Are your teens looking for fun summer activities? You can beat the boredom blues and make sure teens are having fun with this Teenage Summer Bucket List!

Fun Teen Summer Bucket List

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The countdown to summer is on! I think my tween and teen are the most excited about summer break. The funny thing is, often times my tween and teen just want to hang out at home.

I think they are happy to have the unstructured schedule and to not have homework. I get it!

Recently, my teenage daughter created this Fun Teen Summer Bucket List! I was so excited to see all the fun summer activities for teenagers that she put together. This list of things to do in the summer for teenagers is entirely hers!

Teens are old enough to initiate their own fun activity. I used to call summer time “Mom Camp” but as my kids have gotten older, they can really plan the summer activities they like to do.

As kids get bigger, their summers getting busier with sports, hobbies and jobs! It is nice for them to carve some time for simple summer fun!

Teenage Summer Bucket List

Teenage Summer Bucket List for 2023

This is a fun list of summer activities for teens. I like that my daughter included activities like building a fort and have a water balloon. You are never too old to have fun like a kid. There are activities for every type of summer day.

This list has 50 Summer Activities for Kids and Teens. It would be fun to pick out a few activities to do together as a family. You could even let your kids pick a family activity to do from this list once a week.


  1. Make homemade lemonade. This is our favorite homemade lemonade recipe.
  2. Make Sidewalk Chalk Art.
  3. Have a water balloon fight. These are the best water balloons to use.
  4.  Watch a sunset or sunrise. 
  5. Go to a water park 
  6. Play mini golf. 
  7. Host a Sleepover
  8. Play board games
  9. Do a photo shoot. 
  10. Swim in a lake. 
  11. Plant sunflowers
  12. Have a camp out.
  13. Make S’mores. 
  14. Do tie dye. 
  15. Decorate cupcakes
  16. Make homemade Popscicles.
  17. Sing karaoke. 
  18. Catch Fireflies
  19. Build a pillow fort
  20. Learn a new skill. 
  21. Go hiking.
  22. Have a movie marathon. Here is a list of 50 Must See Movies for Teens.
  23. Paint pottery. 
  24. Go for a bike ride. 
  25. Play laser tag or paint ball. 
  26. Make snow cones. This is fun sun cone maker that we own. 
  27. Watch fireworks. 
  28. Light sparklers. 
  29. Go out for brunch. 
  30. Have a picnic. 
  31. Explore a new place. 
  32. Go on a road trip. 
  33. Ride a ferris wheel. 
  34. Volunteer for a charity. 
  35. Have a garage sale. 
  36. Go on a boat ride. 
  37. Try jet skiing or parasailing. 
  38. Do a craft project. 
  39. Go kayaking. 
  40. Play a new instrument. 
  41. Go to a fair. 
  42. Make root beer floats. 
  43. Read a book series. 
  44. Go strawberry picking. 
  45. Sleep in a hammock. 
  46. Have a sleepover on a trampoline. 
  47. Go rollerskating. 
  48. Visit a Farmer’s Market. 
  49. Have a paint fight. 
  50. Build a sandcastle. 
  51. Go to a baseball game. 
  52. Ride a roller coaster. 
  53. Play in the sprinkler. 
  54. Make a vision board. 
  55. Create a travel dream list.
  56. Shop at a Garage Sale. 

There are so many fun things for teens to do in the summer. Childhood summers are fleeting and as kids get older they get so busy!  It is still good for them to fit in some fun summer activities with friends!

We never forget what it felt like to be a kid in the summer.


Printable Summer Fun List for Teens

My daughter made a cute Summer Fun List Printables that you can get here! I’m excited that she came up with this fun summer list for teens. Since it is a list for teens made by a teen, you can be sure that your kids will have fun.

She included 50 Fun Summer Bucket List ideas for teens. You could print this out for your teen (and maybe they will take the hint to have some summer fun). There is also a blank summer bucket list template included in case your teens want to come up with their own summer fun list. 

Summer Bucket List 2021

Teenage Summer Fun Bucket List 2023

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    She came up with lots of good ideas!

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    So fun- love these ideas- you always have the best ones!

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