Today, my teenage daughter and I are sharing a Printable Teenage Girl Packing List for Vacation! Do you have a fun trip coming up soon? Whether you are packing for a family trip or a spring break trip with your best friend, it is important to have all of the travel essentials. Since my teen daughter is helping to write this post, you can be sure that these items are what teens need to pack for a trip!

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Teenage Girl Packing List for Vacation

Helping Your Teen Pack for a Vacation

There is something really fun about traveling with teenagers! Sure, they are not always happy and they might not want to do everything that you have on the agenda. But, there is something that is really easy about going on a family vacation with big kids! As a parent, you no longer have to consider nap times, how much walking is involved, and finding all the kid friendly activities! One of the best gifts you can give your teens is travel experiences!

Yes, traveling with older kids can be really rewarding! A great thing about traveling with teens is that they can pack on their own!

Now that your kids are teenagers, it is time to pass the baton on to them when it comes time to pack for a vacation! After all, pretty soon they will be leaving the house and they will need to figure out how to pack sooner than later!

It is important to make sure teens know what to pack! Because, let’s be honest, if your teen forget something at home, it will fall on you to help them get what they need on vacation! No parents wants to spend money on vacation on forgotten bathing suits and toiletries!

It is important to make sure teens know what to pack! Because, let’s be honest, if your teen forget something at home, it will fall on you to help them get what they need on vacation! No parents wants to spend money on vacation on forgotten bathing suits and toiletries!

If you provide your teen with a packing list, they will know exactly what they need to bring! Share this blog post with your teen girl so that she has everything she needs to know about packing for her trip!

Packing Tips for Teen Girls

It can be overwhelming to pack for a trip! Sometimes those weekend trips are just as hard to pack for as the week long vacations! We have a few packing tips to keep in mind to keep your cool while you pack.

Start packing early!

The week before your trip start to set aside things you know you will need for your trip!

It is a good idea to do laundry 2-3 days before your trip.

Do not wait until the day of your trip to do all of your laundry. You will run out of time and you will feel very stressed.

An important thing to remember is that you can really survive on a trip with less stuff than you think!

There is such thing as packing too much stuff! Especially if you are going somewhere that you need to worry extra baggage fees or how many bags you are allowed to bring!

Pick versatile clothing that can be coordinated with each other.

You should stick to a general color scheme so that all of your tops can be matched with your bottoms to create different outfits!

Bring comfortable shoes!

Our number 1 packing tip is to bring good walking shoes for all of the activities! The biggest way to ruin a vacation is to wear uncomfortable shoes! Once you hurt your feet and get blisters, there is no turning back! So listen to your parents and bring comfortable shoes!

Another idea is to bring a change of clothes in your carry on bag.

You never know if your luggage will get lost or delayed when you get to your destination. You might even throw a bathing suit into your carry on so you can hit the pool or beach right away!

Don’t forget about the journey!

Sometimes some of the best vacation memories are about the trip TO the destination. Be sure to pack activities to do to pass the time on your long flight or road trip!

Snacks are one of the best parts of the travel day!

Make sure to stock up on healthy and filling snacks for your long journey! Of course, a few treats like candy and gum, are essential trip snacks too.

Stock up at the Dollar Store or Target on mini toiletries.

The Dollar Store and Target always has mini size toiletries including shampoo, deodorant, a nail file and soaps. You could use the complimentary hotel shampoos. But, sometimes those are not the products you are used to for your hair, so you might want to pack your own!

Teenage Girl Packing List

Are you feeling overwhelmed about packing for your trip? The good news is that this Packing List for Teen Girls will make it so easy for you to get ready for your trip! Download this printable teenage girl packing list and print it out! You can keep the checklist near your suitcase so that you can check items off as you go along!

This teen girl packing list has all the important items you need to pack for your next trip. There even some things you might not have thought about bringing like gym clothes!

Be sure to start packing early. That way, if there is something on this list that you do not have, you have time to run to the store.

Teen Girl Vacation Packing List

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

One of the top travel items for teens is noise-cancelling headphones. These sound blockers come in handy when you are in a car full of family or on long flight noisy airplane!

