Hi, I’m Jaclyn!

Hi! I’m so glad you are here! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and snuggle up on the couch and take a look through my blog! You see, I am all about all things COZY! I love a warm cup of coffee, fuzzy slippers and a soft blanket–preferably at home on my couch surrounded by my crew. Hopefully you find my blog comfy and relaxed!

A little bit of info about me…I am a wife (married to my college sweetheart for 14 years) and mom of 3 that likes to create fun and lasting memories with my family. I’m a midwestern gal living in Cleveland, Ohio. I am always looking for activities and things for my family to do. I enjoy creating, baking, decorating and Instagram browsing!

In my former life (or maybe just before I had kids), I was using my Masters in Counseling degree to work with college students in making big, important life decisions. Now I help my own kids make some big and not so big choices in life.

I started this blog as a way to share and capture the ideas that I use in our family to inspire creativity and fun. Our family thrives on traditions…the little ones like Friday pizza nights and the big ones like 4th of July and Christmas celebrations. While I love Pinterest, I realize that it’s impossible to do it all. If amazing and complicated meals are being made, most likely there is a HUGE pile of laundry waiting for me to fold in the other room. I find that it’s all about balance and picking and choosing. Sometimes I go for those grand ideas and other times I find ways to make fun and show my love in the little things.

My hope is that you read this and find that there are ways to create fun and lasting memories with your family without feeling overwhelmed. Also, maybe you’ll find a few tips …and wouldn’t mind sharing a few with me! Feel free to comment or email me at any time.