It is week two of the Clear the Clutter Challenge 2021. This week’s declutter project is family room and living room! Check out today’s easy living room and family room organization ideas!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Week 2: Family Room and Living Room

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Last week, we started the 2021 Clear the Clutter Challenge with Kitchen Organization. The next  room to work on is the other main family living space!

Your family room might be a great room, living room or even a basement space! We are focusing on that main living space that your family congregates in to watch tv, play games and socialize. 

If you did not finish last week’s challenge, you can continue to work on your kitchen. Or you can stay on pace and get back to the kitchen when you have time. Do not be discouraged if you can not keep up. Every little bit of decluttering your home is a step in the right direction!

Now, for some easy tips on living room and family room organization!

Easy Family Room Organization Ideas #clutterfree #cleartheclutter #organizationtips

Family Room Organization Ideas 2021

Are you ready for some family room organization ideas?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Define the Purpose of Your Space

First, before you start decluttering and organizing your family room, decide how you want to use the room. This might seem obvious as most family rooms are used to gather and watch T.V. But depending on your family’s needs, your family room might also be a play room or a game room.

When my kids were little, we lived in a two bedroom condo. Our family room was a multi purpose space. We kept most of the kids toys in the family room. Now that my kids are older and we live in a bigger home, we are able to keep the toys out of the family room.

Our current family is mostly used to watch T.V. and play board games. We also use this room when we entertain, which is something to keep in mind! More on that in a minute!

Once you know how you want to use your family room, you can better understand how you need to organize the space. If it is strictly a T.V. room, you will probably not need a lot of organization baskets or tools! If it is a play space too, you will want to consider how to keep the space organized with all of the stuff!

2. Get Rid of Anything That Does Not Belong in the Room

Now that you know how you will use your family room, you want to get rid of anything that does not belong in the room.

This will include getting rid of:

  • Magazines and Books
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Blankets and Pillows
  • Knick-Knacks and Home Decor

Be very intentional about what you decide to keep in the room. Home decor, pictures and trinkets should really be assessed.The family room can look really cluttered with a lot of stuff on end tables, fireplace mantles and coffee tables.

Also, keep in mind that pillows can also be clutter! 

3. Create Zones for Multi Purpose Activities

If your family room is also a game room, create a zone for all of your games. Round up all of your board games and put them on a bookcase or shelf. Then, make sure your family room is set up to play games whether that be with a coffee table, cozy ottomans or a full size table.

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If your family room is a favorite reading spot in the house, you will want a comfortable spot with ample lighting. Maybe you have a book basket to corral all of your reading materials instead of having them strewn about tables and chairs.


4. Organize Everything Into Bins and Baskets

If an item is worth keeping in your family room, then it must have a permanent home. The benefit to everything having its own place is that it makes clean up so easy. If everyone in the family knows where items belong, they can be a part of the clean up process.

family room organization ideas 2021

Try to keep your coffee table and end tables free of clutter. As an alternative, use baskets to store TV remotes, magazines and games! My friend Keri has a great method for storing board games!

5. Do a Daily Clean Up

Lastly, the only way to ensure your family room stays organized is to do a five minute clean up each day! If you do a quick tidy each day, the family room will never get that unorganized again!

Five Minute Family Room Clean Up

  • Put away all games and toys.
  • Fold up blankets and store them away.
  • Organize pillows.
  • Pick up everything off of the floor.
  • Clear off tables.

Time to Get Started

Are you ready to declutter your family room? Hopefully this project is not too challenging. But, if it does seem overwhelming, work on a little bit each day. Be sure to hop over to Instagram this week as Keri and I will be sharing behind the scene tips of more family room organization ideas.

Also, you can download the Ultimate Decluttering Guide for more tips and guidance on a Clutter Free home!

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  1. Dara on January 11, 2021 at 8:27 am

    Our family room is a mess. Definitely the worst room in the house!

  2. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady on January 11, 2021 at 11:15 am

    rattan bins are my saviors in our family room- they help to keep toys off the floor- thanks for sharing your amazing tips as always!

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