My teenage daughter requested a bedroom refresh for her 15th birthday. Today, I am sharing her ideas for her teenage girl bedroom makeover!

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Teenage Girl Bedroom Makeover Plan

I really can not believe it but my oldest child is turning fifteen! Time is really a thief. I feel like it was just yesterday we did this tween girl bedroom makeover! Now, my daughter is already talking about college and her future plans.

Earlier this month, my daughter called me into her room to assess her bedroom decor and her furniture arrangement. She has a really unique bedroom layout with a lot of angled ceilings. This bedroom has presented some challenges with being functional. But, the lighting in the room is amazing and she has a nice private spot in the house. So the pluses of her room outweigh any of the negatives.

When my teen and I were talking about her bedroom decor ideas, I realized that this is probably the last time that we will makeover her room before she goes to college. So, I really want her to love her space. This is where she will spend her high school years.

In the past, when we have made over my daughter’s room, I usually took the lead and shared ideas with her. But, this teen girl has her own ideas and she knows what she wants! So, she came up with a mood board (including links to each item). Talk about an easy design process for me! Of course, we have to work within a budget, so there is a lot of negotiation going on. I will share what we plan to do here.

Teen Girl Bedroom Decor ideas Boho Style


Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas for Teens

It would be nice to start with a clean slate and a big budget. But, we are working with some things we already have in the room. Plus, we have sold a few things on Facebook Marketplace to help contribute to the budget!

My daughter’s favorite part of her room right now is this corner with a plant shelf and bamboo garment rack. So, we are building off of the boho vibe in this corner for the rest of the room.

We painted her walls white a few years ago and she still likes the color. So that is one thing we do not have to update. But, she is ready for a new bedspread and new window treatments.

On her mood board, she picked this bed comforter in oat color. But, when we were at Target this week, we found this pretty sage green comforter. It fits her color scheme and it would add a little more warmth to her room. So, we are waiting for it to arrive to see how it works in the room.

My teen really loves this wicker magazine holder. Unfortunately, it came with a high price tag. We were excited when we spotted the same basket at Target. This was a big win!

One thing I wanted to update in her room is her window blinds. We bought the white blinds when we first moved in the house, but they have not held up that well. We have changed out many of our window blinds to these woven shades and we love them! The woven bamboo material will also add some texture and warmth to her room.

She really wants this comfy lounge chair. It is nice to have good seating in a teen room for when friends come over. I am trying to save money on other things so that we can splurge on this lounge chair. 

Another area she likes in her room is her vanity table. We made the vanity shelf with a piece of wood and wall brackets from Home Depot. It is so functional and it does not take up a lot of space. She wants a few new accessories for her vanity shelf including these sage green trinket dishes. 

DIY Vanity Shelf for Teen Bedroom

Teenage Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas 

I love that my daughter put together this list of bedroom decor products. It made it so easy for me to look at each product she wants. We worked together to find alternate affordable options. As with any decor project, I balance out one or two big ticket purchases, like seating or bedding with some cheaper purchases like candles and accessories.

Also, between her birthday and some of her own money, we will be able to work together to put this room together. We will not purchase everything on her wish list. Instead, we will look at each category and decide which products will work best for her room.

Bedding and Pillows





Plan of Action

We have a lot of work to do and my teen wants her room finished before her birthday next week. There are a few things on order and we need to declutter her room before then. I will share the teen bedroom makeover as soon as it is all done!

Teenage Girl Decor Ideas

Bedroom Decor for Teen Girls 2022

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  1. notinjersey on February 2, 2022 at 9:06 am

    My daughter would like to redo her room too. When she was younger she begged for a loft bed and now she wants to have a regular bed!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on February 2, 2022 at 10:07 am

    Oh such beautiful ideas- thanks for sharing Jaclyn!

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