Does your teenager need help decluttering and organizing their room? Is their room so full of stuff you do not even know where to begin to get it organized? Read this post on how to help your teen get their bedroom organized and then print the teen bedroom declutter checklist.


Chances are if you have a teenager in your home, you have dealt with their messy room at some point. Not all teenagers keep a messy room. But it is not uncommon for their spaces to get a bit disorganized . Teenagers are very busy and they cannot maintain a clean room. Often, teenagers have so much stuff in their room including their clothing, school stuff, childhood memories and room decor. It can be a lot of stuff to keep organized!

Helping Teenagers Organize Their Room

When a teenager has a messy room it does not mean that they are lazy or that they do not desire a clean room. When a space gets very cluttered or messy, it is often very hard to know how and where to start to get it back to a good place. So, teenagers might want a clean room but they feel too overwhelmed and lack the organization skills to know how to even approach the project!

Some people are naturally organized and they might not need a lot of direction and guidance to get organized. But the majority of us, do need to be guided and taught how to organize and maintain a space. Keep in mind that teenagers are learning and growing every day and organization skills are just one of the many things they are learning to do.

It is really important to keep in mind that if you want your kids to keep an organized and clean room, you will need to be involved in the process for a long time before they will do it all on their own. Ideally, your involvement starts when your kids are very little and you are helping them clean up their room. But, it is never too late to teach them. You are helping them with a life skill!

You might be surprised that when you offer your help and support to help your teen declutter their rooms, they might take you up on the offer.

Why an organized room matters for teens

As a professional home organizer, I often hear the frustration from parents that they cannot deal with their teens’ disorganized rooms. It can be really frustrating to deal with the mess.  If you have a teenager, you have seen the funny videos on social media that shows parents finding an entire set of silverware and dishes buried in their teens’ bedrooms! Often parents will say that they have to just shut the door on their teenagers’ rooms so they do not have to see it.

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their rooms. They socialize and talk to their friends in their rooms, play video games, study and just relax! More than ever, teenagers are juggling BUSY schedules, tough course loads, a lot of social pressure and just the anxiety and stress of growing up! It is a lot.

So, they truly deserve to have a room that feels calm, relaxing and not chaotic!

This teen bedroom checklist will help them (and you!) get their room organized so that they can actually feel comfortable and not overwhelmed!

How to Declutter a Teen Bedroom

It can be overwhelming decluttering a teenager’s room. There is so much going in on there! The teen bedroom checklist breaks down the project into manageable tasks that your teen can do over the course of a day, week or a month!

1. Have a Plan

With any big project, you need a plan. Without a plan, you feel lost and you will easily give up! Follow this teen bedroom checklist and you will not need to think about what to do next.

2. Pick a time when you feel most energized. 

Teenagers usually have a different clock than adults. They often feel most awake at nighttime. So let them work on their rooms when it makes sense for them and not on your schedule. Parents will see a lot more buy-in when their teens get to be in charge of the timing.

Teens, you do not want to organize your room when you are tired or hungry. So, be sure to be in the right frame of mind for the project and bring snacks and drinks!

3. Start with easy projects first. 

The teen bedroom checklist has tasks that start with easy to harder. It is better to get some of the easy stuff out of the way because you will see immediate improvement and you can feel accomplished right away!

4. Take pictures to see your progress. 

Sometimes, when you declutter, things look worse before it gets better. You might have a lot of stuff on the floor and around your room while you are decluttering. The mess is part of the process. When you are all done, you will be amazed at what you accomplished. So be sure to get some before and after photos.

5. Have trash bags and donation bins ready.

Before you start to declutter, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies handy. Be sure to have plenty of trash bags and donation bins in the room. Also, make sure to have plenty of clothing hangers.

Organization Tips for Teen Rooms

One you have decluttered your room, the second part of the process is to actually organize the room. If you have done a thorough job of decluttering, you will be organizing the things you actually love and want.

  • Think vertically. Use bookshelves and floating shelves to keep collectibles off dressers and the floor. This bookshelf in my son’s room is perfect for holding collectibles and books. You can see my son’s room here. Use hooks for backpacks, hats and purses.
  • Utilize under the bed storage for out of season clothing.
  • Be sure your teen has a laundry hamper. There is a greater chance that clothing WILL stay off the floor if they have a laundry basket.
  • Use a shoe rack in the closet or over the door shoe rack.
  • Create one memory bin for photos, keepsakes and cards. It is a lot easier for teens to corral these things if they have one spot to put all of them.
  • Keep a donation bin in the closet so that your teen can add to it as clothing does not fit or no longer is their style.
  • Stick to one style and color of baskets and bins. The room will look a lot more cohesive if all of the organization products look the same.
  • Limit blankets and pillows. If your teen likes a lot of blankets, get them a basket or bin to pile the blankets in when not in use.
  • Use drawer dividers to keep clothing tidy and organized in dresser drawers.

Organization products for teen bedrooms

Teen Bedroom Checklist Printable

Are you ready to get the teen bedroom checklist?

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