete each room when you have the time!

How do I purchase the Spring Cleaning Guide?

 Order the Complete Spring Cleaning Guide


Each week (or weekend) you can focus on one room of the house.  Most individual tasks will take 10 minutes to an hour. You will not have to stress if you do not do each task in order or every day.


How often do you really deep clean your home? If you are like me, you might keep your home fairly tidy but do not actually deep clean very often.

It can be overwhelming to think about Spring Cleaning. It seems like a huge task to clean the entire home from top to bottom!

We are going to walk you through this entire project and  break down Spring Cleaning into smaller, more manageable mini projects.  I’ve got tips and tricks for you to make it a little easier.

Do not put off Spring Cleaning your home this year! The weather is going to be getting better soon and it is the perfect time to get your home ready for the summer season.

You do not want to be spending time indoors cleaning your home in a few months. Do the work now and you will enjoy the reward of a clean home once you are done!