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Happy Thursday! Now that summer is winding down, I am hoping to get back back on track with more healthy eating. Summer was good to us–lots of BBQs, ice cream treats and more S’mores than I can count! But now, this mom wants to get back to my usual healthyish lifestyle. Today, I am partnering with Pearl Olives to share three snack box ideas for moms on the go!

Make your own healthy snack boxes for on the go snacking! #makeaheadsnacks #healthysnacking #healthyeating #busymom

I came up with the idea for make ahead snack boxes while the kids were making their lunches for school. I mentioned that I recently purchased these Bento boxes for the kids and we are absolutely loving them! The Bento boxes make lunch prep super easy and convenient. I’ll share a full review of how are Bento boxes are working out in a post very soon! I just might have to purchase a few of the boxes for me.

Anyway, as I was helping the kids make their lunches, I thought, if the kids can have a snack type lunch, why can’t I?? So, I came up with some grown-up versions of snack boxes that are healthy and easy to make! You’ll notice a theme in all of these boxes. They all have these yummy Pearl Olives to Go cups! Olives are one of my FAVORITE snacks! I love that they are healthy, a little bit salty and just a little something more for a snack than an apple or carrots:)

Review of Pearl Olives to Go #healthysnacks #healthyeating #lunchideas

I love these Pearl Olives to Go cups because they are mess free and easy to throw into a purse or backpack. My daughter is loving these snack cups for her lunch too!

Healthy Snack Box Ideas #onthegosnacks #makeaheadsnacks #healthysnacks#healthyeating

The possibilities are endless for Make Ahead Snack boxes but I stuck to three themes: Protein, Fruit and Nut and Veggie! I selected a different Pearl Olive to Go Cup Flavor for each of the boxes: Siracha, Herb and Taco.

Protein Snack Box


Snack Box 1: Protein + Pearl Olives to Go Siracha 

Hard Boiled Egg

Turkey Pepperoni

Whole Wheat Crackers



Pearl Olives to Go Siracha


Fruit and Nut Snack Box

Option 2: Fruit and Nut Snack Box + Pearl Olives to Go Italian Herb 

French Bread



Pearl Olives to Go Italian Herb


Veggie Snack Box

Option 3: Veggies + Pearl Olives to Go Taco


(Hummus) Not pictured

Pearl Olives to Go Taco


Pearl Olives are one of our go-to snacks, appetizers, toppings for our salad and pizza–you name it! I’m happy the kids enjoy this healthy snack option. When I discovered that Pearl Olives offers snack size individual cups I was obsessed! These are a perfect, mess free snack for on-the-go. These cups will be a must on our next road trip!

Healthy Snack Box Ideas #onthegosnacks #makeaheadsnacks #healthysnacks#healthyeating

Pearls has incorporated new flavors to their Olives to Go! products including Siracha, Taco and Italian Herb! These Olives to Go! products are located in the aisle where canned olives are sold.

You can grab your Pearl Olive coupons –> HERE!

Where to buy Pearl Olives to Go




Which of these three boxes would be your preferred snack  option?



  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on September 11, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Yum! We love olives and had no idea they have all of these flavors- thanks for sharing!

  2. Dara on September 12, 2018 at 8:45 am

    Ooh, I love olives! These would be so good!

  3. Mary Leigh on September 13, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    These are such great ideas! I love having good, healthy snacks on hand that we can prep easily!

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