Are you ready to tackle the Clutter in your home in 2022?

The Ultimate Decluttering Guide will help you get your house clean and organized once and for all!

The Ultimate Decluttering Guide Includes:

  • 11 Room-by-Room Checklists
  • Tips for Getting Started
  • Detailed Instructions for Each Room of the Home
  • Donation Resource Guide
  • Strategies for Working with Kids
  • 30 Day Quick Start Guide

My name is Jaclyn Musselman and I am a busy wife and mom. I know first hand how hectic and busy mom life can be. I have three kids ages 7-12, so I am in the “thick” of parenting. My days are filled with car pooling, after school activities and keeping our family on the right track.

One thing I have found that keeps me focused and calm is when my house is organized. At the end of the day, I love coming home to a house free of clutter and mess. A clutter free home really does equal a less cluttered mind. I am more organized when I know where everything is in my house and I do not have to spend time and energy looking for things. Plus, when our house is organized, my family knows where to find things too. Welll…in theory! Everyone still likes to ask mom!

Decluttering your home does not happen in a day. It takes practice and patience to create a home you love that is free from clutter and mess. But, we are here to help you get on the track to an organized and decluttered home!
For many years, our family has dealt with clutter. The kids’ rooms were filled with more toys and stuffed animals than they knew how to manage.  Our house looked messy even when it was cleaned up. Everyone struggled with keeping their own spaces clean.

Then, we decided to get a handle on our clutter. The whole family was involved. Everyone was able to have a say in what stayed and was ready to be donated or trashed.

Decluttering is still an ongoing process. But, now we have the tools and habits in place, so when we need to organize our home, it takes less time and energy! We are all able to clean up our spaces faster and more efficiently.

Now, we want to give YOU the TOOLS to declutter your home. So you can enjoy more peace, less clutter and less stress!

We will give you the tools and strategies you need to implement a decluttering plan.


All of us want to live in a place that is clutter free and organized. But, sometimes it

does not seem like an easy process. We may start on a decluttering project and then

quickly give up when we get frustrated, run out of time or energy.


The Ultimate Decluttering Guide will provide you with answers to your decluttering questions and dilemmas including:

— What if I do not have enough time to declutter?

— How do I declutter my house when no one else in the family wants to?

–Where do I start decluttering?

— How can I keep my house organized and clutter free?

— What do I do with all the “stuff” I want to get rid of?

— What areas of my home should I focus on first?

Once you purchase the Ultimate Decluttering Guide, you will be able to immediately download and get started!