If you are looking for what games to take on your next day at the beach, I have you covered. I am sharing the best beach games for kids and families. These games to play at the beach are a fun and active way to spend the day! Whether you are looking for beach games for a group or just your family, there are so many fun options available!

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The Best  Beach Games for Kids and Families

Spring break and even summer is just around the corner. If you plan to spend some time at the beach with your kids, it is good to have a few games up your sleeve. Sure, the beach is for swimming and playing in the water. But sometimes, a lot of the fun happens on the sand too. When you need a break from swimming, it is fun to play beach games with the kids! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite beach games and activities!

All of these beach games are portable and easy to bring with you!

Here are some beach activities to do besides swimming and building sandcastles.

1. Spike Ball

Our number one favorite beach game to play as a family is Spike Ball. It takes a little bit of practice to get good at this game. So, it is probably best played for kids ages 8 and up. Spikeball requires at least two players and a maximum of four players.

The nice thing about this game is that is a great game for a backyard activity too! In fact, most of the beach games mentioned here are also perfect as backyard games!

Beach games for kids and families

2. Sling Ball

We recently purchased Slingball for our next day at the beach. We have played it with friends before and it is a lot of of fun. Slingball is a two player game and each person holds a handle that has a mesh net. Players take turns flinging a soft foam ball to each other and the other person has to catch the ball in the net.

This is a beach game that you can play in or out of the water!

3. Portable Cornhole 

One of the most popular BBQ games is Cornhole! Instead of lugging those big, heavy cornhole boards to the beach, there is a portable version available! This is a great beach game for kids and families and is one that anyone can learn how to play.

There are a lot of different portable cornhole sets available including ones like this set that are really cute for the younger kids!

4. Scavenger Hunt Beach Edition

For a fun beach game that you can work in teams, try this out this Scavenger Hunt Game. This seek and find game is specifically a beach edition.

There are three different ways to play this Beach Scavenger Hunt. The game is designed for ages 3 and up so it is the perfect family beach activity!

5. Paddle Ball

Another fun two player game for the beach or yard is Paddleball. There are a lot of Paddle ball sets to choose from but look for one that is waterproof and has a carry case bag for easy transport!


6. Volleyball

One game that does not require a lot of explanation is beach volleyball. Get one of these beach volleyballs and play by the rules or make up your own! This beach volleyball set comes with two and even has a pump.  Volleyball is another beach game you can play in or out of the water!

7. Football

Another one of the best beach games for kids is good old football! If you are playing football on the beach, be sure to look for a water football!

8. Frizbee

Frizbee is certainly a classic beach game! If you do not already have a Frizbee, look for one of these water Frizbees that glide on the water!

This is one of these beach toys that are compact enough to fit in your beach bag!

9. Toss and Catch 

This Toss and Catch Velcro game reminds me of something I played as a kid. This is another fun beach game for kids because it is easy to play and understand!

This set comes with 4 individual paddles so you can play with two to four players.

10. Water Skip Balls

These mini water balls bounce and skip on the water. You can make up your own game and just have fun playing in the water with them. This set comes with two water balls and a small carrying pouch!

It is nice to have games that are easy to store and to transport. This is a small game that can easily fit in your beach bag!

What to do with Kids at the Beach

There are a lot of fun things to do with kids at the beach. Besides swimming and building sand castles, one of these beach games might be your new family favorite activity! It is nice to have a variety of beach activities for kids so that you have no problem spending the entire day on the sand!

Best Games to Play at the Beach

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