These are highly rated noise cancelling earbuds for less than $50!

Packing Cubes

If you are trying to maximize space in your suitcase or duffel bag, then these packing cubes are just what you need! You will not believe how much you can fit into each packing cube.



You could use one packing cube for each day of the trip. Or you could pack similar type items together like swim suits, pajamas, tops and bottoms.

Jewelry Case

Another helpful thing on the teenage girl packing list is a container for your jewelry! My teen daughter’s favorite packing container is a travel jewelry case!

If you love to bring jewelry on vacation, you will want one of these small travel jewelry boxes.

Sleep Mask

Do you have a hard time falling asleep when you are not at home? It might be harder to get to a good night’s sleep when you are on vacation. So bring a sleeping mask to help you get a good night’s rest.

Facial Spray and Lip Balm

After a long day of travel, your skin might feel dry and dehydrated. One way to nourish your skin on vacation is to bring a light facial spray! Spritz the facial spray on your face while you are on the airplane or in the car for an instant pick me up. This face mist is 3 oz, so it can come with you on the airplane!

Also, pack  a good lip balm as your lips may be dry from traveling.

Carry-on Bag

If you are traveling on an airplane, you will need to be mindful about your the personal item you bring on the plane. One of our favorite carry-on bags is the Fjallraven Backpack! These bags are the perfect size.


Not only are these backpacks good for traveling but they work really well for carrying all of your stuff all day long sightseeing! Another idea

Pair of Flip Flops

No matter where you are going on vacation, it is good to pack a pair of Flip Flops! Besides needing flip flops for beach vacations, these shoes come in handy to slip on when you are walking around a hotel room or making a quick trip down to the hotel breakfast.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must while on vacation! If you are going on an airplane bring an empty water bottle and fill it up in the airport when you get through the security check point. These reusable water bottles are my teen’s favorites!

Travel Pillow and Blanket

Another great thing to add to your packing list is a soft blanket and travel pillow! It is nice to have something soft and cozy to sleep with especially for long plane rides or road trips! This blanket packs up really small and you can also use it as a pillow.



Large Clear Pouches

These clear bags can hold just about anything you are bringing on your vacation. These bags are perfect for charger cords, bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, toiletries and games! If you are traveling without your family, you may need to be responsible for your travel documents.

These large pouches can hold all of your documentation and paperwork. Another cost effective idea instead of these bags is Ziploc plastic bags! It is really nice to use clear bags so that you can see everything that is inside of them.

Beach Bag and Beach Towel

If you are going on a beach vacation, you might want to pack your own beach towel! Often times hotels or vacation homes do not provide you with beach towels. Or if there are towels provided, they are really small and not very absorbent. So it is nice to pack your own beach towel.

If you have a lot of beach essentials, you can use the carry on bag you packed as a beach bag. Or you can bring a separate bag as your beach bag. Maybe you will even find a cute beach bag on your trip and then you can use it to carry home your souvenirs.

This mesh beach bag does not take up a lot of space in your suitcase!


A picture is worth a 1000 words. The best way to make sure you do not forgot about your trip is to take a lot of pictures! You most likely will take some pictures with your phone. But, it is so nice to get good pictures from a camera. Then you have an excuse to print out vacation pictures!

We love the Instamax Polaroid for candid and fun close up pictures on vacation. Do not forget to pack extra film and camera batteries! This waterproof disposable camera is good for beach trips!

Travel Journal

Another way to capture travel memories is with a vacation journal! You could have one travel journal for all of your trips or you could have a smaller journal for each of your trips. You can even add pictures to your journal when you get home! This travel journal includes room to write and draw.

Teen Packing Essentials

We hope this travel packing list is exactly what your teen needs to get organized for their next vacation!

Printable Teenage Girl Packing List

Just talking about vacation makes us excited! Where you are going next? Be sure to print out this teenage girl packing list!

Remember that long after your trip is over, you will not think about what you did or did not pack. You will remember those special moments of your trip! Happy Packing!

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