Are you ready to shop for fall clothes? Summer is still here but soon cooler temperatures will be around and it is fun to transition to fall clothing. Today, I am sharing my Trendsend by Evereve Review for August. I LOVED just about everything in this clothing subscription box. So, you can see what I kept and what I returned from my August Trendsend Box!

Evereve Trendsend Box Fall 2020 August Review #tops #outfits #pants

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Shopping for Fall Clothing

This month’s Trendsend by Evereve subscription box was filled with all the fall colors and styles! I received a total of nine items, which is something that I love about the Trendsend subscription. You get so many items to choose from. Yes, we might not have a lot of places to be this Fall but that does not mean we can not dress cute for home!

I have my Trendsend subscription ordered every two months. Which is the perfect frequency because my order almost always coincides with a new season. While I really love summer clothing, I have to say that my favorite time to shop for clothing is in the fall! The colors of fall clothing are so rich and warm. Plus, you can pick out all the cozy things to wear. Who doesn’t want to cozy up in the couch in the fall with a warm cardigan or sweater and pair of leggings?!

Trendsend by Evereve Review // August 

This month’s Trendsend box hit the mark in terms of fall style! The colors were rich and warm and the pieces are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. I really appreciated that they sent me items that could be mixed and matched. You’ll see in a second what I mean, but I felt like this order offered a lot of outfit options! So, let me tell you what I received in my August Trendsend by Evereve order!

One thing I want to note is that the prices can seem a little high. I have talked here about why I am willing to spend a little more on clothing at Evereve. However, for this particular order, I was able to use some shopping rewards I earned which included referral discounts, a rewards certificate and the 2020 Shopping Pass. I earned the 2020 Shopping Pass from spending  a $100 from January -May which allows me to get 10% off anytime I shop at Evereve this year.

There are a lot of ways to earn rewards, so it pays to take advantage of all of the discount opportunities. (If you decide to try Evereve and use my referral code, you will save 20% off your first order). You can then pass on your referral code to your friends and you will earn another 20% off! 

7 for All Mankind Wide Leg Jeans // $129.99

The first item in my August Trendsend box was a pair or 7 for All Mankind Jeans. Oh my goodness, I do not think I have worn wide leg jeans since high school! While I love 7 for All Mankind Jeans and the fit is always great, I do not find wide leg jeans flattering for me.

What I got in my Trendsend August 2020 order #subscriptionbox #evereve

Certainly this is a type of jean that I do not have in my closet, so if I was looking for a pair like this, I would have probably given them strong consideration. However, the jeans were so long (even on my 5 ft 9 frame!) that this pair of jeans was not at all tempting to keep.

Trendsend Evereve August 2020

I appreciate that my stylist tried to push me into a new style but unfortunately wide leg jeans are not for me!

NY Black Graphic Tee $68

Another item in my Trendsend box was this black NY Graphic Tee. I just love graphic tees to wear under cardigans and kimonos. The material of this tee is super soft and the fit is nice and loose. I love the rust and gold lettering for some fall colors!

Fall Trendsend Evereve Review August 2020

Having some discounts on this top really helped because $68 would be a tough bill to swallow on a graphic t-shirt.  I decided to keep the NY graphic t-shirt because it goes well with the next item in my box.

Sanctuary Camo Chinos // $99

All the pieces in my Trendsend Evereve box really tied together. I loved this Sanctuary Camo Chinos. My stylist has been sending my camo pants and this is the first pair that I really like. The fit of this chinos is very roomy and they feel a little more structured than leggings.

Trendsend by Evereve August 2020 Unboxing

The side zip detail on the bottom of the legs really won me over. It makes these feel these camo pants feel a little more feminine.

Sanctuary Camo Chino Pants from Evereve

I feel like camo, especially this dark pattern, is a neutral that can almost be worn with anything.

Trendsend by Evereve August 2020 Review

I decided to keep these camo chinos for a fun alternative to jeans this fall.

Terra Cotta Gwenn Cardigan // $64

Cardigans are a fall wardrobe staple! This Terra Cotta cardigan is a beautiful color for the Fall! I wear cardigans on repeat all year long (including summer). So, I have no question that I would get a lot of wear out of this cardigan. If Terra Cotta is not your color, there are four other colors in this cardigan to choose from! I just might end up with another color by the end of the summer.

