Are your kids headed back to school soon? These back-to-school tips and tricks will help you start the year on a good note! Best tips for packing lunches, first day of school traditions and establishing routines!

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Well it happened. Despite our best efforts to hold on to summer as long as we can, the First Day of School has arrived!  As much as I love the unstructured life of summer, I have to admit that the back-to-school routine is really one of my favorite “seasons” of the year. Whether you are a child actually heading back to school or you are a parent watching your child head to school, there is really something about the start of the school year that brings excitement and new possibilities!

Even more than the start of a NEW YEAR, I think that the start of a SCHOOL YEAR is more of a time for growth, goal setting and establishing new routines. 

Seriously, who doesn’t still get giddy about school supplies even though you don’t need them for yourself? I still love buying new markers, planners and notebooks:) Check out my post last year on MOM GOALS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL. (I need to write down some new goals).

Everyone, kids included, are motivated to start the school year on a good note. Now it is the time, when you have a captive audience, to establish good routines and habits that will hopefully stick around all year long!

Best Back-to-School Tips and Tricks for Families

Since, I have a lot of posts about our back-to-school routines and school routines in general, I gathered them all up in one spot to make it easy to find!

Part of the reason I started the blog was  so I could capture some of our family’s favorite traditions, our best routines and fun activities. It is hard to believe that I started this blog almost two years ago to the day. One of my very first posts was about our Back- to-School Traditions and it is still one of the most viewed posts of all time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Pinterest mom or the least bit creative. Establishing family traditions is about making memories and picking things that work for your family. Pick one or two first day of school traditions and have your family own them. Kids thrive on routines and repetition, so establishing first day of school traditions provides them a sense of security and comfort!

I promise this Back-to-School traditions are easy to put together!

5 Back-to-School Traditions to Start This Year

Back to school traditions for your family #1stdayofschool #schooldays #kids


Speaking of traditions, once you’ve gotten through the first weeks of school, consider setting up some easy Family Traditions that you have on repeat all year long. My kids are already asking when we will start up on Friday morning and evening traditions (read more about those here). We tend to let them slide during the summer, but we are back to our usual family activities once school starts again.

As the kids get older, sometimes we have to make adjustments based on their schedules and commitments. If you pick traditions that have flexibility, you can adjust them as the kids age!

5 Meaningful Family Traditions

Start these family tradition with your kids to build long lasting relatinships #parentingtips #familyactivities #fun


Also, if you are looking for ways to ease back into the back-to-school routine, check out these 5 Tips for Transitioning Back-to-School! 

Five Tips for Transitioning Back-to-School


Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Back to School


On a lighter note, are you stressing about back-to-school lunches? My kids do not have the option to buy school lunches (not offered until middle school), so we’ve had to become pros at school lunch packing. Here are some Tips for Simplifying School Lunches!


5 Tips for Making School Lunches


Make school lunch prep simple and quick with these ideas #backtoschool #hacks #ideas

If you are looking for specific lunch ideas and school snacks, check out these two posts on Trader Joe’s and Costco snacks!

Best Kid Friendly Snacks at Trader Joe’s

Best Packaged School Snacks at Costco


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Looking for more simple back-to-school tips?

Check out these  easy tips from My Routine Life! You can see one of my favorite tips (look for #6) was featured on her round up! Also, if you follow me on Instagram, I have been sharing my Ten Best Back-to-School tips all week long! (I’ve got one more to share)!

Best Tips and Hacks for Back-to-School #family #kids #firstdayofschool


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