Fall Trendsend Evereve Review August 2020

The material of this cardigan is nice and soft. Plus, it is a light weight material. So I can wear this cardigan now in the summer on cooler days and then all the time in the Fall.


Chaser Long Sleeve Drop Pullover // $74

Speaking of warm, fall colors, this long sleeve drop pullover in rust is another really pretty color! The inside of this sweatshirt is SO soft! It feels like a fleece material.

Fall Outfits from Evereve Trendsend 2020

I loved the color and the material. But I did not like that the top was shorter in the front.


Fall Trendsend Evereve Review #tops #pants #camoIf I was not wearing high waist pants, the top would be showing some skin!

Fall Outfits from Evereve #tops #camo #pants #fallstyle

I wish this pullover had been a little different of a fit as I might have considering keeping it.

Chaser Snap Trim Top // $68

You might notice a trend here as I am mixing and matching the pieces in my Trendsend box. I really appreciated that my stylist put together a collection of pieces that can be worn interchangeably. This Snap Trim Top by Chaser can be worn with the Sanctuary Camo Chinos.

Trendsend by Evereve Review Fall 2020

Admittedly, I do not like plain white tops very much. With kids, even though mine are older, I find it hard to keep white tops clean. But, if I was going to wear a white top, this snap trim top might just be the one! I love a basic top that has a little extra detail to make it different.

Fall Evereve 2020 Outfits

This top would go with everything in your fall wardrobe.

Ultimately, I decided not to keep the top as I can not keep everything and this one was a top favorite.


Trendsend by Evereve Fall 2020 Unboxing Review

Peyton Jensen Tie Dye Pullover // $68

Another favorite in my August Trendsend order was this Tie Dye Pullover from Peyton Jensen. This is a super soft, cozy sweatshirt.

Tie Dye Pullover Peyton Jensen by Evereve

Tie Dye still seems to be trending. So, I love this fall color twist on tie dye. I have already worn this Peyton Jensen piece once with a pair of jean shorts. It is lightweight enough to wear now on cooler summer nights.

Summer transitional outfits for fall #evereve #trendsend #tiedye

Other Items in My Trendsend Order

I mentioned that I received nine items in my Trendsend by Evereve order. I’ll be honest that the other two items, a pair of white demin shorts and this tank in gray were a size too small. I was bummed that they sent me two items in sizes that I have never requested. I wonder if it was a mistake or if they thought the sizing ran large. Either way, these were items that I didn’t even try on for you!

My Honest Trendsend by Evereve Review

As is almost always the case in my Trendsend order, there were items I loved and a few “misses”. I love Trendsend because the styles are trendy but also designed with a mom’s lifestyle in mind. Their pieces are comfy and hold up well after washing.

I am happy to have a few new outfits that I can wear to transition from summer to fall.

How to Sign Up for Trendsend

You can give Trendsend a try by filling out your profile here. (My referral link) You will receive 20% off your first order when you use my referral (and I will get 20% one order).

Share your own referral code with your friends!

Shop the Trendsend Box

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  1. Tiffany on August 5, 2020 at 7:19 am

    I’m in love with the tie dye top on you!! I just love everything about it. So darn cute. The camo pants are great too. I agree that they’re a neutral and go with pretty much anything. Great box!

    • Jaclyn on August 5, 2020 at 8:16 am

      Thank you–the tie-dye is my new favorite!! I can’t believe I am saying this but I am ready to wear fall clothes.

  2. Andrea Nine on August 5, 2020 at 9:13 am

    Love them all but the tie dye is my favorite too.

  3. Dara on August 5, 2020 at 11:11 am

    This would be too expensive for me but I love the camo pants and the cardigan!

  4. Jill on August 5, 2020 at 11:15 am

    I didn’t know that Evereve had a subscription service. You got so many good pieces in your box! Those camo pants are so cute on you and I love the color of your cardigan!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  5. Brittany Boyce on August 6, 2020 at 8:50 am

    These are cute and I️’m with you – fall style is my favorite!

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